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While on a picnic, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle share a delicious honey pie. Soon, they find each other talking about something they never thought they would talk about. Foalhood is like honey pie.

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Sounds Tasty..... will eat later...:twilightsheepish:

Honey pie?
I've never heard of such a thing:trixieshiftright:

0 words total SEEMS LEGIT :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story. Could've been a little better but that's allright:twilightblush: I'll still fav it.:scootangel::unsuresweetie:

For cover pic... SO MUCH DAWWW! MY HEART HAS EXPLODED! :fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry:

Great story, though. Love it. And honey pie I have made. Is legit, not just seems legit. Is legit.

Added to my still increasing list of not-read stories, but I will give it an upvote and a favorite, if only because of the d'aww inducing picture.:pinkiesmile:

Friendship is best ship. :scootangel::unsuresweetie:

1797028 Couldn't agree more. :twilightsmile:

1797053 What is foalcon exactly? I know it's a mature subject but that's about it. :trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by ShagDragon deleted Dec 15th, 2012

Aw, that was a sweet story! :3

ha no pun intended

It was a sweet little story... (overused pun very much intended)... but this story could definitely benefit from some serious editing.

That was surprisingly deep.


> expected fic link

> mfw when NSFW image

D'awww! That was sweet :heart:

That was pretty cute. The writing a little clumsy at times, I'd say you spend a little too much time describing actions exactly and going into details that, in the end, add nothing to the story. On the other hoof, your grammar and spelling are very good, I can't say I've found much in the way of mistakes.

Good work, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

That was a SWEET story :unsuresweetie:

That's adorable.

A fic with pie but no Soarin'? :pinkiegasp:

How does one accomplish such a feat?

'Scuse me a minute, i'm gonna actually read this now.

EDIT TO ADD: Adorable.

Cute :twilightsmile: . The image made me think it was going to be a shipping story, but then Sweetie got all philosophical on me :rainbowwild: . Have a thumb for your clever trickery :trollestia: .

Okay, I know Pinkie Pie is crazy, but cutting a pie into an odd number of equal slices is beyond insane. Not to mention incredibly difficult. Never mind the talking magical horses. The unusual division of the pie is somehow the thing that bugs me. :facehoof:

Incredibly cute, by the way. And I have a sudden craving for honey. :pinkiehappy:

This was a very sweet story. I was curious because the cover art gave me other ideas, but I was pleasantly surprised with what you wrote instead. Very adorable, with a touch of philosophical. =)


Cute story.

Solid, but unoriginal with a lot of forced dialogue.

Unoriginal isn't bad if you pull it off well, and you really mostly did (Or else you wouldn't be featured, obviously), but it's still... Bland? Above average but totally unmemorable?

It's good enough that I find it worth reading and finishing but it has no lasting impact on me. The characters were too railroaded to really impact me, it's understandable if English is your second language because you obviously speak it better than quite a lot of the 'natives', there's just a distinctive 'tell', like speaking over-formally, that forms. You write like that, completely understandable but stilted, right enough to be technically correct but wrong enough to just gnaw away at you. a record that skips every few minutes, a honey cake with raisins.

Very adorable with a life lesson put in there, even if it did sound a little forced.

Silver out!

this fic breaking anyone else's Favorites? I can't convince it that I've already read this story


yeah, me too

Actually, it's:

This was beautiful, thanks so much for this heart warming little piece. We need more innocent little stories like this on the site to balance out the weirdness I've come to love, but until then, this was what's up. Thanks for sharing your brain. 8/10.

Your Antagonist

(Joke) Alt. Title: You Won't See Me (Applebloom Said)

rug = blanket? :rainbowderp:

NOooooooO! Why no foalcon!!!! I is sorely disappointed!!!!!!:raritydespair:

“You eat it, because the sweetness won’t last forever. When we grow up, we look back at all the fun and joy we had as foals, and we treasure those magical moments, forever.”

That was the cutest sweetest analogy to childhood I've ever read. That was a wonderful story man! Wonderful! :scootangel:

Well, that was cute and touching, but the dialogue seemed forced. ;P

My only complaint is that the kids don't really talk like actual kids, but like adults reminiscing about being kids. Still freaking adorable, though.

Okay, back to tell you that I FUCKING enjoyed this story.
Good job!:pinkiesmile:

Awwwwwwww, that was very nice. :twilightsmile:

This is not a disappointment.

This was sweet as honey.... of course that's cheesy... Let me just say by the look of the cover picture and the way the description is I expected a foal-clop lol.

i love stories that include scootaloo and it was good to have 2 of trio by themselves cause i've learn from being in trio of friends that when it 2 of the 3 the 2 have very special memories and conversions that sometimes would not happen between the trio:scootangel:

I was clicking on the daily's and I saw this one thinking "oh great, not just clop, but with foals? :pinkiesick:"

I saw the rating and decided to take a chance. :scootangel: After the third paragraph the knot in my gut unclenched and I finished the story with a smile.

Grammar was a little rough in places, but the philosophy was spot on.

In other news: I learned that honey pie is a real dessert and now want one :pinkiehappy:.

They sounded like very mature kids than the usual Crusaders would be but the implication is still there, A nice, simple story.:eeyup:


Heh, I figured as much, but I like Wild Honey Pie so much that I put it in instead. :pinkiehappy:

Great story! Very heart-warming. Keep up the good work!

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