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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”


Things change.

The Crusaders all got their cutie marks years ago. Now Apple Bloom is living in mortal dread of becoming a mare, Sweetie Belle is keeping an ever changing list of which colt she wants to be her very special somepony, and Scootaloo is leaving for flight school in Cloudsdale at the end of the summer.

It's a time for first kisses, changing friendships, and new ways of thinking about their bodies and themselves as three best friends to decide what kind of ponies they're going to become, and how they'll survive the bumpy road of growing up. But however they do it, they'll do it together.

Because some things never change.

Warning: This is rated teen, and contains NO SEX, even off screen. But it does contain frank talk about sex and sexuality, and is inspired by the young-adult books of Judy Blume ("Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" and "Forever.") Since these books are typically read in middle or high school, I felt teen was appropriate. If readers or mods disagree, please let me know.

Thank you to DbzOrDie, Jackie, Twifight Sparkill, First_Down, and TheRealRainbowDash for pre-reading, proof reading, and combinations of both.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 51 )

The first two chapters really hit hard; the awkwardness of the third merely validated those powerful memories previous - in a good way, of course.


A beautiful account, cleanly executed and kindly bereft of any unnecessary angst.

I haven't had a nice, good cry in a while! Yikes!

There's something about reading that triggers naked emotions in me, and when they're fired I'm left a flimsy mess - it's more so powerful for succinctly summing a particularly difficult period in young adult life, mm. Decidedly moving, if I do say so.

I especially like the three distinctive perspectives, each suitable to the respective character in a natural way. It is completely believable and therefore very real, which should be commended.

Thank you bookplayer, you made me happy.

:raritycry: - I wish I was a teenager again!

This is very good so far, also I gotta love the hint of AppleDash you put in and hinting that, maybe, Scootaloo is into mares instead of colts.

I like it. It feels very natural for Scootaloo to more or less indifferent to what's going on, but still feeling worry for her friends or vindictiveness towards Diamond Tiara.

Onward to chapter 2! Okay, well, maybe tomorrow, cause I've got homework.

Ha, ha, ha! Oh my gosh I love this chapter! I shouldn't be laughing, but Apple Bloom is just so perfectly displayed as a teenager here. I remember this so well, thinking I was always right and some of the fear of growing up. This is good. Keep it up!

Hm, so Sweetie Belle's been finding the good stuff in Rarity's book collection? Looks like Rarity needs to start paying more attention to these things. I think you've chosen an interesting part for Sweetie Belle as this is how she'd react to something like this.

Man growing up is hard enough. You have captured the chemical imbalances perfectly.

This story breaks new ground in my humble opinion. I don't believe I've had a chance to read any literature addressing the actual strains of growing up. Typically the CMC are either young or grown. The in-between has usually been left untouched. As such, I'm really happy to see your take on it. I'm looking forward to see how this develops.

This is really awesome. This is a great representation of what it feels like to be growing up, and I can't wait to see where this goes.

I'm really liking this. All of them represent various parts of what teenage girls go through as they slowly become adults. Apple Bloom is the part of the Psyche that want's things to stay the same and never grow up. She's afraid of change and what may happen when it comes, but this hinders her maturity. Sweetie Belle is the opposite, she wants to change the most. She's thinking about boys and becoming a full grown mare so she can feel special and appreciated. Problem is, she's thinking to fast and rushing it. Scootaloo, is kind of in between them. She's not in any rush, but she's not worried about what she was. All she cares about is now and just taking things one at a time. This is the least damaging out of all three.

I like how Apple Bloom is uncomfortable with AJ and RD being together. Since Apple Bloom sees AJ as a mother figure as much as a sister figure, it can be understanding why she doesn't quite feel okay with this. Not many fics portray this very well and I approve of your thinking outside the box.

Keep it up.

Alternate Title: Are You There, Celestia? It's Me, Scootaloo. :scootangel:

It's really interesting to see how ponies deal with their ... pony problems. And you really hit the nail on the head with this one ... I can totally relate to Apple Bloom here. I don't want to grow up either! :raritycry:

This is by far the best CMC fic i have ever read. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

I actually have a problem with any fic that uses a heat cycle, for their sexual explanation. But other than that it looks good, well rounded and with good canon characteristics, I'll read the next few chapters but it looks and reads well.

I completely agree with calm&quiet, this is really what kept me reading. Id love to see more and am looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

If ever you find me using the phrase "heat-sniffing manticores," feel free to hit me up for a couple of bits in royalties.

Very interesting! Definitely looking forward to more!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

It's like Judy Blume . . . with ponies. Holy shit. *Freaks out from the epicness*

I really like how you portray the Crusaders as teens. They just seem so... real.

Definutely good, but sweetie belle went from my favorite crusader (in cannon) to my least favorite in fannon. :pinkiesick:

The transition between childhood and adulthood is strange, traumatic and as much an adventure as anything. I wonder if the former Crusaders' friendships will survive this transition? After all, how many "Best Friends Forever" drift apart at college and never speak again?

I suppose in a species where females become fertile rarely (perhaps only once or twice a year) as with equines, then the first cycle would be considered even more a rite of passage than it is by humans. I also agree that there would be lots of traditions and cures to help if, as many suggest in their stories, that there is a mating imperative that comes with the cycle. I'm not sure if the imperative instinct is necessarily plausible but... what the hay, it's your story, right?

I think that you got the Crusaders just right. Well done for resisting the temptation to specify Scoot's cutie mark! :scootangel:

I think that Applebloom is probably right to be suspicious of the practical realism of Rarity's romantic pulp novels.

Poor Applebloom! She's genuinely frightened! FWIW, I suspect her anger at Rainbow Dash is mostly that fear simply directing itself at her. Changes are tough and I think that Applebloom is smart enough that she can imagine bad things that could happen a bit too easily.

“What are you designing?” I asked.
“A chastity belt at this rate,” she sighed.

Rarity, my lady? For that wisecrack, you win the Internet. :rainbowlaugh:

So, it looks like Sweetie Bell is the boy-crazy... er... colt-crazy one, huh? I just hope she doesn't get herself in trouble out of a desire to be 'grown up'!

That aside... Yeah, Sweetie would be the one with issues, wouldn't she? Her parents are always dropping her off with her über-busy older sister (who, whilst she loves her, really has a hard time liking her) as they go off on one of their all-too-frequent vacations. If any of the primary characters would likely end up with a desperate (perhaps dangerous) desire to belong and be loved unconditionally, it would be her. :unsuresweetie:

Apple Bloom looked up. “Ya' think your sister's in heat all the time? Can that happen?”

:rainbowlaugh: I honestly cracked up at that line. I'm really liking this so far. Of all the stories that involve the idea of heat, this one makes the most sense (in that is doesn't make them jump the nearest sentient creature) considering that the ponies are basically more like humans than actual horses. And the whole thing about Scoot leaving her friends and moving on in the world is something that I think everyone can relate to on some level. I know I was worried about leaving for university a couple years ago, but luckily I've managed to stay pretty close with my old friends and made some really great new ones. Its that transition stage that's the most nerve racking, and you portray it really well here.

Also, Appledash mention = :pinkiehappy:

1463010 Hey, growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional :derpytongue2:

Nice chapter. Applebloom's clearly going through the contrary, angsty section of adolescence, which, again, I find portrayed really accurately. Her issues with Dash kinda remind me of how I acted when my mom first started dating after my parents split up. I was all cranky with the guy and I couldn't explain exactly why. Now they're engaged and he's pretty much an awesome part of the family, but my brothers and I were annoying Applebloom clones for the first little bit :derpytongue2:

:rainbowlaugh: chastity belt, pfft. That might not be as silly an idea as you think it is, Rarity...

Nice going with the Sweetie Belle = awkward boy stage. Me and my friends used to make boy lists like that, both with the guys in class and celebrities (Orlando Bloom may or may not still be at the top of my celebrity list...If I had such a mental list that is. I'm way too mature for that :twilightblush: ) Question: how the crap do you make this stuff sound so realistic - I swear I'm having a nostalgia attack right now.

Why didn't I have a mane of flowing sapphire tresses? My life was so tragic.

Haha, sounds about right. Looks like Sweetie Belle is going to inherit that drama queen gene from Rarity :duck:

This sounds so much like a girl I know dearly that I'm seriously debating whether or not you modeled it after her. Can't wait to see where this goes.

This is a really good story, and for the life of me, I don't know why It only has that many views.
Can't wait to see more!

I've been meaning to reply to all of the comments here, but I haven't gotten to it yet. But for those who might be curious how I'm handling the heat cycle, I did a write up on my head canon for it for one of my pre-readers who had a lot of questions. You guys are welcome to take a look and comment or PM me about anything you think looks weird.

Or you can just keep reading the fic and see how you like it, either way. :ajsmug:

Edit: Might be helpful if I posted the link. . .

(And Ladyhart21- I guess part of the nostalgia attack is that my last fandom was for a series of teen girl books, I used to write Baby-Sitters Club fanfic, so I've read about/thought about that time of life pretty recently.)

wow. reallt nice coming-of-ageork being done here. You must be fres from your teen years to write this so well. :pinkiehappy: Bravo.

I like how REAL the story is... all of us here know what this is like, and their emotions and thoughts are just perfect. Plus you've managed to age, but not change thir personalities, very nice:raritywink:

As a bonus, “A chastity belt at this rate,” she sighed. made me lol :rainbowlaugh:

And Drama queen Sweetie Bell is a nice touch... gotta love those family ties.:yay:

This is fucking precious. You, continue this. Now.

awesome story so far, i am curious will you be doing a chapter for diamond tiara or silver spoon?

I don't normally leave comments for stories, since I use my phone and all, but... This is amazing :3

Sweetie Belle reminds me of a girl that I knew/know, and Applebloom reminds me of another girl I know/knew... Scootaloo reminds me of me, in a way.

I loved Rarity's comment about the chastity belt. Really, that was just priceless :3 And Sweetie Belle's colt-craziness and desire to grow up also made me smile... though had I been in Scootaloo and Applebloom's position with having to listen to it, I would have been much less amused... :derpytongue2:

Alright, I like what I've read.:scootangel: I can't wait to see more.:ajsmug:


Great story so far. Best "The CMC are growing up" I came across yet. I hope you continue it soon.

And I really like your style, so I'll have a look at your other stories soon :twilightsmile:

A very good look into the challenges and self-induced angst of growing up.
It is very rare indeed that I can read a first-person fic. They have to be damned well done to keep my interest, and this is right up there at the top.

I want more. :twilightsmile:

I feel a strong urge to help fashion the lock and key for the chastity belt Rarity is making, just in the off chance Sweetie Belle ends up on a season of 16 and Pregnant.

I just know, I'll have a daughter like her one day, and when I do. . . dear God.

Question: Is it okay if I do a review of this on my userpage?

Yes, as long as you include a memo that I apologize for taking forever to update, but I still do intend to do so at some point.

I always put the update status of stories in my reviews (like if they're on Hiatus) so yeah, I can do that.

well Scootaloo is handling this pretty well.. I want more

I think Sweetie Belle is exactly how I was in 6th grade. I was that idiot who was obsessed with boys( who didn't even like girls if they weren't athletic.)

Teenage Sweetie Belle is best Sweetie Belle. :rainbowkiss:

Oh, will you just nut the f*ck up and write your damn ScootaDashJack clopfic?

Let me preface by saying that this is one of my new favorite CMC stories. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it all if it weren't for the whole heat cycle thing. There's really no nice way to say this, but I'm concerned that such a biological situation would make rape even more frequent than it is in the real world, especially when your headcanon sheet has this in it:

In a small, closed room, a mare in heat and a stallion aren't going to stand much of a chance.

A bit creepy. :twilightoops:

I can totally see how that would be true, except that (in this headcanon) Equestrian society is kind of built with this in mind. The herbs that they talk about are common, readily available, and perfectly safe, so they're taken regularly. On top of that, ponies are, on the whole, a lot more honorable and responsible than humans, so mishaps are even more rare than they would be with humans.

Basically, they have stronger urges than people, but they also have a cure for those urges, putting them better off than people once they get through puberty.

I can see where you're coming from, though I'm still wondering if your story's going to take a turn for the uncomfortable down the line.

a certain awesome mare who was dating Apple Bloom's sister.

So, Twilight? :twilightsmile:

just kidding

Haha! Reading this certainly felt like being an adolescent to me (though I must admit to being the opposite gender of the characters so I can't state if it's true to that regard or not). I'm curious from those that had the experience of being a young woman if this is what it actually felt like. I certainly heard echoes of my fears and concerns in my head. The bit about the list and constantly moving up and down it... pure truth. Luckily I'm old enough now that I can laugh at the foibles presented herein. Though I must note that this work is two years old and still unfinished, what's the problem? It seems like a very interesting concept and I'ld love to see where you go with it.

The characterizations seem fairly spot on to me though again I must profess not being intimately familiar with the subject matter. The voice of each one seemed true to form though which I appreciate greatly. It also goes to show your breadth of writing styles.

"Growing up is weird.
Like, the day I got my cutie mark I couldn't stop looking at it, I was so excited, and everypony was excited for me. Then I had a cute-ceañera, but after a few weeks it was just. . . there. And I was the same pony, but with a cutie mark."

This bit struck me as the truest of all though. I finally became an adult on the day that I realized that everyone else was faking it just as much as I was... that the "adults" weren't wiser, they were just more cunning liars!

Also an interesting merger of equine and human characteristics, doesn't feel too forced on either. I know that as a young man I spent whole weeks feeling like I was in heat. I don't know why everyone keeps dramatizing High School as some idyllic place, that $h!t was TERRIBLE to deal with! Imagine an angry Chihuahua in your pocket that WON'T SHUT UP! You try reasoning with it, you try yelling at it, you try feeding it treats when it's good, you even try smack it on the head when it's bad, but it still just GOES OFF ON SOMEBODY at random intervals... often when it would be the most socially embarrassing too! THAT'S WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A TEENAGE BOY. Is it really that similar for girls though?

Also, almost forgot to mention it, thank you for the subversion of the heat tropes there. A good decon/recon is always interesting to see.

i detecct some appledash yes hmm? :pinkiehappy:

I mean, I felt it more than usual, especially when I woke up that morning, but it was more like hmm, wonder if there are any colts that want to mate? than oh my gosh somepony rut me!

Ah, fresh air! You feel so nice! Where have you been? Who opened the window?

Probably the most levelheaded portrayal of being in heat I've seen.

Being a dude, and never having sisters, this was really interesting to read. A lot of fun, too.
Tracking, just in case. ^.^

I smiled at him a lot, but he didn't seem to notice me.

Don't worry Rumble, obliviousness is common in all males. I'm apparently chronic.

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