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After her friends come to her aid during a time of need, Ocellus undergoes a dramatic transformation. This results in a flurry of new emotions and worries that cause the Student Six to fear that their friendship is in jeopardy.

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She's transforming!!!

9140187 Ocellus digivolve toooo...


O____o Okay, who threw the Black Goo into the mix?


Moderately intriguing with a slice of investment. :pinkiehappy:

Gee, Thorax, couldn't wait to shove that responsibility on someling else, could ya?:derpytongue2:

Always liked the idea that Ocellus might be a pro-queen.

9143004 Now he gets to hang out and drink beer.

I sense an interesting theme in these comments. :rainbowlaugh:

He must have been talking with Celestia...she's good at that too. :rainbowlaugh:

She's alive!!!!!

This is adorable so far. It took one true act of kindness from her friends to cause another transformation in Ocellus.

Cute how all of Ocellus’s friends had to gather around and touch her cocoon for her to hatch. Looks like Thorax was right about how he knew Ocellus would make the Changelings proud, and how Twilight’s school does wonders. I can’t wait to see more of this and see how Ocellus, her friends, and the rest of the school react to her becoming a princess.

9154579 I was more correct than I knew... :rainbowhuh:

This is awesome!

"-everything about you is wrong!"

My thoughts on the dream sequences:

Yona: Everyone who's ever been bullied will sympathize with her.
Silver Stream: Ouch.
Smolder: She is the BEST friend. Nothing bad was happening to her, she was just worried for ehr friend.
Gallus: Looks like he has some self-esteem issues.

I could see each dream as a dream coming a mile away, but their reactions still made me feel for them. Also, Sandbar, you go get that changeling, and run away with her, and make the babies...eventually. :twilightsheepish:

Surprised by a lack of Luna

Nice dream sequence. I especially like how Sandbar x Ocellus is teased, since that is my favorite ship for the Student Six.

9160711 Well, all but one of them isn't a pony. And we all know Luna is speciest. :trollestia:

Uh no. Luna could simply see that she wasn't need. All the students need to do is go talk to Ocellus, and Luna can tell that's what they're gonna do.

When I figured out the dream sequence thing, I pictured her jumping back and forth between their dreams but not getting a chance to do anything before the next one went nightmare.

9161961 Nah, Luna is the most racist racist ever! She wants to bring back the 3 Tribes civil war! :trollestia:

Yep, blue catbird needs more loving, and scootadragon is pretty nice for a dragon.

Off to a good start. I'll see where this goes.

This sounds awesome and interesting! I really hope you continue this!

Remeber the Terrible Trivium? (Perhaps the movie is different?)

Correction; second changeling princess.

you when talk about gallus being an orphan that ###### up

good so far but, however i'm going to track it till it's complete first before I start giving you a full review on this.

Well than that was unexpected :pinkiegasp:

Insert M. Night Shyamalan meme here!

Why am I not surprised. She DID go to the school of freindship under her headmisstriss who is the princess of freindship. I makes sense

Twilight shook off her bout of laughter, and she smiled broadly at the six friends and said, "Oh dear, I'm surprise you all haven't figured it out yet! Don't you see? Ocellus is the Changeling Princess of Friendship ."

Come again?

Well, you have my attention now.

All hail best changeling princess! Woohoo!


By the way, do you also ship Silverstream with Gallus? I'm honestly totally on board. I know that scene from that episode wasn't that kind of love, but you know, maybe one day.:twilightsheepish:

So is this it? Is this where the story ends? I mean, it's not a bad ending, but it kind of feels like it's hanging just a little. :applejackunsure:

Yeah, it has definitely grown on me. I think it is my second favorite ship for the Student Six now. Though to be fair, I also like the thought of Gallus x Smolder, simply because they seem to have more in common. Eh, call that one my third choice.

The story is still marked as incomplete. I guess there are still one or two chapters left. We just need to be patient for an update.

Woohoo! Long live Princess Ocellus! 🎊

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