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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.



(Takes place after "What Lies Beneath". Proofread by Smity91 on Fanfiction.net)

Ever since confiding in each other about their greatest fears, things haven't been the same for Gallus and Silverstream.

Gallus in particular finds that he can't get the hippogriff/seapony out of his thoughts no matter what he does. But he's never been in love before, and he certainly doesn't have any examples to build off of.

Silverstream, meanwhile, is being plagued by reoccurring nightmares about the Storm King. Luckily, Gallus is there to help her through them. But can he use this opportunity to tell her how he feels? Or does Silverstream have her own ideas in mind?

More importantly, what do their friends have to think of this sudden development?

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Adorable. ;3;

Good one, I liked it :twilightsmile:

I'm assuming that this was inspired by Stream of Silver, Heart of Gold, correct?

Yay GalluStream! :heart:

9250169 Nope. I haven't read the fic so any inspiration at all is unintentional at best.

Part of me wants to say pairing them is too on the nose due to species... But their personalities work off each other too well! So yea biological compatibility is a bonus. I am curious why Ocelleus couldn't tell Gallus was in love, pretty sure as emoutionvores changelings ought to beagle to sense emotions.

The ship has sailed with this fic. Honestly, well done!


This was amazing!! If I wasn't too attached to this ship before, I definitely am now!! That last part is especially fantastic!! The dialogue was poignant, and I could just feel the emotions, especially with Gallus!! (My poor boy has such low self-esteem here :fluttercry: So glad he'll have Silverstream to help him with that).

it's their u ship it😁

This was a great fic and i liked reading it. I personally ship them too, that's why this was a great reading experience. There was one part I was kind of confused with. You refer to Silverstream but it changes in the same sentence to Gallus. Since you are using the word him. Can yoy clarify this to me. I just want to know who is determined to try Silverstream or Gallus. I quoted it below.

Silverstream was determined to try, and that was good enough for him. He couldn't believe he had ever doubted himself before. His friends hadn't, and Silverstream definitely hadn't.

Say, I noticed pretty much every fic with this ship has Gallus as the crushing awkward one. Not a criticism, merely an observation. I do wonder why. It would make sense to me if Silverstream developed a crush on her "hero" before Gallus, but I seem to be the only one who thinks like that. Does it have to do with Gallus's already vulnerable personality?

9417849 I guess so. Plus, Silverstream seems a lot more open, expressive, and confident. Whereas Gallus has often been distant, sarcastic, and quiet.

I of course didn't want to do the usual cliches of "Guy's madly in love with a girl but can't tell her, so his friends try to help him and he learns to just be himself" type of love story, Gallus especially deserves better.

Technically, you just did.

More like a yandere Silverstream claiming him.

"Well you should probably go talk to him and let him know that," Sandbar suggested. "Probably better if he hears it from you rather than from us. And hopefully Cozy Glow hasn't convinced him to give up on love because it's not important to friendship. I swear, I don't know where that filly gets those crazy ideas sometimes."

Oh trust me sandbar you and your friends will find out about her true intention why she doing this that crazy Psychopathic kid 😠

This was a very cute story so after a few days being tested by the tree of Harmony something is going on between silverstream and gallus they've been kind of weird lately and also very sweet mostly gallus to silverstream when she had the nightmare after a couple of days gallus has been having some weird feelings when he's around silverstream what Sandbar and the others notice it so they decided to give him a hand to approach this to silverstream meanwhile she's at the guidance counselor Starlight talking about how she feels about the nightmares and everything and most importantly about how she feels about gallus and starlight gave a pretty good advice to silverstream but unfortunately for gallus he still can't do this and basically he just decided just to give up so basically he just mope around until silverstream showed up and talking to him about how she feels about this whole situation and yes gallus was still kind of mix about what this whole situation but he knows one thing he really do care about silverstream despite that they have different personality and likes and dislikes it doesn't stop them for caring each other this was a nice 😊

And yes And that episode What Lies Beneath they basically set it up for those two together and you got to admit it is kind of cute

Beautiful, 10/10 would read again

It would have been funny if ocllus was still disguised as silverstream when silvestream entered. She'd be so confused lol~ but this is a really cute story~~~

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