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Smolder, now an old and ancient dragoness, looks back on a certain conversation she had with her five best friends 1,000 years ago on the subjects of life span and mortality.

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I wonder if she still calls Twilight Headmare.

this wasn't sad at all tbh
also, Yona being Yak!Thor was just perfect

I had a good laugh when the first "surprise" came out, and pretty much knew how it was going to go from there. Great story, well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

Immortality is a curse in itself, it is a prison where you are your own jailer.

I always thought a ending was just as important as a beginning, a story that lasts forever just gets boring.

. . .and the occasional wild party in Yakhalla.

Only occasional?

That was very bittersweet. Or perhaps I'm just conflicted between sad and amused. Regardless, an entertaining read!

We really need more stories about Smolder coming to terms with her dragon lifespan; it's a criminally unexplored topic.

I'd say you did it justice. Thumbs up!

Anyone else get memories of an old Cartoon called David the Gnome? The final episode there had him hit the big 400, and that's when Gnomes simply die, so he and his wife(A spry 390 year old), go off into a field of flowers, and the petals rise around them, before they vanish into the next world. This gave me that same kind of vibe.

I'm glad you enjoyed that idea! I was proud of it, and it just felt right when I wrote it.

Good thing none of them were really immortal.

Well, things can get pretty wild there...

Immortal does not necessarily mean invulnerable. Otherwise dragons everywhere would be, in your words, cursed.

"Heh," he said, almost sarcastically. Then he thoughtfully rubbed his chin with his left talon and said, "Hmm. . . I gotta think of something clever to say here. . .Ashes to ashes? Nah, too cliche. . . Dust in the wind? No, that's lame. . .Dust to dust? Ugh, same as the first one. . .Hmm. . .How about. . . I don't feel so-."

Way to ruin the moment you had going on here. I was on the verge of tears when I read this, then I was laughing about an Infinity War meme. Worst part about this (or best part depending on how you look at it) is that this line is completely in character for Gallus. Anyway, meme or no meme, this was a good read.

Edit: And now I just read the notes... I think I've been on Reddit too much for my brain to automatically fill in the words "I don't feel so" with "good" instead of "bad" or any other descriptive word.

10224758 Don't get sour grapes now, just because I have what you lack. :trollestia:

I shall be the shaper of stars when this little Sun of ours has cooled to a black dwarf and the next cosmic cycle begins... for I am Galan. Also, might need to eat a planet now and then... :pinkiecrazy:

Well, that took an unexpected direction. Pretty fun though.

I guess Silverstream died first :fluttercry:

Honestly thought it was going to go more like this.

I actually sort of wish the story had focused on Tree's points about immorality, the thereafter, and the power of friendship beyond lifespans, as I feel like there was something really deep and poignant to be explored further there...

...But then Yona being basically Thor is a pretty hard idea to part with... :rainbowlaugh:

As a diehard Trek fan (and a fan of that particular Trek movie), I certainly would've approved of that approach. :raritystarry:

Silverstream spread her fore arms wide apart to emphasise the how long the lentgh of time truly was. Then she put her talons back down and said rather shyly, "So, yeah, my Aunt Novo's really, really, really old. Something about the Royal Family bloodline and how it reacted with the magic of the Pearl of Transformation when it was first used. It's kinda complicated."

Hello my idea. Not in the same context as this, since I used it in a story set after season 3. But yeah. I know this one.

:twilightoops: damn where'd they go? I need my heros!
:moustache: Don't ask me I'm foal sitting my great great great grand foals.
:duck: They're fabulous are they not?
:facehoof: Zacora why.....
:raritystarry: why not?!
:facehoof: Her ears are as good as ever
:moustache: only 1023 moons

Yona really just yeeted a cool rock and said 'gotta blast' huh

goal sitter

Foal sitter

A nice subversive take on the “outliving your friends” type of stories. Can see why it’s on the featured box.

I’ve been waiting for someone to do a fic that addresses Smolder outliving her friends.... but this went in the complete opposite direction and I loved it.

A bit sad, but mostly fun to read, well done! Here are a few typos I spotted on the way:

how long the lentgh of time truly was


and also great hero from near begining of time. [...] After potecting yaks for long time

beginning / protecting

This didn't go anywhere near the way I assumed it would.

Also, party in Yakhalla, yay!

Remember when it was Twilight in this situation instead of Smolder, with pretty much the same solution being posited? I remember because the latter part is still my headcanon. 'Scuse me while I get the pasta I prepared for this...

Rainbow Dash literally outflies Death until she's given the job, Fluttershy becomes the Draconequus of Nature, Applejack starts and continues to remember her serial reincarnation as a reference to G1 and G3 Applejacks, Rarity undergoes brain uploading into a fabulous Raribot, and Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie. (That last one has a headcanon explanation, but the point is that it works regardless of the specifics)



Beautiful story. How I hope the young 6 go out in the end.

Hmmm, I wanted to feel sad when I got to the end of this, but instead I feel, content.

I keep thinking dragons live more than just 1000 years. I mean torture is still around just fine abs he been around since the pillars.
In the story lost all serious weight once the whole Alcorn bit was mentioned. Sorry but no. Any emotional buildup was just gone in a snap

Wait what happened to Silverstream?

What about ocellus and silverstream. This story was close to a favorite but just a little short

Oh boy wow I was hoping somebody kind of address about smolder outliving her friends knowing that dragons live a long time and basically she had that fear a long time and gallus and the others wanted to talk to her about that but Ocellus and I did remember some Theory that she does look different from the other changelings and she could be like Queen Chrysalis and apparently she lived a lot longer so Ocellus could live longer and then Sandbar also mentioned that he will be the next ruler Equestria and becoming an Alicorn which wow that's a pretty unexpected and pretty cool actually and silverstream also mentioned that Queen Novo and Celeste been friends for a long time as in a very very long time and with her Bloodline with her she can also live longer as well I don't know how that works but yeah that's cool and then Yona apparently was chosen to wield the hammer of Karshar ( what's that's a reference to Thor nice ) that's she's now Immortal now but until smolder reach to the certain number then she can pass away with her but apparently gallus felt like they can live longer but he can't and he felt like he's not important which is not true he's one of the captain of the royal guards that is something but his friends will probably outlive to him but the tree of Harmony somehow gave him that option if he wants to live alongside with them for a long time and he chose to do it so she gave helmed a long lifespan to connected to smolder and the rest and now they live at least some live to a thousand year of the remaining of smolder gallus and Yona but one by one they went down and finally passed on after a thousand years it's a bittersweet but yet very good story


"Woah," was all Smolder could say at first, then she nervously looked over at Yona and Gallus. The griffon was staring at the ground with a conflicted look on her face, while the yak was strangely holding her left forehoof up with her eyes closed.

For a moment, I thought the the big reveal was going to be that Gallus was also a Changeling Queen--when he/she/it did that little spontaneous sex change.... :rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes, our typos can be pure gems of endless amusement and can really alter the way we look at the stories....
That one was totally awesome, dude!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Kind of sad to see it go, now...:pinkiesad2:

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