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It was one of those nights where everything was making him sad.

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I’ll bet that if the other student-6 made a list of why they love Gallus, somewhere near the top of the list would be “he’s kind of insufferable.”

I don't like how the birb gets hurt all the time. He's a good birb who deserves better.

Keep it up.

Cheer up, Bluebird! Thanks to the warning reminder that darkness lies and dragon hugs are great.

Yet there was a roaring in his chest. There was the need to break something. The need to never eat again. The need to eat everything possible. There was nothing but everything and nothing and he was nothing and he wanted everything and—

Oof. Ouch. Damn. Damn.

Been there, Gallus. Been exactly there, and never seen it put into words better.

Good shit.

a mood
and a rather comprehensive look at how and why i relate to Gallus so hard

I don't relate to this at all. Definitively not. not at all. I definitely don't relate to over thinking minor slights I have commited against my loved ones at all. nope. No guilt induced insomnia here. not at all. :applecry:

Reminds me of my favourite poem...and I almost never have a chance to share it with those who may need it.

"Too long and quickly have I lived to vow
The woe that stretches me shall never wane,
Too often seen the end of endless pain
To swear that peace no more shall cool my brow.
I know, I know- again the shriveled bough
Will burgeon sweetly in the gentle rain,
And these hard lands be quivering with grain-
I tell you only: it is Winter now.

What if I know, before the Summer goes
Where dwelt this bitter frenzy shall be rest?
What is it now, that June shall surely bring
New promise, with the swallow and the rose?
My heart is water, that I first must breast
The terrible, slow loveliness of Spring."

~ Dorothy Parker

yeah it's totally insufferable how Gallus is so totally lovable and relatable. Like, honestly, who does he think he is? Being so perfect and cute and good and nice and funny and thoughtful and polite and personable and handsome like that? Total tryhard. Can't stand him. I want to build statues in his honor.

“You suck at remembering that storms will pass.”

It's true. No storm is so bad that it won't pass eventually...but in the heat of the moment, it's hard for some to remember that.

I can't relate to Gallus specifically on this, but I can relate to Smolder (and I suppose the rest of the Young 6 by association) in that I've had family that has been where Gallus is sadly more times than one would like, and I've been the one that had to try and step in and figure out how to make it better. To me, my shows of support always felt alternatively inadequate for something so serious to something that shouldn't have to need so much reminding in the first place...but this is a good reminder for me that those little actions can still make a whole world of difference for the Galluses of the world, and thus still worth doing. :twilightsmile:

I have read not a small amount of sad Gallus story over the years. They kinda have this distinct depressive feeling to them. I guess sad-ing the griffon is still interesing.

I really enjoyed this. It's pretty relatable, not wanting to burden people with your baggage.

Awww poor Gallus he really felt so down lately and his friends tried to cheer him out but he felt like he's just bringing them down with his self-doubt but luckily smolder help him out a bit even with a little bit can still help that he is never alone this is pretty nice story keep up the good work

You wrote Gallus totally out of character, I mean, that's obviously me, not Gallus, you should have written Gallus instead of me

I mean why would you do that

This hit home tonight. Great little short

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