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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.


Ever since the defeat of Cozy Glow, it was no surprise that the group of students known as the 'Young Six' would remain close friends outside of classes. However, it seemed that Gallus and Smolder were eager to enjoy one another's company away from the others. After numerous instances of the gryphon and dragon slipping away without much explanation, the other four students of their group were determined to learn the truth of their secretive outings. Were Gallus and Smolder secretly a couple? Or was there more to their private meetings that their friends weren't aware of?

To get to the bottom of things, Ocellus was quick to hatch a foolproof plan with their friends. Unfortunately, even with the surveillance in check, none of the group were prepared for truth about the taboo indulgences the two shared with one another...

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lol oh man, lost count of how many times I had to stop reading while chuckling at Gallus/Smolder *antics* been heard by the rest of their friends! Throw Spike in there & I just erupted into laughter! :moustache::rainbowlaugh:

A very fun read indeed, great work!!!:twilightsmile:

Actually , Smolder is older than Spike.

one quibble: i personally headcanon Ocellus as a She/They, not a They/Them
made this story a lil clunky to read, but otherwise a good story

Lol that was something else but it was also kind of sweet and funny at the same time so apparently Gallus showed smolder that he's had meat and the other friends doesn't know about it but unfortunately they did not know they were listening on it and basically the microphone is not that great they were picking out static and some of the words came off out of contacts and it didn't help that Spike showed up wow this was pretty funny and again I did like the relationship between them personally I still ship gallus and silverstream but anyway this was a good story keep up the good work

This was a lot of fun! Very well done :)

Given the level of innuendo featured, I do kinda have to question whether or not this story should really be E rather than T... :trixieshiftright:

...I also kinda have to wonder how Ocellus could've possibly been in that room for that long trying to fix the mic issue and NOT realize what Gallus and Smolder were actually doing...

...But other than that, this was a fun story. :twilightsmile: Always down for some Smollus, and of course, that's what the others get for trying to snoop. :trixieshiftleft:

“Uhhhh… Yona needs to know how old Spike is.”

“I think he’s older than Smolder, actually…”

No, this is unlikely. Discussed this with other fans a few times before, and given all the evidence, how Smolder underwent the molt at least a couple years prior to Spike and how it was explicitly stated in same molt-related episode that greed growth is NOT the same thing as natural growth and maturity for dragons, then one has to conclude that Smolder is most certainly older than Spike is.

That said, this doesn't necessarily mean Spike's especially young either, particularly by this point in the canon. It's sort of up to fan interpretation on how much time has passed since Spike's hatching and the start of G4, but an argument can be made for rounding up to make him at or near consent age by season eight or so (though be warned, some might see it as a stretch).

Not that it really matters here, of course, because this concerns a matter in which Spike could really be whatever age he darn well wants to take part in this. :trollestia:

Spuke #8 · Apr 22nd, 2022 · · 8 ·

I must say, it was a nice story, although I would have liked the plot of the food not to be revealed until the end, and just today I was thinking about smollus putting spike and silverstream in a polyamory relationship, coincidences do not exist:rainbowlaugh:
, my score 8.5/10
less spicy, more sugar would have been better "for me".

PD:oh and ocellus is a 100% girl ,she is she change my mind :trixieshiftright:

This is funny as hell found myself laughing multiple times

All four of their friends were absolutely gobsmacked while seated around the receiver. Due to Smolder and Gallus’ unfortunate wording and dialogue, it was very unlikely that they were assuming any actual food was involved. Ocellus had a hoof over her gaping maw, while Silverstream and Yona were trying their hardest not to snicker through their heavy blushes. Sandbar looked just as shocked as the others, but he was subtly trying to write on the back of his science notes. “... Pineapple… nectar…”

Refers to Occelus's mouth as hers instead of theirs.

I just fixed that error.

Yeah I'm just going say her because that's going to confuse the hell out of me and I don't need my niece and nephew to get confused about their gender

Ocellus' default body is reasonably female. The fact that this is about as relevant to natural-born shapeshifters as mane color and not much harder for her to change is something that the rest of the Student Six try very hard not to think about. (Fun fact: Mystique was originally intended to be Nightcrawler's father, and I've heard that this plot point was eventually recycled for Rogue).

I'm glad you didn't dangle the idea of Gallus and Smolder's pairing as "these two just eat food" and went the whole nine yards with it by the conclusion. That alone made this a very worthwhile story as there is a lot of building tension between the two up to that point, eavesdropping or not.

I hope you decide to make a NSFW of Gallus and Smolder at some point.

I still think Ocellus is a girl unless Hasbro has been lying to us

No. We need identity politics. They're so awesome. Just look at how well it's working out for Disney and Netflix.


I agree with you, we need more GURLS , if these companies want to continue investing and losing millions of dollars in their speeches of double standards, we must support them, as Napoleon said "when your enemy makes mistakes, let him continue" :ajsmug:

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all you bronies who claim to be open and loving are really not if you can't accept a nonbinary character, for goodness sake if they go by they then you call them they! Otherwise you're just close-minded bigots. End of story

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This was both cute and hilarious, love me some student six shenanigans.
Interesting Idea of Spike being older then Smolder, I’ve seen it brought up a couple of places and it’s an interesting idea for sure.
Great work as always Claw

Didn't realize that it wasn't porn until it was too late...

This argument is so fine-pointed that it could cut through chainmail. I mean, if you give an idiot five hours and a stick then they cut through most anything, I bet.

This story made me hungry. It also made me happy. Nice work.

Great story and hilarious as usual!

there doing fine you bigoted peace of trash

Do you need to, like, lay down or something?

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