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Gallus T. Griffon, Captain of the Royal Guard, is forced to go on vacation by Princess Twilight. He and his second, Talon Tamer, sort out vacation plans in the showers.

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Love, love, love this quick scene. So much emotion in his thoughts, but it's kept grounded in the present by the great interactions between Gallus and Talon.
Speaking of Talon, what a cutie. He feels so tremendously fleshed out in just a few brief interactions.

“We’re not dating,” Gallus said.
“No,” said Talon Tamer. “You’re just soulmates.”

Thank you for sharing this story!

“It’s a tummy ache,” Twilight said.

She's being very brave about it.

Talon Tamer is perfect I love him

Semillon is so freaking back!

Screw #4 · Jul 19th, 2023 · · 2 ·

You always have this intriguing writing style that never fails to resonate something warm.

Awesome work, Wordsmith, and welcome back!

:heart: :heart:



I imagine 60% of Gallus's job is freaking out because Twilight has a tummy ache



Posh #6 · Jul 20th, 2023 · · 2 ·

whoever downvotes this comment, your mom’s a ho

Posh #7 · Jul 20th, 2023 · · 2 ·

Gallus T. Griffon, The Captain of the Guard, smelled like hay, rolled around in mud, and regurgitated by a dragon older than Canterlot.

Homie, I love what you’re trying to do here, but this sentence is ambiguously constructed; it sounds like you’re saying that Gallus rolled around in mud after being barfed up by Alduin.

So here he was. In the shower. Washing dirt and roof-tile debris and Grover knows what else off his coat.

Ah. So the griffons practice muppet worship. You adhere well to canon.

Talon Tamer’s special talent was in training falcons and other raptors for special tasks. He reminded Gallus of Professor Fluttershy, if she could only talk to birds, and didn’t understand the idea that you shouldn’t say whatever is on your mind at all times, and was a complete pain in the tail.

Pretty sure, with her lifestyle, Fluttershy would also smell like hay-manure all the time. She has more in common with Gallstone here in that regard.

“Booklung can more accurately detect the sentiment behind what I say,” Talon Tamer said.


“Take that back right now, or I’m having you run laps,” Gallus said.

“I’ll tell the union,” said Talon Tamer.

“I’ll trim the trees along the picket line.”

“I’ll hire Saul Goodmare to sue your ass for violating tree law.”

(Author’s note: Equestria, needless to say, takes tree law very seriously)

And Gallus thought, he was the first pony I ever talked to at school. He was nervous, at first, especially with how Gruff never stopped squawking about how awful ponies were, but then he ran into Sandbar, who was just—stupid. And Gallus had felt better.

Nothing like meeting someone dumber than you are to put you completely at ease.

“Booklung is my best friend,” Talon Tamer said. “And he’s who I spend all my time with. Here’s a thought: when someone says, ‘You and ‘BLANK’ are always together’ to you, who is ‘BLANK’?”


Gallus sighed. “Only if you help me decide what to say to Sandbar.”

“Yes sir,” Talon Tamer said. “Sure thing, sir.”

“For starters, there is the matter called ‘Updog.’”

...Anyway, I don’t even know who these characters are. What’s this a fanfic for? Bubsy 3D, I think?

...i suppose you missing is just something i need to get used to, huh?
not hating, but i simply cannot grasp this ship
like a mute dolphin, or a broken mouse, this just doesn't click for me
as a gay guy, my gaydar does not ping on Sandbar
Gallus is bi, but Sandbar's as straight as a fucking razor
or, to put it in blunter terms, Sandbar is smashing Yona's Yakussy on the regular, no question

This is adorable, I bet Sandbar is just waiting for Gallus to catch up lol.

Personally not a fan of this ship, but you write it quite well. they do be 2 gay little dudes being cute together :3. Probably make disaster Lesbians look sane by comparison XD

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