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Lovely. Also great to see your addition to the "Smolder doesn't like to shower every day" extended universe.

Yona and Gallus aren't really an obvious pair, but they really do play off each other well. Now I just want to know what made Yona sad so I can make sure nothing makes her sad ever again. I've been loving these little weird pairings you've been writing, can't wait for more :)

Yona's mannerisms are fun to read and write. An interesting duo, and emotionally impactful as always. :pinkiesmile:

this was just
like Yak bread
need more pairs like this

Excellent work!

That was adorable

I'm going to read this in the shower for double the immersion.

:facehoof: So Yona walked in on you two...
:moustache: It was embarrassing
:duck: What shall we ever do?

:rainbowlaugh: The school's a buzz about you two....

:moustache: Las Pegasus?
:duck: Las Pegasus...

:pinkiehappy: Great news ! I know the Elvis guy at the trot through chapel , We can all go together!

No, said his brain again. You’re being lazy. You’re a lazy piece of shit orphan who has zero work ethic and you’re never going to graduate and you’re going to end up dead in a ditch like your scumbag parents probably are somewhere. Also you look really ugly today.

Geez man now that is a definition negative thinking

It's really nice to see gallus helping Yona to feel a little better in his own way and hey it really worked out it's always nice to say something like that and having conversation to let out your frustration sometimes again this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

The soap smelled like basil, and flowers…gardenias? It must have been hoofmade. Gallus wondered if one of the professors had done it, or if they’d mass purchased a bunch of fancy soap bars from somepony in town.

You know, I could see either scenario being the right one? Or even both simultaneously, if I'm being perfectly honest. :rainbowlaugh:

I can relate so much to Gallus here--I'm not the sort that deals with opening up about feelings, especially the feelings of other people, very well. Thus it makes trying to be a source of comfort for someone else, particularly when unplanned, awkward and difficult to do, because you don't know if anything you do will actually help, make things worse, or just bring you embarrassment in trying. The gut instinct is to just avoid getting into such a situation and avoid facing it altogether. But as this fic nicely demonstrates...trying anyway, especially for a friend, is worth doing. :twilightsmile:

Smolder very wrong, but this fic very right. Spot-on characterizations, fun dialogue, and solid emotional impact makes it hard to believe it was only 2k words. Great, quick read. Thank you for sharing.

Howdy, hi!

I continue to love how you write the young six. Like I normally just don't think of them, but you make me want to read about them all the time. How you characterize them and how you write them interacting is just fantastic. This was super sweet, super-nice, and an excellent quick read. Thanks for the story!

after a reread, i find myself wondering, what exactly upset her?
Sandbar turn her down or something?

Someone had already been running the water for a while when Gallus entered the dorm showers. Steam drifted around him like fog, rising up to his neck. He wondered if maybe someone had slipped and died accidentally. The thought was scary, because if someone was dead it had to be one of his five best friends, because these were the showers located only in their dorm wing, but it also would’ve been hilarious, because if Smolder died two thousand years before she was supposed to, she’d never hear the end of it once Gallus came to join her in whatever kind of life happened next.


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