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This story is a sequel to Somnambulism

Gallus and Smolder have formally begun a relationship, and start out by going on a date. But of course, the first date is always the hardest...especially when they still aren't entirely sure how they want this to work.

But maybe the date's just what they need for that.


It's been a bit sporadic about it, popping in then back out a few times, but I guess saying this was featured on 10/17/2020 still counts... (now watch, it'll immediately vanish from it again now that I've added this. EDIT: yup, see, already gone again!) :rainbowlaugh:

Sequel to "Somnambulism". Reading it first is encouraged, but shouldn't have to be required--you should still be able to follow along anyway.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 35 )

I honestly never saw Gallus and Smolder working out until I read your two fics just now. Now I see how you make it work. I typically avoid Smolder dating the Student Six because of her having the longest lifespan and usually pair her with Spike. That could also make for an interesting third story if you want to explore that.

Wow so Smolder and gallus Are prepared to go there date which both of them Are so super nervous which I don't blame them I had the same problem as well But with a little help from silverstream and sandbar looks like they got them self ready under date and hopefully don't get too nervous well can't wait to see how that works out

So glad to see a Smollus sequel, these 2 somehow click together so well here! Their awkward first date sure started out on the wrong claw but it went pretty well at the end there! :twilightsmile::heart:
Wonder if Smollus & Spabby would like to go on a double date, after all they aren't the only dragon/griffon pairing around! :raritywink:

Also I wouldn't mind seeing those bonus scenes that got cut, should make for lots of entertainment! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Good story Scyphi! :twilightsmile:

His proper name was Caesar Salad, but because he was a bit short for an earth pony, he was better known by the nickname Little Caesar.

I see what you did there nice one lol

And I do love the little caesars pizza

Gallus held up a talon to his beak, silently signaling to keep her voice down. “Yup,” he continued softly. “Griffonstone sausage.” He held the link of meat up by one end of its casing so she could see as much of it as circumstance allowed. It was as long as his paw, from the tip of his talons down to the top of his wrist. “Grandpa Gruff is many things, but since he thinks all I’m getting out here is only pony foods, he at least makes sure I’m eating right. He sends me a few of these every so often to make sure I don’t die of malnutrition or something because I’m not getting enough protein.”

To me I like pepperoni and cheese pizza yeah and the most planest dude ever lol

“Hey guys!” Caesar greeted as he arrived, balancing a platter of food on one hoof.

That is so impressive how ponies can do that lol

Smolder gazed at him for a moment, realizing he understood what she was feeling much better than she thought. She averted her gaze again and sighed once more for good measure. “It’s just, we’ve faced way scarier things than this before, right? I’ve definitely got a whole list racked up, at least—confronting a speciest EEA guy, taking on the challenges of a friendship tree and the pressure of living up to it, beating a psychotic little filly trying to conquer the school, then again with her baddie friends in a whole battle for Equestria, spent the better part of a day and a night in a Diamond Dog prison before turning around and helping end a near riot in their streets, got swallowed by an intelligent ball of slime, crash landed in another world made of fire and brimstone containing a real nasty baddie wanting revenge…”

Holy macro nice callback to the episode's and your previous stories And I remember all of them well except for one story that Talk about different roelm and n wanting revenge i need to read that lol

“Guess so,” Gallus said as he slurped off a noodle with his fork. He chuckled. “Heh, betcha they even tied some of the noodles together, in hopes we try to slurp up both ends of it at the same time, you know, like in those romance stories.”

Lol Lady and the tramp Spaghetti scene I love it

Ok wow so Smolder and gallus are going to the first date but unfortunately smolder felt more nervous about it even though things should be fine but it doesn't help she still feeling a little emotional so they made it to the piazza place things were pretty good but unfortunately the two cheerleaders which I'm sure they didn't mean to make things a little worse for smolder so she got really scared and ran to the closet to chill out but I'm glad that gallus talk to each other how they feel and everything so knowing that they're not alone but this was a nice chapter so cute too

I have toyed with tales that address that and other dragon-specific problems...but we'll see if anything comes of them. Probably not right away, at least.

I probably will go ahead and post those bonus chapters. They wouldn't work as their own separate fics and so it'd seem like a waste to not to. :twilightsmile:

I'll admit, I'm proud for having come up with that gag far more than I probably have any right to. :rainbowlaugh:

The impact knocking her clear off her feet and they tumbled to the grassy ground, rolling over each other more than once as they fought to pin the other, until about halfway down the hill, Gallus finally secured his hold on the dragoness, pinning her to the ground beneath him. Smolder tried to squirm free, but he quickly used his forelegs to pin down her arms and his hind to pin down her legs.

“Gotcha!” Gallus cheered, victorious as he peered smugly down at her.

You should Have him said pinned you That would have been adorable and funny

Can't wait to see more. If your accepting ideas for dates I got a few.

“Dragons don’t do dating, Gallus. We’re typically more interested getting right to the action, you know what I mean?” Smolder nudged Gallus slyly.

Gallus’s blush returned in full force. “Oh.”

Oh my goodness 😳

“Yeah, and from what I’ve seen, full-swing dragon relationships are intense.”

lol that was very amusing, at least Gallus took it in stride with that stuck ball! 😂👍

Can't wait to see what else these two knuckleheads get into in these dating outings!:twilightsmile:

“Well…” Smolder held out her arms like the case was self-explanatory. “…you have looked at her, right? She’s gorgeous .” She glanced at him skeptically. “You do know who Ember is, right?”

OK the 1st time I saw ember in the episode I was like whoa she is pretty

Another cute chapter and funny one too So both smolder and Gallas are on there way to the school but it looks like they want to go somewhere else instead they want to the park and they have there playful tackle and everything but then the security Pony spot them and thought they were doing something else which I'm not going to say so they both kind of decided to head back to the school so they won't be any misunderstanding specially the awkward situation lol but it looks like smolder wants to do something nice for gallus but I'm sure she'll find a way

Aww thats adorable looks like there date night want pretty good sure it has some ups and downs but in the end it worked out pretty well and they even Sealed With a Kiss and nuzzle so cute but anyway this was a good story but it looks like there is a extra chapter i guess I'll check it out but awesome story

Lol that was a pretty funny chapter so they went to the bowling alley things will really going great but unfortunately gallus got his hand or claw stuck lol so they had to figure out to get that ball off of him other than that I'm sure they'll get it off of him soon but at least they have fun 😊

Maybe they should go to the arcade for there next date

Sandbar immediately gains points for being pro pineapple on pizza. :moustache:

Just make sure Smolder doesn't find out--she'll undoubtedly fight you over that. :rainbowlaugh:

Not a big fan of pineapple 😅

Blue bird sure got quite the array of hidden talents (master chef to name a few!:raritywink:)

But Gallus just shrugged. “All right then,” he said with a good natured shrug, “Everybody do the monkey!”

Well it looks like they went to a dance club that's pretty cool and whoever thought that gallus has moves like jagger

And not only that smolder needs to loosen up l

Probably they should go to an arcade on there next date or maybe in the movie

spent the better part of a day and a night in a Diamond Dog prison before turning around and helping end a near riot in their streets, got swallowed by an intelligent ball of slime, crash landed in another world made of fire and brimstone containing a real nasty baddie wanting revenge…

I'm surprised they didn't reference the OTHER time they were stuck with each other in a restaurant... in a freezer...

You know, that one time they flooded the whole place with cheese, and their headmare was trying to get Thorax to eat pepper. :trixieshiftleft:

Now that I think about it, the circumstances are pretty similar here.

I didn't mention "Trixie's Beau" there, because as it has it's own set up for a Smollus ship, it doesn't sync up with events in "Somnambulism," this fic's prequel. So continuity-wise, it didn't make sense to. Otherwise I absolutely would've. :raritywink:

Smolder shook her head. “There was a time when ponies actually talked like that?”

If you see like one of those old movies or at least like try to look like old-time place or something like that they sometimes need to talk like that lol I seen plays like that

Lol this was pretty funny chapter I'm surprised that gallus and smolder wanted to see a theater play I guess for the experience just like how I did for my first experience with my family watching a theater some of them are good but some of the wore boring so basically those two got them self in trouble it got thrown out the theater not the good way to end the date night but at least I had a good laugh this was a pretty funny story although this would be very interesting what else can they do on there date night

The original reasons they went to see the play were two-fold:

  1. Sandbar had suggested it to Gallus before they left the school and they couldn't decide on any other activities to do instead
  2. It was free :ajsmug:

Well there's one bright spot of this experience..........they can cross out theater from any future dates! :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

This one was the perfect way to top off these dating stories with what Smolder loves to do - tea time! :twilightsmile:

Hoping to see another story featuring these 2 in the future, thanks again Scyphi!:yay:

Another great date story between smolder and gallus and it looks like they're just going out for tea and I did remember they did like a tea party before in your other story which that was cute and pretty funny I wonder what kind of date they're going to go next

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