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Let's give this writing thing a go...


(This story takes place between School Daze and Heartwarming Club)

Sandbar’s family makes a visit to the school of friendship to spend the day and check up on him. Which means one thing most importantly, Sandbar gets to introduce all his friends to his baby sister! All his friends are excited and eager to get to know the little pony, that is except for Gallus and Smolder. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who is involved), a moment which involved a lost little filly and skipping class might change that.

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Aww so sandbar little sister came to visit and it looks like the others Aside smolder and Gallus wants to play with her but she looks like she want those two play I'm sure those 2 will come around

Well at least Coral is having fun with starlight and at looks like coral is gone oops Where in the world did she go oh boy thats not good 😥

This was adorable, especially Smolder & Gallus interactions with little Coral! :twilightsmile:

Aww I know smolder and Gallus will come around and to smolder I can understand that i usually had that problem as well but Once they get to know me it gets better And it's really cute that those 2 are having fun with coral Even though they are very late oops lol I hope they don't get a trouble for this

Aww this was a nice story and seeing gallus and smolder really have fun with coral and seeing starlight almost lost her mind Which thats understandable and had to explain to the family But thanks to those 2 they found her and she's OK This was a fun story and it was pretty fun to see the young six 😊

Lil Sis will set some creature up for embarrassment.

Honestly, no punctuation inside the quotations really ruins it for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

resolving an argument between Pepper Pot and Water Spout,

i see what you're doing there

I imagine Sandbar-s dad sounding like Kenau Reeves playing Ted. Whoa

Why do I hear Sandbar's dad with Kenau Reeves voice?

I just imagined he'd have a Californian Surfer Bro type voice.

Like Kenau's trust great role of Ted Theodore Logan!

Too bad that Coral didn't get the chance to spend some time with her future sister-in-law Yona.

Can't wait for Flurry Heart to visit the school for some fun

Stab me in the heart with the blade of wholesomeness, why don't ya?

This was fricken cute gg 10/10

That was when Gallus decided to take a risk, “Then catch her.” Gallus then hoisted Coral towards Smolder, who upon witnessing the filly in mid-air rushed her into a panic, catching Coral in mid-air and holding her close to the dragon's chest.

OK despite you wanted to bond with smolder that was a stupid move you did there Gallus You could have hurt the kid

At least Smolder and Coral get payback by almost burning the Griffon.

Yeah I guess that's a good payback lol 😅

You know it would be cool to see the young 6 Siblings to visit as well

Can i do a humanish version of this story? Plz. I will give you credit.

Sure thing, I'd like to read it.

Looks like somecreature is in trouble. :ajsmug:

Well, no one got in major trouble, and no one got hurt. I guess everything turned out fine. :twilightsmile:

I love Coral, she's cute.

Who makes a great Foal-Sitter for Coral out of the Student Six?

Finally, there was Gallus. “Birdie!” By contrast, the Griffon absolutely noticed the response. He started out surprised before he blushed and glared a hole into Sandbar as everyone snickered and giggled to themselves. Meanwhile, Coral looked around the room with a confused look on her face, before turning around and looking up to her big brother.

Birdy? Lol!!

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