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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Family

Scootaloo has the worst family in all of Equestria! Even Princess Twilight Sparkle agrees. That’s why she’s granting Scootaloo the whole summer to find a new, better family. And Scootaloo knows just where to go.

Set between Season Four and Season Five.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 201 )

I could totally see Rainbow Dash being a slob like this, only caring about more important things like the Wonderbolts and the latest crisis to hit Equestria.

I love you forever for writing this.

Atleast it wasn't the normal abusive kind of parentes that Scootaloo usually have. Good luck Scootaloo, may your new family bring you joy.

6736366 I detest Scootabuse stories.

Here, Scootaloo has what every child knows, a dreadfully boring family.

This should be fun. Btw, you forgot an S in she in the last sentence.

Any doubt of where she was going ended when he faintly heard her yell “Rainbow Dash!”


6736387 Looks like Dusk Shine was watching, too.

“Striker’s old enough that he should have his own room. And since we have a room available, we let him take it.”

Scootaloo's mother is *crafty* smart. And you have RD pegged to my headcanon perfectly.

Twilight and her books, rarity and her dresses and a room with sweety bell (rainbow dash's opposite), the apples and too many chores, fluttershy and her animals, or lyra and humans

Pinkie Pie!
Twilight Sparkle!

...pretty sure that covers everyone I want to see that you likely aren't covering. Pretty sure the Apples and Rarity are already in there.

6736497 Applejack and Rarity are the next two chapters. And I also know the last family, but I'm not telling. :scootangel:

With what you said about 'following the trope', it's either going to be back home to her original family or finishing with Twilight, since she talked about decorating her room in the castle.

6736489 She has to be, just to keep up with her children.

I haven't started reading this yet, but I have a feeling how it's going to end. Time will tell, and I have been wrong before.:applejackunsure:

A refreshing take on the scootadopt trope. I like this.

Loving this; very Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle-esque.

Can't personally see Rainbow being THIS much of a slob, but still, fun start to this.

You'd better have a chapter wth Derpy at some point. :moustache:

(Also, I'm guessing there'll be a point at which she tries to live with the Apples?)

Can't wait till Scootaloo picks Twilight. Worse cast Scootaloo goes to the orphanage. Twilight did say she would go there if Scoo was unable to find a home.

6737644 But how can I possibly make Derpy a bad match for Scootaloo?

Have Scootaloo move in with Fluttershy! I can just imagine she and angel bunny fighting for Fluttershy's attention :scootangel:


You could... Uh...


Well, you could maybe... No, that wouldn't work.

Perhaps..,? Wait, no, that's just stupid.


... Scootaloo is deathly allergic to muffins...?

I got nuthin'.


6738002 Her house constantly catches on fire and gets attacked by monsters due to her adventures with the Doctor.

Hmm. This is a plot that will probably get really old, really fast. I personally think three targets sounds like plenty.

Huh. Seems what didn't work out was having to eat Apples with everything.
I can understand. If you didn't grow up eating apples with everything, it could get pretty hard to deal with pretty fast.

I love this story...I assume Rarity is next given that a.) it's unlikely she'd think it would work out and b.) Sweetie Belle

Pretty much this. Unless you were raised eating the same thing all the time eating it day in and day out does not agree. Like if I have to have chicken for more than 2 days in a row I become unable to even swallow a bite without forcing myself.

6775600 I can tolerate eating the same thing several days in a row, but I don't think I could tolerate eating apples in that many foods at once.

I am really liking this story and am looking forward to seeing more of it. :twilightsmile:

“Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world, Scootaloo.”

“More difficult than being princess?” Scootaloo countered.

Twilight drew herself up into her lecturing pose. She thought it made her look dignified; Scootaloo just thought she looked uncomfortable. "By the time I have to deal with most ponies, they've finished growing up, at least in body. It's the duty of parents to make sure that ponies are just as mentally and emotionally mature when that time comes. And believe me, with the kinds of ponies I've dealt with, it's clear that your parents are far from the worst in Equestria.

Pinkie Pie leaned down from the edge of Scootaloo's vision, which was nowhere near the ceiling. "Are you going to get the plot going or not?"

To her credit, Twilight didn't even blink at the impossibility of her friend's appearance. "Pinkie, I'm trying to impart a life lesson here!"

"Yeah, but we have to get through the comical trial and error first! You can't rush these things, Twilight!"

6776466 Shhh, Pinkie! Stop being so genre-savvy!

Scootaloo didn't know it, but by upsetting the tower of pizza boxes, she set back the forming mycological neural network by years. Rainbow Dash's house wouldn't achieve resentful self-awareness until well after the Bearers of Harmony were prepared to deal with it.

And that was the first time Scootaloo saved Equestria.

Homemade soap, eh? I knew they were using those pigs for more than truffle hunting.

And yeah, I can definitely see how this would be an issue. It's one thing to have the wrong kind of magic for applebucking; there's a lot more to do on a farm than just kick trees all day. It's quite another if you can't stomach the namesake fruit for the rest of your life.

I'm glad I've caught up with this; it's as fun as I'd hoped it would be. Definitely looking forward to more.

6776506 Just don't tell the Golgari.

Once again, I have to nitpick a fundamental element of this story: I seriously doubt the Apple Family actually has apples in everything they eat all the time. It'd be stupid. But, it's necessary for the story, so :derpytongue2:

If she's being honest with herself, Scootaloo's next new family is one she thinks is less likely to work out. But she's still going to try.

Sweetie Belle's family? And that one's going to present an interesting challenge, because that could go two ways: Rarity and Sweetie's actual parents, or Rarity.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Fluttershy handles this.

And then Dash and Rarity are forced to share an apartment in Manehatten...


6738002 Derpy is married to Pony Alucard and Dinky's a half vampire? :derpytongue2:

6775424 6776858 You don't think there might have been just the smallest amount of cheating in there, do you? :scootangel:
6777369 Probably with bees. And porcupines. And skunks.
6775447 Ah, Rarity. The Anti-Rainbow Dash. Poor Scootaloo.

6784085 In the Apples' case, absolutely, but there's no possible way Rainbow could have prepared that kind of mess on that short notice.

6784166 Think of it this way. Are there things your family will do when it's just them, but wouldn't do when hosting guests? Well, Scootaloo has always been the guest. Now she's seeing it from the perspective of the family.

This is a fun story. Making the Apple family not a good family for Scootaloo was always going to be difficult, I think the apples in everything part was really good, though I suspect they may be doing it deliberately to push Scootaloo back to her real family.

One thought: Scootaloo should have asked for Granny Smith to adopt her, than everyone else would have had to call her Auntie!

6807160 I like the way you think. Too bad Scootaloo didn't think of it!

You think Applejack was hard? Imagine my trouble trying to make Derpy a bad family for Scootaloo!

6807316 I once read a great story where Time Turner is dying of malnutrition because Muffins keeps making him eat muffins morning noon and night, and he can't find it within himself to turn down her muffins.

Or maybe it's a perfectly fine evening at home until halfway through a Dalek bursts into the house and starts firing indiscriminately?

Scootaloo likes pears.

And we know how the Apples treat pear folk...



6811217 Next thing you know, she'll be eating carrots. CARROTS.

Idea: Scootaloo chooses herself. The rules don't say she is choosing her new parents, they say she is choosing her new family.
The scenario I picture is that after all her other options are exhausted, other than the obvious finale of returning to her original family, that she will decide she knows what is best for herself.
Why it fails: In her desperation for anything other than her original family, she forgets the most important parts of any stable family (heh, stable): A good roof over her head and food in the cupboard. Alternatively, she does remember these things but fails to appreciate that providing these things for herself will take all of her free time away.

Well, from what I can see, Scootaloo's going to discover why she can bond with everypony, and why none really work for her as parents.

Next is Fluttershy...

But now I'm really looking forward to Pinkie Pie. ...unless Scootaloo handles that by asking Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

“Interested in finding a new mother within these fabulous walls?” Rarity said.

"I can have one sewn up for you in an hour."
"... What?"
"I mean, er, welcome home!"

In any case, between Dash and Rarity, Scootaloo's hit both ends of the supervision spectrum. Now if she could just find a happy medium, preferably one with fewer dairy binges. So, you know, that's Pinkie Pie out, assuming she was ever up for consideration to begin with.

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