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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


They may have rallied everycreature to the defense of Equestria and saved the world, but the Student Six still has classes to finish. And Gallus and Smolder need extra credit if they’re going to keep up with their friends. Fortunately, Fluttershy offers to have them help her at her animal sanctuary, but they will never guess what she wants them to do.

This was written for Wanderer D as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

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Ocellus offered the gift, and Silverstream grabbed it out of her hooves. Silverstream’s talons made quick work of the wrapping, and she opened the box. A huge smile crossed her beak as she saw the six plush dolls, one for each of the student friends, resting therein.

Aww thats so adorable I really wish we could see what they look like if somebody makes an fan art of it but this is adorable 😍

“Stupid shipping,” Gallus muttered.

Yeah it has their ups and downs believe me and I'm sort of kind of guilty for it too as well 😅

“It’s because of her family,” Smolder said. “Her aunt’s, like, the queen, so she’s going to end up married to some heir of a prominent hippogriff family, you know? So because she doesn’t have any control over her own dating life, she lives vicariously through us.”

Ohh well then that's kind of sad now 😢

“I’m not fat, I’m fluffy,” Gallus countered.

This was a pretty nice story so gallus and smolder where ask by Fluttershy if they can help the animals to learn how to survive in the wild as a Hunters which it helps a little but of course with Harry and Angel under their tails the hunters became The Hunted but smolder and gallus working together to outsmart those to which that was pretty awesome they did even though the hunting did not go as they expected but it did worked out pretty well and I like the moment between those two and how much they have in common with each other nice job on the story merry Christmas and happy holiday

Edit: did I say something wrong :rainbowderp:

I don’t ship it, but I still enjoyed it.

The ship was part of the request, and while it’s not my preferred ship, the great thing about MLP is that the characters are developed enough that you can make any ship work.

Smolder laughed. “I sure didn’t figure it out. Ocellus told me.”

Explains how she also knew how to use "vicariously" correctly in a sentence. :rainbowlaugh:

“Dragons don’t share their hoards, so you’ll never see two dragons living together like ponies. That’s why we lay our eggs in a communal nest.”

That's probably the best, and yet the simplest, explanation I've seen for that.

Nice little fic, and as it's the one ship I'm pro for, that's a definite plus. :raritystarry: My only criticism is that sometimes the transition from topic to topic was a bit rough--not jarring, just rough along the edges enough to scrape you up a little but still let you get through as desired. Probably the best example of this is simply how the hunt overall didn't seem that interconnected with the resulting ship. Sure, they started working together at the end of it, but that alone doesn't necessarily set-up for some shipping. It's a little quibble, though--the story still works well enough as-is. :twilightsmile:

“You know, we can decide how much like ponies we want to be sometime later,” Gallus said.
“Oh, thank you for saying that!” Smolder said.
“We’ll deal this all later.”
“And we’re not telling Silverstream about this,” Smolder said.
“Oh yeah. We are definitely not telling Silverstream.”

This was one of the greatest and most in character punchlines I've read in a long while. BRAVO! Great work, fav and thumb up.

Very entertaining! I like this pairing.

My inner voice nearly ran out of breath reading this tbh. Some punctuation would be welcome :p

It's like a Pinkie Pie dialogue when she's getting out of control.

Quite an entertaining story! Of course Silverstream would be the shipper on deck. :duck:

A lovely story! Well Done! :twilightsmile:

That was a tone of fun, and something I could actually see happening in a real episode. Even Silverstream being a shipper.
Very sweet, nice work

Wanderer D

Finally read it! Thank you!

Extra points for Gabriel Iglesias reference, btw.

This was a fun read, and a good way to get them to work together and see a bit of what they like about each other. Thank you so much for writing it!

This is fantastic! I always love your stories.

Comment posted by Readingyay deleted Jun 10th, 2022

This was a hilarious and fun story. A very clever concepts, and Gallus and Smolder were in character. They played off each other very well. Angel and Harry were great too! A flawless and fun story with action adventure, and some nice backstory and culture info too.

Just one problem.

A sex tag means that two characters are either implicitly or explicitly having sex. There is NO sex in this story. Innuendos don't count. Just because Smolder and Gallus walk into a room together at the end doesn't warrant a sex tag! For all we know they just kissed and cuddled a bit. You're scaring people away from this story by putting a sex tag on it. The Romance tag is enough. A sex tag implied the story is inappropriate, and that couldn't be further from the truth. Please remove the Sex tag.

Here are the guidelines in the FAQ:


The sex tag, when used with a teen rating, is used as a warning that the story contains lightly-charged sexual situations, innuendo, or vaguely implied (but not described!) sexual acts. Some light kissing is fine, light touching generally is too, but if things get heavily charged, you need to move to the mature tag.

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