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I am Matthais Unidostres, I'm a Christian and I love FanFiction!


Lawful Crane and his girlfriend Pearl Lane happen to be in town during Anon-a-Miss' reign of terror in Canterlot High. Crane, being a skilled detective, is easily able to determine that Sunset Shimmer is being framed. Having devoted his life to protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty, he decides to expose the true Anon-a-Miss as an invisible avenger known as The Shadow. Through the use of a mysterious hypnotic power he learned in the far East, he is able to cloud other people's minds so they cannot see him, rendering him invisible.

Soon, Anon-a-Miss will learn that the weed of crime bears a bitter fruit. . .
Crime does not pay. . .
The Shadow knows!

This is a crossover with The Shadow Radio Show (1937-1954), a weekly radio program that dramatized stories from the pages of Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine.

Chapters (3)
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I didn't know that I needed a Shadow crossover, but here we are and I'm glad to see it! :raritystarry:

I think you nailed the Shadow's voice, as well as the feel of listening to one of his old shows. I'd love to see some more "modern" grounding to this, too, if that makes sense? Like right now we primarily see the world through the perspectives of the people who the Shadow comes to, when he comes to them. That feels faithful to the shows, but it leaves each scene feeling similar to the others, and it doesn't give us a view of what the Shadow is doing to set up and execute each scene he's in. To combat that, it'd be interesting to see some of these play out from the Shadow's perspective. I also spotted some typos etc. in the mix.

But some of those things are more like stylistic quibbles, which may or may not apply to the kind of story you're writing here. One thing I definitely enjoyed was seeing the Shadow navigate a world with smartphone technology! Overall this is enjoyable thus far and I look forward to more.

Why the hell does this remind me more of the Silver Shroud questline in Fallout 4 than a old pre to post war radio play? Come to think of it rhe Silver Shroud was based off a radio play in Fallout 4 so the hell with it

I like this story, it's different, and yeah Posting such secrets can ruin lives, and yes it was smart of him to tell Sunset to hide out, realsticly she can and will be attacked for sure.
How bad depends on the writer writing the story.

Looking good. Now the Shadow stalks anon-a-miss. Wonder if they'll take the threat seriously or not?

Weirdest part of this is seeing the Shadow deal with phones and modern tech. I used to listen to copies of those radio plays on cassette tape (yes, friggin cassette tapes) and not listening to the Shadow deal with mobsters in a fifties setting is a little jarring

That being said you nailed the melodramatic wonder that is the Shadow and I love it. Best Anon a Miss story right here.

I am very biased I love the Shadow

:pinkiecrazy: This is going to be fun!~


People are billing Dwayne Johnson's Doc Savage as the first Superhero, even though The Shadow was introduced several years earlier. Also, Doc Savage isn't what I'd call heroic. I hope this new movie includes an unambiguous condemnation of the concept of lobotomizing criminals.

Especially since abominations like the Rotenberg Center still exist.

I am sooooo happy to see a crossover between MLP:EQg and The Shadow! The Shadow has been one of my favorite superheroes for a long time, in almost all of his incarnations (radio, book, comics, and even the 1994 film). I look forward to following this story and seeing what you cook up! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

First, loving this story.
Second, question: why is the Shadow telling people the origin of his abilities, I think a figure of mystery would be more mysterious if his targets are not aware of how he's attacking them.
Third, I'm wondering what secret does Snip and Snails knows about Sunset that could be useful to the Shadow.

The Shadow requires a certain amount of ham.
Telling them how outclassed they are fulfills those requirements.

Comment posted by Ryouga1100 deleted Nov 13th, 2018

Very interesting... Need to give it another once over for typos though.

Sunset's eyes widened. She was amazed that this invisible strange was coming to her defense.

Strange should be stranger.

There are a couple others. Minor flaws, but easily fixed with a little due diligence.

Ooh, I've heard about this radio show! Great work!

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll be keeping an eye on this. The Shadow, always interested me especially when I remembered he was one of the original inspirations for Batman.

Will, the Silver Shroud was based on the Shadow...


So was The Greeeeeeey Ghost.

Everyone remembers that Batman was based on Zorro and Sherlock Holmes, but the inspiration from Shadow and the Scarlet Pimpernel are often overlooked.

I was listening to a broadcast of The Shadow while reading this. You nailed the feel and spirit of the show and even though I know what the eventual ending will entail, you have pulled me in with the intrigue of reading how The Shadow will figure it out. The only thing that could make this closer to the original broadcasts would be writing Blue Coal commercials at the end of each chapter :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:


The shadow is my second favorite radio show of all times, The Lone Ranger being in the #1 spot (and why I started 'Ranger'). So glad to see someone keeping the legend of, The Shadow! alive. :ajsmug:

I'm gonna enjoy this.

Bloom, Sweets, Scoots, you three better get ready. Cause, once The Shadow finds out,
H E' L L B E C O M I N G F O R Y O U .

And there will be-
N O E S C A P E.

the Weed of crime bears bitter fruit
crime does not pay the shadow knows

Before we join the Shadow in today's adventure, here’s a proposition. Regardless of what coal you’re now burning in your furnace, order a ton of Blue Coal. Try Blue Coal for a week, and see if it doesn’t give you more even, more dependable, longer lasting heat. That’s fair enough, isn’t it? And remember, when you order Blue Coal, you get courteous, careful delivery and helpful consideration of all your heating problems. Phone your neighborhood Blue Coal dealer tomorrow!

Oh crap, It's the Shadow!:heart:

Oh crap, it's Miss Anon-Miss.:facehoof:

EDIT: No, actually this is really solid. The Shadow is fully in-character and the focus is on the few elements of the original story that actually were worth investing in. Good job.

Wait, the Rock is playing Doc Savage?

When will Benedict Cumberpatch finally play the Shadow!

Oh my God. This is an idea I never would have dreamed of, let alone knew that I needed. XD


From what I've heard, the project has hit a wall multiple times.

You really can't help but read the story with that old vintage radio sound filter, making it sound like an old radio program in your head. Adds to the fun!

The Shadow often directly tells the people he visits that he has the power to cloud their minds. Probably to make sure that they now he's a real person that can truly foil their plans. If The Shadow were just a disembodied voice or a spirit, what could he do?

Alec Baldwin?! Oh great, he's here to ruin MLP now too!


9291209 Even though I have an oil furnace which will be destroyed by trying to burn coal in it, this commercial's subliminal messaging has taken control and I shall buy 16 tons of Blue Coal.

(the next day)

And all I got was another day older and deeper in debt.

ohhhhh MG!!! my grampa loved this!! rip :heart:

Years ago, I read a book that collected two of The Shadow. I also listened to one of the old radio shows online somewhere. I was in a phase where I was into old pulp stories. I never would have expected to see something like this. An Equestria Girls/The Shadow crossover. It's also surprising that there's a lot of people that are into The Shadow here. Anyway, I wish I was more familiar with The Shadow, but I figure I must know enough because I'm not confused. You've earned a follow on this story out of sheer curiosity to see how this goes and how it will be pulled off. Keep up the good work. :pinkiesmile:

Just read it. I like it. Thanks for pointing that out :twilightsmile:

The one thing I'd change is clarifying a little how he got to be aware of the problem. MyStable probably doesn't care where you are - at least, not enough to suggest popular local accounts? So he wouldn't be likely to stumble across it without overhearing someone mentioning it. Or if he does localized searches wherever he goes?

aside from tell other people their secrets in such a way they can be verified.

Awesome another Shadow fan. I thought I was the only one.

9291063 Ah, but if you take that bitter fruit and soak it in lye for a dye, it leeches out the tannins and the fruit becomes palatable! Not really good-tasting, mind you. But edible enough that you can use it in a wilderness situation!


I have no idea where I was going with this metaphor. :applejackconfused:

When ppl panic they make mistakes.

Love this story! Can't Whait for more!

"If Sunset Shimmer is not Anon-a-Miss, that would mean someone would have had to steal her phone in order to access the photos and videos of Rarity's slumber party. Tell me, Sweetie Belle, were you present in the house during that sleepover?"

Sweetie Belle pulled open the door and ran out as fast as she could.

It's useless, Sweetie Belle. Just confess!

This is getting tense! Keep it up! :rainbowdetermined2:

"I'm sick of this!" Rainbow Dash interrupted, pounding the table with her fist and scaring Fluttershy into silence, "I can't believe you're letting those three idiots over there turn you against us like this!"

"Hey. . ." Snips said weakly, while Trixie and Snails just watched the events unfold.

Rainbow Dash glared at Fluttershy and said, "So, how about I make this easy for you, Fluttershy. You're either with us or against us. Pick one!"

Fluttershy stared into Rainbow Dash's angry filled eyes. Fluttershy felt sick to her stomach, and she shut her eyes tightly as tears began to leak out. "I. . . I. . ." she whispered softly, then she shouted, "I'M WITH SUNSET!"

Fluttershy then jumped out of her chair, grabbing her coat as she moved, and ran right out the front door.

The room was eerily silent for a moment, then Trixie smiled and began to slowly clap her hands.

"Well done, Rainbooms," Trixie said, "Now you've lost two members of your little friendship club. How sad."

Trixie then turned and exited the Sweet Shoppe. Snips and Snails followed close behind her, each giving the four girls sympathizing looks.

When the group left, Pinkie Pie rounded on Rainbow Dash and shouted, "Rainbow Dash! How could you!?"

"What do you mean 'how could I'?" Rainbow Dash shot back, "Don't you mean 'how could Fluttershy'?" Then Rainbow Dash looked away from everyone and said, "Alright, I get it. I was kinda loud and harsh with her just then. But it just made me so angry. I mean, I couldn't believe one of my oldest friends was taking the side of someone who earned our trust, pretended to be our friend, and then betrayed us in the worst way possible. I didn't really think Fluttershy would stick up for someone like that."

Rarity held up her right index finger and said, "Ah, but you mighthave been a little too hard on the dear. Don't you think."

Rainbow Dash frowned and said bluntly, "I don't think so. There's no worse person in the world than a traitor, and that's what Sunset is. She's scum. And if Fluttershy is willing to take sides with her, than she's a traitor too. Good riddance to both of them, I say. She's gotta learn that loyalty is a two way street."

:pinkiegasp: :twilightangry2: Rainbow Dash, You son of a bitch!


Everyone sat up straight at the sound of the eerie laughter.

Pinkie Pie's entire body trembled violently, and she said, "Um. . . I've never heard laughter like that before."

"I find it amusing how easily you disown your friends, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash jumped to her feet and shouted, "Who are you? Where are you? Where are you hiding? Show your face, you coward!"

"Oh, but you cannot see my face, Rainbow Dash. I am The Shadow, and although I stand in your presence, I posses the power to will your minds into not seeing me."

Pinkie Pie looked quite impressed by this, and she said, "Ooooh! So you're an invisible man? Cool!"

Rarity looked from side to side fearfully and said in a hushed tone, "What do you want from us?"

"You have all had quite the impact on Sunset Shimmer, and she has had quite the impact on all of you. And yet despite how completely out of character the actions of Anon-a-Miss are to Sunset, you were all quick to assume that they were one in the same?"

"That's why you're here?" Rainbow Dash said incredulously, "To defend Sunset Shimmer?! Isn't obvious that she just went back to her old ways?"

"Tell me, Rainbow Dash, is someone who is quick to cast aside their friends truly loyal?"

"Yes, if those friends are backstabbers!" Rainbow Dash argued.

"How did Fluttershy stab you in the back by showing sympathy and compassion?"

"Anon-a-Miss doesn't deserve that!" Rainbow Dash shot back.

"Trixie provided you with evidence supporting Sunset's innocence."

Applejack shook her head and said, "It ain't enough. Besides, what about the videos and photos from Rarity's slumber party? They had to have come from Sunset's phone."

"Would you be so kind as to take out your own phone, Applejack?"

Applejack frowned and said as she reached for her phone, "Alright, but what does-?" She froze, and then began searching her pockets frantically. "What the-? Where's my phone?"

"On the table on the far side of the room."

Everyone turned to see that the phone was where The Shadow said it was.

"A small object like a phone can be easily stolen."

Rarity looked slightly impressed by this, and she said, "Hmmm. . . So what you are saying is that someone stole Sunset' phone, copied the files, and then put it back. Well, I must say, that as a fan of The Adventures of Shadow Spade detective novels, I'm quite impressed Mr. Shadow. However, as I am a fan of that series, I must use my own detective skills, which I have gleaned from those books, to poke holes in your theory. You see, Sunset never lost her phone, nor did she ever notice that it was missing. The act of stealing those files would have taken some time, and would have required Sunset to remain in one location for said time. There was never any such time and place where anyone with a strong motive to do such a thing could've done such a thing."

"On the contrary. There was, in fact, a time and place for such a thing to happen. Clearly your detective skills, while impressive, are no match for The Shadow."

Rarity's eyebrows rose, and she started to ask, "What do you-?"

"One last thing. I was told that the first three victims of Anon-a-Miss were Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. Is that correct?"

"Well, yeah. But-," Applejack said.

"Then all I need is a bit more evidence, and the true Anon-a-Miss will face justice at last. As for the rest of you, I strongly suggest you take the time to really think about this, and ask yourselves if the Sunset Shimmer that you know, the one that views you as her family, would really do this to you."

The Sweet Shoppe then fell into complete silence.

Thank you the Shadow! :pinkiehappy:

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