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I am Matthais Unidostres, I'm a Christian and I love FanFiction!


Sweetie Belle has the mind of a young filly, and like all youngsters, they often prioritize fun with friends over more important things. Normally, this isn't an issue. However, after a fun day out with her two best friends lasts longer than expected, the little unicorn's good mood is interrupted by a Low Battery Alert. Now the robotic filly must rush to get home and plug herself in before her battery hits 0%.

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Are you the one who made the cover art?

What kind of hardisk/solid state drive Sweetie Bot used to preserve her memory. It shouldn't gone just because you out of power like that!

Yes! A Sweetie Bot story! Thank you. I always found the idea of Sweetie Bot intriguing. Thrackerzod as well, for that matter. Well, this story was satisfyingly down to the wire, I'm glad Opal realised she needed Sweetie alive to open the door. Cats are practical that way, lol.

I think you did an excelent job. It was right for her to chase opal. Next story can you add a bot with weapons?

Okay, did enjoy most of this adventure.
though a few situsations just got too uch .. :unsuresweetie:
Just have to ask, why no precautions to deal with this was ever installed in the house?

No, click on the image for the source.

This never happened before. Plus, Rarity would never have dreamed that her previous Opal would do something like that.

She should get a wireless charging pad. They're less energy efficient, but are largely cat-proof.

this is a good little short.

It's a rather odd design, to have a power supply limited by only several days, with a permanent memory loss in case of an outage. A major weak point.

Probably a RAM (random access memory) as RAMs lose their stored data the moment electrical power is lost.

Its one of the classic Sweetie Bot images.

Aww. Saw cover image and thought Thunder struck had updated after 5 years. Still Woo for a Sweetie Bot story.

There are at least one or two other stories that I can think of that got completed. Unless we hear otherwise, I'm going to say it's safe to assume that SBProject lost momentum and petered out:fluttershysad:.

I just looked at their Twitter and the latest video was from May 18 of this year, so I take back my second remark (a little bit anyway). I sent a friendly tweet, maybe I'll get a response so we can know better what's up.

"My batteries are low and it's getting dark."

The alternative is an actual reactor that might not even fit into a full grown mare let alone a filly. Still two solid days (likely battery saving mode during 'sleep') greatly out paces my devices by a half day or more. I think it is actually pretty good when my devices don't last more than a few hours when gaming heavily and Sweetie is using magic.

my concern is the memory loss as it is unstated as to just how much. My old game boy color pokemon cartridges had batteries to keep them saving (watch batteries that last a decade) but they do run out meaning that any gaming on them requires me to do it in one playthrough. My DS saves seem to be more robust as 12 years or so later I still have data saved. It does make me wonder what kind of memory system is in use.

Such a sad concept, I can't imagine why it isn't tagged 'tragedy'. :fluttercry:

Fun fun fun.

Also, Achievement Unlocked: this is exactly 2000th MLP fanfic which I have finished reading.

Hmm The percentage are REALLY REALLY off Sweetie definitely needs to run a recalibration of the power meter. ^^;;;
On top of that a backup battery just to keep the memory going should be a given.

One of the reasons I was so late to jump on the Smart Phone bandwagon, was the battery actually.

I sometimes shock young whippersnappers people by saying my old phone typically had a lifespan of 1-2 WEEKS. And that was with a nickel-cadmium battery. That was one of the last 'Dumb Phones' (not counting pensioner throwbacks, but mainstream models) that was set up to call, text and MAYBE play Snake or have a calculator, though.

So kinda shocked that Sweetie doesn't have some sort of that-a-way backup system just to keep her mind going in power savings mode, if the alternative is, well, her version of brain-damage.

Guess there's only so much room, or something? Oh well, neat story. Just a bit of tech that's amused me for years now.


my concern is the memory loss as it is unstated as to just how much. My old game boy color pokemon cartridges had batteries to keep them saving (watch batteries that last a decade) but they do run out meaning that any gaming on them requires me to do it in one playthrough. My DS saves seem to be more robust as 12 years or so later I still have data saved. It does make me wonder what kind of memory system is in use.

FYI, you can actually change those batteries in the Game-Boy and Advance carts, though it requires some soldering.

Not for everybody, of course, but it's neat for game preservation's sake that it's such a—relatively—cheap and easy fix.

Oh, and we'll probably start hearing about N64 games needing that same technique in a few years, because they also used a small battery. Think those have been somewhat more long-lasting due to relatively more energy efficient tech, though, so not sure how much longer they'll last without maintenance like the above.


My old game boy color pokemon cartridges had batteries to keep them saving (watch batteries that last a decade) but they do run out meaning that any gaming on them requires me to do it in one playthrough. My DS saves seem to be more robust as 12 years or so later I still have data saved. It does make me wonder what kind of memory system is in use.

The DS is using Flash memory, which is the same kind of memory that's used in USB thumbdrives, SD Cards, SSDs (Solid-State Drives), and so on. That type of memory is what we hardware-engineering types call "non-volatile", meaning it doesn't require continuous power to retain its information, so there's no need for a battery to sustain them when the DS is turned off or the cartridge is unplugged.

The older Gameboy cartridges use a low-power RAM chip, which is "volatile" memory that only remembers its information as long as it has power, hence the need for the battery inside the cartridge if it's a game that needs to "remember" the game's state when the GB is turned off or the cartridge is unplugged.

And before you ask: :twilightsmile: The reason they didn't use Flash memory in those older units was that Flash memory was still in its infancy when the Gameboy came out -- Toshiba had only just brought the first-generation Flash chips to market a year or so earlier -- so it was still too expensive a technology for a consumer product, especially one aimed at kids. By the time the DS came around, Flash memory was cheaply and widely available from multiple vendors, and much more reliable, so they went with that instead.

I was actually refering to what Sweetie was using. that is definitely my bad.

I imagine she'd use standard DRAM for immediate processing and short-term memory, and a large-capacity flash SSD for long-term storage. The thing about Flash is that it has a limited "write endurance"; for various highly-complicated and technical laws-of-physics reasons, each time you write to a flash cell, it "degrades" slightly, and will eventually lose its ability to retain data reliably, so it really can't be used in place of RAM for primary processing; the constant read/write/read/write cycles, hundreds or thousands of times a second, would wear it out within weeks, or days. The way your laptop preserves its state when it powers down is, essentially, to store a mirror of whatever's currently in RAM to a special memory-dump file on the hard drive or SSD, then reload it back into memory when it starts up again. (Bit more complicated than that in reality, but that's the gist of it.)

It does seem odd that SweetieBot's OS wouldn't have a "suspend" or "hibernate" function like that, to prevent memory loss when her battery drops too low -- but maybe she managed to accidentally circumvent or disable that function when she was fiddling with her own system settings to deactivate the low-battery warnings. Probably wasn't a good idea for her creator to give sudo privileges to a Cutie Mark Crusader. :pinkiehappy:

Not gonna lie, a story in which one of the characters from G5 finds Sweetie Bot rusted, corroded, but in hibernation mode somewhere could prove quite interesting. Just a cool thought I had.

DisQord gave Sweetie Bot a positronic matrix from his OTHER universe. :raritywink:

Sweetie needs to start carrying a backup power bank, or two, for situations like this. :unsuresweetie: 🤖

It is entirely possible that she entirely uses active memory, with no actual storage space. Poor design, much like our biological brains admittedly, but quite feasible.

I Enjoyed this thanks a bunch for making it !! :heart:

Low Battery
5% battery remaining.
"I spent 5% just running here?!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed in disbelief

Maybe if you just would have walked slowly you would have more power left.

Sweetie Belle smiled as she was able to feel the floor under her belly again. "Whew. What a nightmare. Nothing worse than losing your touch," Sweetie Belle quipped.

How about losing everything like you just did?
Next time consider shutting down unnecessary systems before things get this critical.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Also if you like SweetieBot stories have a look at this one:

TUndead Robot Bug Crusaders
Scootaloo has a secret. So do Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. What happens when the truth comes out?
Banjo64 · 135k words  ·  2,644  37 · 36k views

Sweetie Belle is holding a secret, but she isn't the only one...

Nice! First chapter has a similar feel, but different delivery compared to

EThunder Struck
Stephanie's greatest home invention is named Sweetie Belle. It's a very advanced piece of machinery, as well as adorable. And it thinks it's alive!?
MerlosTheMad · 76k words  ·  2,341  62 · 272k views

No warnings mentioned?
oh, and how she would know better?

No permanent memory? Really?

Admittedly would be faster





I love seeing this thoughtful discussion here! If it helps, i was running with the idea that over the course of a day, all of Sweetie Belle's experiences are recorded in short term RAM, and then the important parts are then moved into her main harddrive for long term memory storage during her sleep mode. If she looses all power, her RAM gets wiped, but her main harddrive is left untouched thanks to its own separate battery. This is to more closely resemble an organic pony's memory, RAM is short term, the main harddrive is long term. Hitting 0% would result in the last 8 or 10 hours worth of data being lost. (Like Dory's short term memory loss) Not a disaster but still pretty bad a frightning to a little filly. Also, this could possible damage or corrupt her RAM, which could be serious. (Like Dory's short term memory loss)

I might add in some thoughts/dialogue/warnings to this effect to the story to make it a little more clear what's at stake.

Iv always been a fan of the idea of sweetie bot, like an actual robotic sweetie bell. There very few stories i could find on this site but im happy to say that yours is one of my favorites and you have earned a follow.

Nice updates with the change. I liked Both but yes this version is better. Great work

When I had read the chapter title I expected SweetieBot would have gotten an update to prevent this from ever happening again.
Like, preventing the low energy alarm from being turned off or some kind of backup strategy.

There are a couple more examples of Sweetie Bot stories that are finished (their sequels are still in the works, but the original stories are finished). They aren't exclusively about Sweetie Bot, but rather the entire CMCs. But I consider them Sweetie Bot stories nonetheless. The first is Undead Robot Bug Crusaders by Banjo64, and the other is Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World by Xepher.

Three Wishes has a unique premise in my opinion. The CMCs exist because their big sisters (well, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy) made wishes. After AJ's parents died, she wished for... I forget the specifics. But a scarecrow came to life and became Apple Bloom. Rarity's grandfather had made her a clockwork pony to check under the bed and in the closet at night. After he died, Rarity wished to have someone that she can take care of in the way that her grandfather took care of her. And thus, the clockwork pony came to life to become Sweetie Belle. Fluttershy was in trouble at school for missing so much school when in actuality, she was just so soft-spoken that when attendance was called, the teacher never heard her voice. Later that day while playing in a cloudbox (a pegasus version of a sandbox), she made a cloud pony and wished that she had someone who understood her, including not being good at flying. Just after that, she heard a couple nearby who were upset because they couldn't have a child. So her wish then became one for them, and that they could have a child. And thus, the cloud pony came to life and became Scootaloo, who was found by the couple.

That may sound like I gave a lot away, but that's an early reveal in the story. There is so much more to the story than just that.

Undead Robot Bug Crusaders is again, another interesting premise, though not as original as Three Wishes. "Undead" refers to Apple Bloom, who, while traveling to Zecora's with Twilight, had strayed from the path and got lost, found a village, and cursed her to become a Ghoul. The curse was under control so that it wouldn't spread, but she was still cursed. The only place that can show them how to reverse the curse was in that village, which vanished and won't return for over 100 years. Twilight and AJ know of the curse, and Twilight enchanted her bows to hide her... Ghoul form. "Robot" refers to Sweetie Belle, who's... a robot of course. I won't explain much about that, because a big chunk of the story has to do with the mystery of how and why Sweetie Belle is a robot. She and Rarity learn about it during an accident in the kitchen. While using a knife, Sweetie falls off the stool, landing on the floor, and the knife flying blade first into her stomach. While trying to get the knife out, she ended up pulling open a hatch, revealing her inner robotic components. And Pinkie Pie also knows this secret because... well... she's Pinkie Pie. "Bug" refers to Scootaloo, who's a Changeling. Not much to say about that. She's just always been a Changeling and was just afraid to reveal herself, especially after Chrysalis's attack at the Royal Wedding. It's fun experiencing her POV and listening to the hivemind. Her siblings are a riot if I'm to be honest. And then there's the Queen of the hive and Scootaloo's mother, Blue Monarch. I'll opt not to give it away, but wait until you learn what Scootaloo's birth name is. There's this joke about their mother not being good at naming. In the sequel, it mentions how Chrysalis was insane. As in, when she went to trial and was sentenced, instead of going to prison, she was sent to an insane asylum with a straight jacket and in a padded room. My favorite part of that chapter was when she was monologuing, one person says, "She does know that we can hear her, right?" and the other says "I don't even know if she realizes she's speaking out loud." Those who know about Scootaloo's secret are Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Fluttershy because she actually help Blue Monarch to find that location for her hive, and seeing Rainbow Dash is the reason Scootaloo chose a Pegasus form in the first place. Again, most of that was revealed at the beginning of the story, so I'm not giving away much.

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text.

I'm finally going to get around to audiobooking this, it's a good opportunity for some original ideas on how to edit the audio. I think I can assume that Sweetie Belle's voice is disguised as normal in this story and that I think the only robot sounding parts will be the alerts. This will be an interesting new concept and I look forward to making it sound cool, about to bring out the microphone and record.

If you see this and have any suggestions before I begin editing let me know. I hope what I have in mind is the way you intended for it to sound like in your head.

and I hope it encourages more people to write about Sweetie Bot.

The Sweetie Bot Project

You're welcome.

I am so hyped. You are a very good writer and I'm gonna enjoy it!

This is what you get when you have a Sweetiebot that only runs Windows. :trollestia:

This is why SMART robot designers install a biomass conversion unit! Or a Mr. Fusion... :trollestia:

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