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It's springtime in the School of Friendship and a certain squad of star students are feeling its effects.

Ocellus and Smolder are shedding their skins, Gallus and Silverstream are losing their feathers, and Yona's coat is dropping in giant piles of fur that look like the dead bodies of stray cats.

Everycreature's feeling terrible.

...It's probably a good thing that Sandbar decided on a cute nurse costume for his most recent sewing project.

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Love love love it! Truly lovely and funny and sweet and just perfectly adorable. There are so many great lines of dialogue. What a great read! 🏅

That was wonderful. Visceral and quirky, and spectacular at conveying that specific variety of exhaustion. Might be more appropriate for a T rating, as it details suicidal themes, drug use, and nihilistic contemplations, but it's nothing worse than what I read as a youngster.
All in all, spectacularly written, a clear passion (or fever-driven) project, and well worth the read. Liked and faved, dear author. :twilightsmile:


Fair point on the Teen rating! I didn't even think of that. It's been changed appropriately.

I came for the nurse outfit, but stayed for a great story! Well done!

But yeah, needs the self-harm tag among other things.

Oh, if Sandbar dresses up like a cute little nurse, everything's all fine. But if I try to wear an outfit like that, I get banned from Chuck E. Cheese!

Guh. This was so gooooood! Fantastically adorable and emotional. I adored it. Awesome work.

That was nice 🙂

Neat, although the darker part of me kinda expected it to end a bit different.
Sandbar then died from physical and magical exhaustion, surprisingly, Twilight didn't account for him being so busy and his rampant room to room use of the "door opening spell" drained him completely. He dies is Gallus arms the end. Fucked up, I know. But that door magic just kept getting brought up, I kinda expected it to go somewhere.

Maybe the author can write that as an alternate ending?

This was so wholesome, I started to feel healthy again.

Aww, this is so adorable. I like how each of them reacted to being sick differently.

“Euthanization of a sapient creature by a student is against school rules, Silver."

I'm going to guess he's not exaggerating either--this really is in the school rules. :rainbowlaugh:

"And Terramar. You’re still gay, and you’re bad at hide and seek. Please take a shower once in a while. I love you so much.”

*snort* :rainbowlaugh:

The responses of everybody to their being ill certainly is something. I mean, Smolder's shorter than normal temper and heightened greed I expected and Yona's deep shame is not surprising. But then you have Ocellus, who's dead to the world, Silverstream, who's completely about-faced and become a sadistic fatalist, and then there's Gallus, who's super-weepy and clingy. :rainbowlaugh: Then you got Sandbar in the middle of it all, basically being Sandbar.

Amusing how little the nurse outfit actually factored into the story, but there it is. I won't ask why Sandbar felt he needed to own such an outfit either. :raritywink:

Because everybody's a little under the weather and not thinking straight (Sandbar included, considering how stressed he is), you can both extrapolate shipping, friendshipping, and non-shipping moments all at the same time in this fic, and I kinda like it that way. Except a moment here and there, it feels it sort of leaves it more up to the reader to decide, and I think I prefer it that way. :twilightsmile:

“I have to, uh, check on Gallus.”

“Uh huh,” Spike said, brow raising higher. “Gallus, who is just a little needy right now, as opposed to an actual danger to the school and everypony in it.”

Sandbar perked his ears up, looking hopeful.

“Yeah, no.” Spike deadpanned. “Come on.”

Spike the Brave and Glorious. True hero of the Imperium.


I'm going to guess he's not exaggerating either--this really is in the school rules.

They have Starlight as a councelor.

The rule says NOTHING about faculty.

I'd guess it's more about interpreting her advice in a certain way. And NOT act upon it.

Cuddling in a nurse outfit?

The diagnose is out, Sandbar has a terminal case of The Gay.

He'll fit right into Terramar — I mean, right in there with Terramar....

Definitely a good bit darker than I expected, but still a fantastic read.

*squints* I'm pretty sure I like this..

Entertaining throughout. Nurse Sandbar ftw! And the antics/sickness of the rest is hilarious due to how they downplay the extremism of their sickness as well.

was this written before She's All Yak aired?
because the hints of gallbar here make me think it was
by the by, how's it feel to have canon annihilate that terribad ship for good? feels pretty great on this end.

semillon stop being adorable you're giving everypony diabetes :raritydespair:

I should write some particularly romantic Gallbar in your honor, then. And Smolcellus. And then why not just complete it with a heaping serving of Yonastream? Mmm, delicious fanon shipping.

well, considering how garbage your writing is already, i'd not be phased
i don't read your shit anyways
anyways, have a good night

You sound like a kid that gets banned from a lot of Discords.
Take a chill pill, stop browsing 4chan, maybe use your boobie mouse pad for some relief, and think, “What would Fluttershy do?”
If you can't do that, maybe you don't deserve her.

oh hey, a stalker
was wondering when i'd get one
wonder when the kiwifarms thread will go up

You're such an angry person.

i don't like it, believe me
it's just who i am

I hope it gets easier.

I know some people were kinda thrown for a loop with Sandbar shipping after recent episodes, but this fic just provides the perfect solution:
ship Sandbar with all of them.

“Cause I’m a creep,” Sandbar sang. “ I’m a weirdo—what the hay are you doing here? I don’t belong here.”


Sandbar is FAR too good for his own good in this story! I LOVE IT!! <3

Also enjoyed how Queer it was!

Plus we need MORE boys being cute in pretty clothes >=)

fukkit, it works well enough

maybe it will, one day
it ain't today, sadly

I feel like this needs another tag but I have no idea what it would be.

Ara #35 · May 24th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Fluttershy doesn't love you.

“Yona,” he tried again. “Please don’t. It’s just a shed. It’s not worth dying over. I don’t want to lose you. Please.”

“What anypony say about dying?” Yona said. “Yak going back to Yakyakistan.”

“By jumping off of a school roof?”

“Yak going to land on a hot air balloon, hijack it, and go back to Yakyakistan. Two come this way soon.”

Can't tell when I stopped laughing after this.

The Omniship is always the best ship!

Okay, after everything Sandbar has been through, the Tree of Harmony better turn him into an Alicorn or something.

Honestly, Sandbar was somehow in perfect character in this story. His devotion to his friends is pure enough for him to totally willingly go through all this.

But seriously, there needs to be an Epilogue or bonus chapter or something where Sandbar is exhausted and/or ill after going through this madness and lying in a comfortable bed while his five friends are all waiting on him and brining him soup and treats and kind words and massages and comfy pillows.

If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT! Why are you flaming anyway? It hurts authors’ feelings, and if it goes on too long, it could be counted as cyberbullying, which can be a crucial factor in SUICIDE!

Was laughing my headset off set to lofi hip hop to read this genuis stuff to. Love the writing. Good stuff. I,m not even drunk writing this nut thank you. Thank you

“Euthanization of a sapient creature by a student is against school rules, Silver. I brought you soup!”

I had a good laugh!

One of the funniest fanfics I ever read topped off with a heart warming ending!

These people, friends, owe Sandbar big time. Need to burn this story in my mind and never act like this again. Fun read and all (ep worthy if it wasn't for the cool weird shit and maybe adult themes) but damn man.

Sandbar might've had a stroke at some point, but no biggie.

I totally agree with alicorn Sandbar. Or at least being pampered by his friends Sandbar.

I don't think Twilight would cast that kind of spell on someone if there was a chance of that kind of feedback...

I guess Sandbar's an Earth pony, after a stroke and liver toxicity he can just walk it off, right?

he's fine he'll just need some bed rest :raritywink:

Brilliant work. Details like the smell of each room and the varying psychological reactions to illness really added depth to the story, to say nothing of the depth you added to who's normally the least interesting member of the Student Six. And I have many questions about Silverstream and hippogriff culture in general. I know she's third in line for the throne, but I wasn't expecting an army supplemented by necromancy.

In all, a fantastic read. Thank you for it.

Bed rest with all five of his best friends all trying to take care of him at once...

Sometimes I wonder if Sandbar is under appreciated by his friends so I’m glad to see a story where Yona tells him he’s loved

He made up his mind, and smiled into the dark. “I’ll be right back, Yona. I have some brownies that’ll help you out.”

Oh shit!!! Yona Bout to get fucked up!

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