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It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve, and everypony is looking forward to spending the holiday season at home with their families. Everypony, that is, except Scootaloo. Her two best friends are about to learn that sometimes friendship is the best gift you can ever give.

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I applaud your math skills, Fimfiction.

In before featured.
Yeoman, out

Giving? I remember when they used to do that... Now all I do is give to this wretched wasteland and never get a damned thing back! It's not fair, but then again, when is anything fair, huh, sister?

How unfortunate that this was posted at the same time as my fic, now there's no way I'll hit the featured box.

Ah well, Jason, good on yah. This was a damned good read.

Well... this is original.
I was genuinely surprised at the giant house. I thought this was going to be a generic, stereotypical story that you see all the time on here. Congratulations my dear fellow!

With much gratitude,

I'll admit, you really had me going there.

Horay for deliberate defiance of fanon!


*bursts into laughter*

Well done. I remember I once had an idea for a similar fic a while back, but you pulled it off better—and justified everything more convincingly—than I would've done. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I was kinda expecting a twist, but this was executed well.

There's a special place in hell for ponies like you.

Scootaloo should hire a butler named "James" and have him personally slap Diamond Tiara.
Good story was great! Another.gif

Oh ho ho. I see what you did there.
Made a nice change, though, from what you'd expect. Certainly nicely done alla same.

This made me giggle. That doesn't happen very often.

Well played, good sir. Well played.

Scootaloo with rich Unicorn parents...makes sense to me!:scootangel:

Flawless victory Jason. Flawless victory. That was some good writing there champ.

Nice job on breaking the standard opinion of Scoots. Now you make her sound like the bruce wayne with living parents.

Rather enjoyed it! Really wish I hadn't read the comments before though. Ah well, good on ya.

One thing, though. You used 'said' a lot with too few synonyms. Next time, use 'exclaimed' or something to that effect. It really spices up the story:twistnerd:.

Heh. That's nice and, well, heart-warming.

Thanks for saying not to read the comments... I stopped reading right there. :pinkiehappy:

But yeah, especially with the title and description, I was totally taken by surprise. AWESOME! It's nice to see somebody doing something different with Scootaloo every once in a while. :scootangel: Now I might think about her a bit differently.

Have to admit I don't believe I have ever seen Scoots portrayed as being obscenely wealthy before. :raritystarry:

I love the holidays.

Wow, that didn't turn out as I was imagining. In fact, it was way better than what I thought would happen. Nice work!! :moustache:

I have to say, I didn't see that coming. I never imagined Cheerilee had such a passion for fractions. :rainbowderp:

This was an extremely clever subversion of the usual Orphan Scootaloo approach. Very nice!

I always thought Scoots was an orphan. I like this version.:twilightsmile:


Wow. Wasn't expecting the twist, but great one.

Well, that was certainly an unexpected twist^^ You'll have a moustache for it^^:moustache:

I wonder who her parent are though. For a second I thought of Fancy Pants and Fleur but they dont fit the colors. Also, I wouldnt be suprised if her parents were actually at Diamond Tiaras party without her knowing^^ Oh and speaking of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.... I could name two very elegant butlers Scootaloo could hire to deal with them.... their names are Valkenhayn R. Hellsing and Walter C. Dornez

It's a nice little twist on the orphan!Scootaloo trope. After all, there are more than one way of being without a family, they can be alive but never there; no amount of things are equal to a parent's presence and love. Fan-writers normally inflict this on Diamond Tiara. It might also explain why she can't fly - she's basically a unicorn born without a horn but with semi-functional wings. It would be interesting to see how she grows up.

Well done for:
1) Surprising us with a new idea on Scootaloo's background;
2) Making the story so like an episode of the show;
3) Not taking anypony out of character to tell your tale.

So, according to this lovely and humbling story, Diamond Tiara is part of the richest family in Ponyville... while Scootaloo's is probably the richest in Equestria next to royalty.:pinkiegasp:

Well why the hell not!?:scootangel:

Oui, c'est impossible.

Wow. Somehow, I find the idea of Scootaloo having absentee parents being somehow worse than her not having any. Is that strange?

Excellent story, btw. Certainly caught me off guard.

Well... that was certainly a change from the usual "orphan Scootaloo (Orphanloo?)" idea.

And I loved it :scootangel:

This was amazing, i loved it.:scootangel:
I love the twist at the end:ajsmug:

You twisted the HELL out of that plot! :twistnerd:

This entire story makes me wonder why I went in with expectations for all of life

OK, I'm going to be 100% honest here: ...I didn't see that coming. :twilightoops:

I could literally feel this fic violently raping my headcanon. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

awesome story

no more orphan scootaloo yay:yay::scootangel:

SWEET! i never liked thinking about any of my little ponies being homeless. this is SO much better!

To start with I was thinking this was going to be a typical Scootaloo-orphan story and as i got about half-way through, I thought, "he's laying it on a touch thick isn't-ohhh, this is going to be an inversion, isn't it?"

Even figuring that, the how is was the interesting question! It's a nice change to see Scoots not getting the short end of the stick for once (absentee parents on not good, but, especially at this time of year, I'm very mindful of all the people who don't have a home or enough food to eat, so I'm still calling that a net plus).

Nicely done, great work.

Oh, dat was epic. As a big Scootaloo fan I give you a moustache :moustache:

Well done. I thought you were heading for a heartwarming scootaorphan tale, and then all of a sudden: BAM, 90 degree plot twist.


Ha ha! Nice subversion of the usual trope, my friend! Mustache indeed. Take your like and fave! :moustache:

I've never liked the Orphan Scootaloo fanon. This was a fantastic, heartwarming reversal of it. Well done.

Heh, it's a very nice twist on the typical fanon for Scoots, and it works so very well. Nicely done!

Apple Bloom had woken up that morning, looked out her window at the picturesque winter landscape, and instantly known what had to be done.

immediately knew*

Scootaloo was already waiting, sitting and flipping through a comic book in the clubhouse. Sweetie Belle had shown up just a few minutes later,


Sweetie Belle dove headfirst into one of the boxes marked and emerged covered in tinsel and garland.


So about here, I got dragged into a livestream of He-Man. When I came back, nothing else came at me as suspicious. Nothing.

Cute cover image. Will read.

Scootaloo...so very fancy then.

Interesting take on the typical "Scootaloo is lonely" fanfic. :scootangel: I actually like this idea better than her being homeless.

I was, for a little while, expecting her to be Batmare. She probably is, but that's for the sequel.

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