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Silverstream sorts through old pictures of herself. Gallus proceeds to be cute.

Winner of the 2023 Quills and Sofas Trans Speedwriting Contest.

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I have no idea what I just read but it was very good.

Okay despite how weird and I'm not really a big fan of those kind of jokes or whatever that was or the swearing but other than that I still think this was a pretty interesting one and I always ship those two so much 😊 I guess it was okay keep up the good work

Your silv touches my heart, i want to take care of her but she's already so good at taking care of herself :fluttershysad::heart:

Silverstream grinned, and flipped her head backwards, an even ninety-degrees, the perfect angle to terrorize the now upside-down griffon in her vision.

Shapeshifters are incredibly fun to write (unless you're a coward and don't have them do stuff like this despite the fact that they obviously would without even realizing how messed up it is (it's unclear whether Chrysalis was deliberately flexing or just found it more convenient than doing things the normal way)).

“I’ll probably bring it up to Trixie,”

Incidentally trans characters are the best trans characters.

so, wait, lemme get this straight:
you're saying that, due to the Pearl of Transformation, all Hippogryphs are Genderfluid, in the most literal of senses?
in that they can swap their sexual characteristics on a whim?

It's implied otherwise due to Silverstream envying the cis-females in her friend group. On the other hand, it probably should work that way for the same reason Thorax is probably technically a queen who was using male pronouns before he became that and just never bothered to stop.

Dufa #7 · July 20th · · 1 ·

Love the way you write them together! And the trans narrative is just, *chef's kiss

And Ocellus, who they’d just passed, said “What!”

That's what you get for having bad timing, 'Cell.

Or great timing, if you prefer. :rainbowlaugh:

Going off of the comments, I think the deeper meaning of the fic is flying over my head, but it is still cute nonetheless. :twilightsmile:



Silverstream's backstory never stood out to me as an obvious trans parallel but holy shit when you view it through that lens it's really kinda perfect. Living in hiding and fear, suddenly being liberated and allowed to be yourself for the first time in your life? Damn.

Your Gallus is so great. He's such a shithead in all the right ways. The way his snarkiness bounces off Silverstream's boundless enthusiasm is just, like...

I've only spent four years writing over a hundred thousand words about those two and I still have trouble describing how much I love everything about them. Thank you for this blessing, I am fulfilled. We are so fucking back

And Ocellus, who they’d just passed, said “What!”

And added, “I’m invited, right? A bug’s gotta eat…”

A good read, it’s pretty clear why it won! Excellent job!

If Silverstream turned her head all the way backwards, that was 180 degrees. 90 degrees would just be to the left or right.

That said, I really liked this story! A bit funny, a bit touching, a bit strange, and all well-written, like all of your stories that I've read.

So gentle and sweet with that undercurrent threatening to sweep you away. Well done.

The best context is out-of-context.

Crazy, but fun~

This is by far my favorite thing you wrote during the pride month contests. I need moooooooooreeeee.

Silverstream’s heart raced. She beamed. “Well, go on then, Sir Knight. Lead me to the bug sex.”

And Ocellus, who they’d just passed, said “What!”


I was very lost…but it was cute ^^

i genuinely don't know what the fuck is happening in half your fics but they're always entertaining and manage to make me smile. i think that counts for something.

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