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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.



“But I'm a constant headache, a tooth out of line,/They try to make you regret it, you tell them, no not this time,/It's just a constant headache, a dead pet device,/You hang me up, unfinished, with the better part of me no longer mine.” -Joyce Manor, ‘Constant Headache’

Sequel: “Now Or Never Now

Spring break has started for the School of Friendship, but Gallus and Smolder are still on campus as they wait to be picked up. And what’s a better way for the two of them to past the time than exchange insults to one another?

Cover art commissioned from Amy New.

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If these two aren't constantly insulting each other you're doing it wrong tbh. This story does it right.

As much as he wanted to verbally bite back, Gallus continued, “There is a lot of weird stuff that happens with the six of us. Like that bar fight.”

Oh I see you made it Cannon to your other story from that bar fight during the hearths warming eve nice

“And if I end up teaching here, like Counselor Trixie says I should, I’ll share your story to the students.” Smolder added on, “We don’t want them ending up like you.”

Just wait in a couple of years smolder you will become a teacher 😊

You know I do like how smolder and gallus always insult each other but yet somehow they laugh it off somehow and it's really cute that they have a feeling for each other and it's even cute in the end smolder gave him a kiss well this was a cute story Happy Valentine's Day and happy Hearts and Hooves Day

This is sweet. Reminds me of one of my own stories a bit. Happy Hearts and Hooves day!

One of those stories where you spend pretty much the whole time going "OH JUST KISS ALREADY, DANG IT!" :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though, it's as 10679743 said--this is pretty much the only way to write Smollus, and we wouldn't have it any other way. :ajsmug:

Very cute, nice work

Yes ! Another fic for the "smollus" ship! Thanks forma sharing!

Quick question would I be able to use this concept and add another part to it or no? I will credit you that’s for sure!

Gallus shrugged, “I guess our mutual hatred of each other will ferment like a fine wine.”

“Then, and only then, we will be able to get drunk and tolerate each other,” Smolder added.

comedy gold

Cute fic. I like it!

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