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What’s the perfect gift to get the girl of your dreams? Is it a necklace? A mixtape of her favorite songs? A used pull-out couch that gobbles you up the moment you try and pull it out?

No? It isn’t the couch? Well, too bad, because that’s what Gallus got for Silverstream this Hearth’s Warming.

Nice one, Gallus.

Merry jinglemas, Darkblaze15!

Cover Art by Shydale. I did the hat though.

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Merry jinglemas everyone and I hope you like the story.

I was inspired by some recent-era Semillon when writing this, and I also asked them for help putting it together, so I can now say I have channeled both my inner and my outer Semillon. Thanks again, homie.

See you in the new year!


That picture of Gallus is two iotas away from your profile picture.

Get to see some birds touching beaks I see.

Yeah I let him borrow the hat

he could also use the word balloon, which would be backwards but still apropos


Ah, I loved this.
Who knew being swallowed by a sofa could be so romantic?

Also one of those things that ties the two together. They both fear being alone more than anything, but in different ways. Silverstream doesn't want to be left alone against an enemy hunting her and Gallus just doesn't like being trapped.

I really liked the way Silverstream didn't panic and Gallus' onset was delayed because he wasn't alone. Then after he does realise he's trapped Silver gets to turn the tables on the events of the cave and pull him out of it. In the most adorable way.

This story does a wonderful job of showing that connection.

Godamn I've been overthinking this.

Also Ocellus pretending to be a tree for a week to cover for Smolder is a stroke of inspired genius.

Turns out there was a bed inside the couch. Who knew?

Well, a hideaway couch is about two times heavier than a normal couch, so that's one way how you'd know. Trust me, I've tried moving them before. :raritywink:

But out of all our friends, Smolder has the best hearing (other than me and Streams), and if she found us in here she would probably just sit on top of us and paint her claws.

Either that or just laugh.

All in all, I imagine this is how my own attempts to set up a romantic and private holiday party would probably go too. :rainbowlaugh:

I should have known better. There’s no such thing as a free couch…

Free Lunch rule’d.

This was fantastic and humorous and adorable all at once! You took a bit of a different direction than I was thinking for a Gallus x Silverstream story, but it turned out great with more hilarious results!

And… look.

Never have I laughed so hard at two simple words. Well done!

This was also an interesting way to tap back into Gallus' claustrophobia, and having Silver be the one there to comfort and reassure him was perfect. Thanks again for giving this pairing the justice it deserves and happy holidays!

I'm so glad you enjoyed, DB15! It's not every day you receive your favourite pair as a writing assignment for jinglemas :duck:

Happy Holidays !!

That's awesome, glad I could have offered to to you :twilightsmile:

Dang what a way to spend a holiday getting trapped inside of a couch but apparently it sort of worked out between silverstream and gallus again pretty sweet and also funny this was pretty good keep up the good work Merry Christmas and happy

Was I ever that awkward with the girls?

Yes. Yes, I was.

:twilightoops: Spike what else did you teach him?
:duck: Nothing much really
:trixieshiftright: Silverstream ? Gallus?
:pinkiehappy: They're having Griff Griffs!

This was a big shot of serotonin straight to my brain holy SHIT MILLER YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN

On a purely technical level, I love it. Present tense writing has long been a detractor in my opinion, but when used like this, to show the transition from past event to current events? That’s good. Really good. Like, this has pretty much convinced me that present tense isn’t always inferior to past. When used right, it can actually be a pretty neat storytelling device.

And of course, you did INCREDIBLE with the characters! Really loved the little bit about Silverstream wearing lights just because she felt like it. Those tiny details just take it to the next level. Thank you for this scrumptious meal, I will sleep like a baby tonight

Don't forget the detail where Smolder was reading a fashion magazine. Also, when Gallus mentions, "She would probably just sit on us and paint her nails."

Howdy, hi!

This was great. All the little details were perfect and the bit about the shower with Ocellus and Smoulder had me laughing out loud. Loved this. Thanks for the read~!

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