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In all the time they’ve been together, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have never seen Scootaloo’s home or family. Why? The speculation is as wild as their crusade ideas! But today, the truth comes out, as they finally meet Scootaloo’s family.

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I'm quite ok with this. Lighthearted but entirely believable.

That was adorable! :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

Every kid that age is embarrassed by their family. I can imagine Sasha Obama rolling her eyes and saying "Geez dad, you're such a geek."

Lighthearted and nice :)
I like it :twilightsmile:

D'aww! Yay! No tragic backstory! :scootangel:

I was worried that I would not be able to read this because of the password.

2363862 First time posting a link to a story before it got approved by the moderators and through the queue. I don't think the password is actually required unless you haven't published the chapters. I added it on just to be sure.

I am glad that you did. I have been turned away by many passwords in the past and the authors declined to give it out.

Interesting way to go about Scoots' life at home. There's a mystery about Scootaloo's home life in the show, and this is a fun way to explain it. That last line even hints that we might see more of this timeline, which I definitely anticipate. Any idea if we might see more of this?

2365872 The last line is a nod to all those fun stories where Scootaloo is a changeling or something funny. Just because Scootaloo has a boring home life doesn't mean she can't have something else stranger happen.

I don't plan another chapter in this story, but the idea of Scootaloo having such an ordinary family that they'll never get "screen time" is something that I'll mention in other stories (when it fits the story, of course).


There really doesn't need to be another chapter. Just a sequel. Either way, I would love more of this Scootaloo's family life in a story. I don't exactly get to see this kind of thing where I live anymore.

Striker! Dasher! Lighting and Thunder!
Wat r u doin?
U 4!

... annoying your big sister.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Just as an FYI: What you think is correct. You can view published chapters of an unpublished story that is not password protected as long as you can get to the story page, be it by being given a link or just incrementing through the numbers. :scootangel:

...And now I can FINALLY fave this!

2366517 And thanks for the fave!

A nice departure from the usual "Scootaloo's an orphan/comes from a broken home" trope, I truly enjoyed it.!

You've earned six out of six mustaches: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

2366569 But her home is broken. By four rambunctious colts.

Nice change of pace for the usual Scoot story. Bravo! :yay:


Wish I could've done it after I read it earlier, but it hadn't been published then. I could only give it an upvote.

Edit: looking over your stories, I see I have a few to mark. To the stories tab!

This was beautiful<3

I love the writing style~ Congratulations to you, sir on the Featured Box. Have a few 'staches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This is effing brilliant! First, given how the fandom rolls, the banal is actually rather orginal, and you make the whole thing very realistic. (Putting in a sort-of moral about embarrassing things rarely being as embarrassing as you think they are is also weirdly in tune with the show, for a nice original flavour.)

Second, I really like your descriptions of Scootaloo's dreadful normal life. Ignoring that the family is ponies, they could be living close to me. They feel really alive.

Third, I like the details of the story: the fussy mother (constantly occupied with work-at-home and five kids, so she has better reasons than Sweetie Belle's parents to not show up at school shows and the like), the various annoying siblings, the Hydra Hunter (now in my headcanon!), the absent and finicky father (really, if he was a sailor for a while before he became a clerk, he's essentially my father!) and the house at the edge of town (showing us a new part of Ponyville).

Upvote and fave!:scootangel:

That was very episode-like. Just missing a letter at the end. :twilightsmile:

This is my new headcanon :pinkiesmile:

Lovely fic :twilightsmile: I like the family you've given to Scootaloo. Well done.

Scootaloo’s other secrets? Well, that’s a story for another day.

*sees complete tag*

Pretty good story, a normal life for Scootaloo, despite her 4 rowdy brothers. I been trying to tackle a story idea involving Scootaloo's home life and this gives me something to consider. Scootaloo aint a primary character though so it wont go as in depth.

This is one of those stories you read and think, 'yes, this man knows what's he's doing!'

I liked this little suggestion about a possible Scootafamily. The older brother was wonderful as was the younger prankster. Being the only filly in a family of colts would be difficult and would explain why Scoots is so tough! It could really be an episode of the show.

Here's a bet: Striker is going to imprint on Babs and will beg her to teach him the Way of the Trickster (much to the Manehattenite's horrified embarrassment). Meanwhile, the twins, as soon as they are fledged, are going to be following the Crusaders around like eager puppies.

Well, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic! It's nice to see a backstory to scootaloo that doesn't mock or her is based on a dumb meme*COUGHSCOOTALOO'SPARENTSCOUGH!*:pinkiesick:

fav'd and liked!

Well glad this isn't another Scootaloo's an orphan/has abusive parents/comes from a broken home. Nice departure from that. :scootangel:

*Sees the title* Last time I saw something like this, it was Scootaloo raised by chicken.:ajbemused: Open the link cautiously...

*reads the story* Well, that was a delightful surprise. :twilightsmile: Pretty much agreeing with everyone above, 'twas a very likable story that establishes Scootafamily believably and refreshingly ordinary without shoehorning any cliches, sad elements or memes. Good job.

Is cannon to your other works like Clean Slate maybe.

This, in it's entirely, was a sweet little story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here, have a Fav :heart:

What does it say about the fandom that the most unusual Scootaloo backgrounds are the ones where she comes from a normal family...!

Nice job.

You know I like this idea. I hope you'll post more stories on Scootaloo and her family

2367953 For what I've planned for Clean Slate, I don't think Scootaloo's background is going to be relevant, but she's not an orphan in that story. (We already have two orphans! Four, if you count the older Apples.)

This was cute. I liked it a lot. Seems like it would make for a nice quick episode or something.

2367354 You know, a letter and a friendship lesson would make a good addition to the story!

A very nice story. Please tell me you will be writing others about Scootaloo's other secrets.

BR #39 · Apr 3rd, 2013 · · ·

well, at least no one died

this story was slow, normal, boring, and perfect.

Too many times have Iread a fan fic about scoot's family being strange or weird, and along with every one below me I thing this s a nice break from that. You Sir have created a amazing story and you should feel wonderful about it.:pinkiehappy:

Hmm. This was pretty much a heart-warming episode ready for the series. Clearly structured and with a nice little climax with the hydra hunt scene, and then slowing down back to a nice ending. And all little brothers are brats like that, and parents never believe you when you tell them it was the kid brother who dun it.

Might I suggest using

between scenes? The extra line break is a bit ambiguous, and I got pretty confused when the scene changed to the Monday afternoon from the fillies flying the kites.

A Scootacentric slice of life with no orphans, abuse, or other angst? Sure, why not?

A most enjoyable romp. Silly Scootaloo, everyone's embarrassed by their family sometimes. Just don't be so humiliated that you make ponies think you've got some mysterious past or tear-inducing sob story.

So wait, exactly how old is Scootaoo? Because according to this, she's at least 10

2370230 I'm going by the assumption she's 12. In the series, you get conflicting signals. The school resembles an elementary school (which roughly ranges from ages 6 to 12, if you're talking grades 1 through 6), At the same time, we see Diamond Tiara, who is roughly the same age, having her cute-ceañera, which of course calls to mind a ceremony for 15 year olds.

2368689 I was about to say the same thing I need some scoot secrets. Like her aunt is Celestia or something. Nothing big like your grandmother is Luna maybe ust be descended from one of them somehow... who knows or cares sounds good thoughl

2370708 2368689 I'm sure to write a story with Scootaloo in the future. She is best Crusader, after all. Whether or not it will be tied to this one remains to be seen.

2370733 Oh yeah half the time I think of her as a orphan i don't like to think she is in an alley or anything though.... the other time she is Scootamom version...I love that story if only it would update more.

A nice story. Glad to see Scootaloo having a happy (albeit crazy) family and home to go to.

But dasher is older and it states that he is ten...

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