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The School of Friendship's first annual Graduation Dance is taking place, and everyone is excited to be there! Everyone except for Gallus.

Also, Smolder spiked the punch.

Also, she may or may not have a liter of vodka tucked away somewhere in her dorm.

Also, Gallus might not be in the best possible mood to be drinking.

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Student Six, real talk and real moods. What's not to like?

Good stuff mugg. Watching this story grow into itself was a pleasure 🙂

Absolutely based. Characterization is top tier here. Writing is very fluid and natural.

What a pissfucking good story! I love that angsty blue boy

“There you are!”

Gallus jolted back to reality. Smolder stood beside him, palms planted on her hips and staring at him with a look that said, “I want to claw your eyes out but only because I love you.”

“I want to claw your eyes out but only because I love you, dude,” she said.

Well, got it in one, then! :trollestia:

I admit feeling kinda alarmed at how much I related at times with Gallus and his discomfort with socializing and his frustration at his inability to coherently articulate why. I know I've always had a similar introverted streak in me, but it's still...unsettling...seeing it somewhat reflected back at me like this, particularly from a character I know that, except for this particular detail, I don't really have that much in common with. But I suppose that all is a good thing, because it strung me along in a very immersive sort of way.

And I gotta ditto the implied lesson either way, from my own personal experience: embracing friendship absolutely is the way out of the worst of that introvert hole. :twilightsmile:

This is a very good story and the song is good as well. This is a story to return to re-read again. Great work.

This is really well written and does a great job of tackling some really heavy emotional stuff.

I can't help shake the feeling though that something really bad must've happened to get Gallus like this, though. It's well established that going back to being alone in Griffonstone is his worst nightmare and he was willing from the start to sabotage his friend's holidays to keep together with them a bit longer, so he has serious drive which doesn't really match with his apathy here.

On that note, Ocellus is only talked about in the past sense. Did she die?


On that note, Ocellus is only talked about in the past sense. Did she die?

No, she's talked about in the past sense only because (a) she's not in the story and (b) the one time they're talking about her is when it's about the pictures in Smolder's box.

“Why did you break up with Silverstream?”

Smolder jolted up and got in Gallus’s face, smoke clouds billowing from her nostrils. “Just because you had a shit childhood doesn’t mean you understand how this stuff is supposed to go down. Fuck, if you wanna become irrelevant that bad then you should just dig your grave right now!”

Oh shoot that was not cool to say something like that even if you get upset like that but usually that's always happen when it heated argument we say things we never meant to say

Oh wow this was a pretty heavy story here I had to admit and yeah it kind of have a little flashback of my graduation that most of my friends will do something bigger and Everything Will Change but I guess that's life sometimes it sucks but it happens but it doesn't mean even your last days you want to have fun with them even this will be the last time you see them it doesn't have to be and the conversation between gallus and smolder was pretty intense and yet in the end pretty sweet this was a pretty good story keep up the good work


Drifting apart from friends is often a tragic byproduct of adulthood, but I daresay their friendship is strong enough to resist that fate and they'll find ways to keep in touch.

But his fear of winding up back in Griffonstone exactly the same as before probably is probably misplaced, purely by virtue of having changed, himself. He's not the same griff who left Griffonstone, and I know he will find ways to adapt and make a decent life for himself.

Glad you enjoyed it!

It was exciting to have you on board! You helped a lot with deciding how best to execute the story.

Okay, but Slave's Freedom when?

Drunk Smolder is possibly my favorite character to write.

Glad I was accurate for the most part! My goal when writing this was to accurately create what it's like to be an angsty teen and especially to capture that cynicism that permeates the atmosphere of high school. A lot of this story is a combination of experience and an attempt to pull off some really detailed character work.

Huh, didn't think any would touch the music. Happy to know someone cared enough to check it out!

something I forgot to include was Gallus's interest in joining the Royal Gaurd. It would have tied into the show in an interesting way by showing he actually did make something of himself instead of hiding away in Griffonstone. Maybe I'll edit it in eventually? Not sure. I want to write a sequel that follows Silverstream during the events of the party, so maybe I'll add that before it's published.

Hmm, a fanfic with my favorite Student 6 pairing, and a new song to get stuck in my head.

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