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I mean, I liked it, but this felt dangerously close to being "sadness porn". Maybe that feeling was exacerbated because we learned about the situation as we went along, but don't quote me on that. Whatever the reason, this whole thing felt pointless, and I'm not 100% sure it was the good kind of pointless, if you know what I mean.

Granted, I found more things to like than dislike, but I just wanted to leave that out there.

Either way, have a Thumbs Up!

Lovely. Thanks for writing.

meme, and based

Really sad but you never really explain why this is important enough to her to go back in time. Overall an 8/10

It was stupid to come here. Nothing about the past can be fixed. The past is and should be fixed.

There’s only the present.

I choose to interpret this as Future Ocellus realizing that it's up to her to fix her present, and she's now going to actively try and repair her relationship with Future Gallus and the rest of her friends. That this whole thing helped her move on. She learned what she needed to in the past, and now she can go and fix her present.

I feel it in my heart and it hurts :(

Dude, that was some really solid work. I wish we knew more about the future, about what prompted Ocellus to go to these lengths when surely she would have been just as much to blame for things going wrong later on. The concept is really rich with potential, perhaps you might consider expanding it at some point?

:raritywink: :heart:

I may have some things in mind...

Thanks for the kind words though, I figured this story would be forgotten about after a few months after i released it, was cool to be reminded that it exists

I wish I hadn't slept on it this long. It sat in my read later list all summer, buried under a pile of other stories I need to read. But alas, I can't stay away from quality student stories forever.

Honestly, this deserved way more readers than it got. Ya did good, man.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I appreciate that

this fucked me up waaay too bad

Yeah its really hard to hold that friendship and it hurts and I can understand that 😔

And it happened to me I had a falling out with my friend I never talked to him for a long time it kind it open a old wound for me

I mustered up enough of a proper headspace to re-read this one. It still really fucked me up because personal experience of the past junk. However, now that I've been poking around more of your stuff and Young Six stories in general, I'm bumping it up to my top bookshelf.

Thanks for addressing some scars, I suppose.

BUCK. This was so short, yet so good. Bravo.

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