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Dreams are such delicate things, and Scootaloo’s are more fragile than most.

But in Equestria, dreams are protected. Sometimes a filly just needs a helping hoof to learn how to hope again.

Edited by Knight of Cerebus

Cover art by Joemasterpencil. Go check him out!

This story has a reading! Slightly older version of the story, but the reading is very well done. It can be found here.

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This is such a a awesome story!:pinkiehappy:

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to read this after work today

Well, I liked it already in it's pre-realese state, and I can't imagine how awesome it is now!
Oh, and by the way, I was very honoured that you sent me a pre-realese copie of the story!:twilightsmile:

4092078 Well, I don't think a whole lot has changed since then. That was the third draft that you saw, so I just made minor changes after that.

Well, it's still amazing! Where do all this stuff come from?
Anyway thanks and thanks again for letting me read it before the release! Your stuffs amazing, so please update you stories soon!:pinkiesmile:

So many feels, I loved it! :twilightsmile:

4092107 I have no idea where it comes from. I just think a lot. My mind is always coming up with stories. I'd write more, but I'm kind of busy. I write around my other life stuff.

Cheerilee's Thousand will have a lot of updates soon. I have half a new chapter written, and Eakin has two back to back chapters in the wings after that.

4092112 Thanks for reading it. I really felt like Scootaloo needed a little bit more help than she received in Flight to the Finish, so this is what I came up with.

I really liked this story, xjuggernaughtx. While I like all of the CMC, Scoots really resonates with me. She's got perhaps the deepest implied backstory of the three, and perhaps of the entire main cast, and I think you did a good job filling out some of the details. I like what you did with the character.

4092123 Well, you did Scootaloo justice! :scootangel:

4092126 Thanks! I'm really happy that you liked it. I feel like Scoots needs a little more help than they give her in the show, so I wanted to show her as vulnerable. I really wanted somepony to care for her more than "Well, maybe you'll fly or you won't It doesn't matter." Of course it matters! She might have to deal if she can't, but it matters!

My heart wasn't ready for the feels!:heart::raritydespair:

4092360 Hold on, hold on. You've been preparing since yesterday! How was your heart caught unawares?

I know, but what Scootaoo did at the end surprised me!:raritycry:

Is that a spot in the feature box I see? Why yes, yes it is! I knew this had the potential for it. Congratulations, man, you deserve it! :pinkiehappy:

4092411 Wait, huh? It is?

Time to go turn on the Mature filter...

4092411 Why, it is there! YAAAAAAY! :yay:

Thanks, man!

This is a great Scootaloo one-shot, one of the best ones I've ever come across. I think it's a good interpretation that really captures a lot about her that the show leaves unspoken.

4092488 Thanks! The show has kind of left her in this weird limbo where she has all these difficulties, but she's just as chipper as the rest of the gang. I just don't believe that could be true. I wanted to show that she's struggling, on some level, but that there is help, and hope, for her.

Okay, the ending is--- horrifying. Tragedy tag or no tragedy tag, leaving the result of her jumping off the cliff uncertain implies the worst.

Either add a sentence where she gets airborne, or change the cliff to something slightly safer.

4092525 The cliff is over a lake, close enough to the water that she can see the bugs that the fish are eating. She's not in any danger.

Who knew Luna was such a talented psychoanalyst?

4092550 I figure that anyone who spends her time in dreams must intimately know the pony mind.

4092638 Well, I don't really have an idea for a sequel, but I'm not against the idea or anything. If one hits me, I'll write it.

4092648 Oki-doki-loki! I'll wait!

Beautifully done! I really liked this, and I feel that you did a wonderful job with it. Your story descriptions worked out very nicely, too. :twilightsmile:

When I read the ending, this video instantly came to my mind. This is how this story made me see Scootaloo's first flight. Plus, the video rocks. Totally my head-cannon for Scootaloo, now.


Okay, the ending is--- horrifying. Tragedy tag or no tragedy tag, leaving the result of her jumping off the cliff uncertain implies the worst.

Just my own opinions, but: The ending in this case is truly interpreted by you as the reader. There is no definitive end, so the ending is not horrifying unless you believe it to be so. But consider this: Luna spent the entire story helping to convince Scoots that her problem was not that she couldn't fly, but that her depression and fear and outlook made it true despite the fact that she was born to fly. She simply needed someone to believe in her and care about her enough - and perceptive enough to see her problems for what they were - to show her the truth in a way she needed. But ultimately she still needed to make a leap of faith.

... And then Scootaloo died....:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: haha nahh, good work.

Scootaloo's aunt seems a bit mean but I can understand since she didnt want a child to begin with. Come an Rainbow take her in, look how cute she is:scootangel:

4092648 And I will await your decision with great intrest!

4092884 Aww, thanks! You guys really helped me out with the descriptions. I'm so bad at them. It was a good idea to run them by you guys.

And I think once Scoots gets into the air, she's going to be a speed demon to rival Rainbow. She's going to be hungry for that feeling!

4092901 Yeah, I wanted her aunt to be a sufficient source of angst, but not crazy over the top evil or anything. Just enough to hurt Scoots and make her wish for something better.


Awaken, Scootaloo

Arise, Chicken

It had to be said.

4093063 It's nice that there are so many people out there that want to see some positive stories with Scootaloo. It always seems like I see just piles of misery heaped on that poor filly. It makes me smile that there are people out there that want to read about her life getting better instead of worse.

4093182 yeah, kinda feel bad for her past in my story, but in her Future she will be a beacon of hope! ;) no real spoilers there

...And then she died!:pinkiecrazy:

4093264 Don't make me have Rarity whap you on the head with a rolled-up magazine!

4093173 I just felt it was the proper thing to do. Feels good, man!

Comment posted by ShadowThePony deleted Mar 17th, 2014

4092525 Um... RC? Even if she can't get lift, she still has wings. She could glide to safety in the worst case.

:twilightsmile: Everything is certainly fine.

At first, I thought this felt like a subversion of the lesson from Flight to the Finish, because Luna's approach is incredibly different from Rainbow Dash's. But when you think about it, it actually reinforces the lesson in a unique way. Scootaloo should listen to both of her mentors and take their words to heart. Love who you are, but strive to be better. Don't fly because you want to be like everypony else; fly because it's what you want to do. And honestly, I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. :scootangel:

This was a beautiful piece of work that showcased Scootaloo's psyche and Princess Luna's abilities as Equestria's ultimate psychoanalyst. Scoot deserves a hug, Luna deserves a salute, and you, my friend, deserve a round of applause. Well done. :moustache:

It's great to see this hit the featured box!

Luna takes on a great role in this. To help mold and reshape Scoots into what she needs to be. To (hopefully) transform her into a fully fledged pegasus. It's like a motherly role, a sister, something in that realm.

It's great to see this look into Scootaloo's mind. How she is/was angry and afraid. and is now overcoming that. She is making the leap of faith.

Great job.

4093454 My take on it is that Rainbow's solution is practical. That's fine, but it doesn't help Scootaloo's emotional need. I wanted to show how somepony would deal with that side of the struggle. It's just not as easy as "don't worry about it, we still love you no matter what." I think that would be incredibly frustrating advice to receive, even if it's correct.

I wanted Luna to be able to help her with that emotional struggle, and together with Rainbow, they're working to make a whole Scootaloo.

4093700 That's what I wanted. Scoots already has a sister, so I wanted someone in her life that would be more of a mother.

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