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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (Any Pronouns)


...But Silverstream, of all creatures only just now putting on the uniform…? Okay then. More to the point, she looked adorable in it. Wait, did he just think adorable? About Silverstream? Okay, yeah she was generally cute -loathe as the proud griffon was to admit it- but now she looked cute cute. Oh boy. Oh brother. Oh dear.


Or in short, Silverstream joins the cheer squad and Gallus notices.

(Written for The Discovery – A Young Six Writing Contest)
(Featured on 1/18/2020, 1/19/2020, and on 1/20/20. Thanks, guys!)

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This is really, really good. You absolutely nailed Gallus and Silverstream perfectly. And I do love a good ship, so... great job!

Gallus I know I was doing alright, for the most part. I've had experience with him. Silverstream... not so much. Like, she's one of those characters I try to avoid writing if possible just because of how... out there she is at times.

I blame Duskie06 for this. Like I totes do.

This is excellent. 10/10.

who needs a heart anyways, right?
*dies of cuteness*

I think EVERYONE questioned why Silverstream wasn't involved in this particular episode considering her overall personality and everything entailed. Then again, I still question why this pairing was never touched upon and given a chance during the series when it felt like one of the few that could conceivably happen/make sense.

They should have a Quadruple Date.

Ok, ima about to read this, but before I do, I have to say that pic of Silverstream is damn ADORABLE AND CUTE!!!!!

Silverstream's adorable in general.

Gallus and the way he noticed Silverstream was great and rather funny. The following decent into madness (of sorts) and the internal monologue plus the dream in class were also outstanding and made me wonder what slipped out, if anything in that class. like her name? Or maybe not that blatent? Everypony seems to konw whats going on before they do :twilightsmile:
So yea, it was cute seeing the two dorks came to their realisations and yes, Gallus may be dense as a brick, but hes not dumb. After getting leapt upon there at the end the admission was very cute from both of them but It did leave me wishing the tale would be continued. With her cuteness and Gallus being ...Gallus, they make a cool, cute mix.


This was very cute. I especially liked the anime discussion, though...Yona referred to herself in the first person rather a lot.

Yeah, Yona's not one of those characters I'm skilled with, actually, this is the first time I've written her I think. I was just half-guessing with her, going off vague memories.

Oh yeah, this was beyond fun to write. I know it's prrrrrrrrrrrrroooooobabbbbllllly not good for my back but, uh, yeah, writing Gallus like this was the most fun I had in ages. Seriously, I just couldn't pull myself away from the madness even when common sense was telling me to.

But yeah, the really... out there monologues? Yeah, I'll remember these for a long time. Usually I'm rather wordy with the internal monologues, not sure why. Maybe I like to fill a certain word quota or something. But these short bursts of insanity were much more fun in some ways. Yeah, they're not my usual style but they were a joy to write. Not sure I can repeat myself but there you go. But yeah, it's meant to be implied Silverstream sorta figured out what Gallus might have been dreaming about. Silly goose.

(Also, I can't think you enough for downsizing Duskie's piece so I could finally use it as the cover art.)

(PPS, for those interested in the original cover art...)

That pic looks fabulous as the cover art and makes me hopeful that you'll write more on these two. Cause I seriously enjoyed this.
First date? The way you have written them here I think that or even the following days at school would be hilarious and cute.

Yeah, I tend not to do sequels as an abject rule. The thing with me is, unless I really know what I'm doing -and I generally don't- I don't mess with good things.

Yessss. All the Gallstream. All the griffgriff love :twilightsmile:

Nice job! Loved the interaction between the two. I need to write them sometime soon...

There needs to be a continuation to this.

No joke, I would PAY you to do this.

There's your answer right there. The episode called for incompetence and there's just no way to make "Silverstream is bad at cheerleading" look plausible.

All aboard the SS GalluStream! 🛳

Very minor but you wrote silver steam not stream hehe in the description

Oh dear god, how did I miss that? headdesks and goes to a corner to curl up and die of shame

To be fair I use a reader to read stories so it’s pretty easy to miss one letter without hearing it back. Now that I think about it, silver steam sounds like a cruise line

You've just given me an idea for a story...

Oh, cool I guess

I guess you can let me know when said idea actually has a form. Shrug

This was cute and funny. Nice and entertaining read!

One question though. I kinda raise my eyebrows a little bit at the very end, just for having Gallus and Silverstream refer to the occupation of 'guardsman'. I mean, I get that it probably feels silly to type out 'guardspony' or 'guardsgriffon' or what-have-you, but the "man" part of the word kinda took me out of it for a second.

Yeah, I admit it might do that, but I couldn't type out guardspony or guardsgriff with any amount of seriousness. I giggled as soon as I even tried. Hell, I'm doing it now.

That is perfectly understandable. XD



"Two dorks in love?"

Can a girl be a dork?


Yes, yes they can.

Sure coulda fooled me.

I almost wanted to read this because my primary complaint about that episode - even worse than Rainbow's attitude in it - was Silverstream not being a cheerleader when she should be the first choice for that.

But then I noticed the Sex tag so I'll give this one a miss. Not judging the writer or any readers, just not my kind of thing. I won't downvote either, that's for people who read them and dislike what they read.

Hoo boy this was a wild ride

Yona, yeah he expected with her school spirit. Hell, Ocellus seemed to be an okay fit. But Silverstream, of all creatures only just now putting on the uniform…? Okay then.

Is he surprised?

“Well, ponies do go for the nerds… The bookworm look is in this year, right?” Silverstream asked. “At least, that’s what Professor Rarity says. Poor Twilight, she’s had to shut herself in her office…”


“There’s cute, and then there’s distracting. There’s a difference,” Ocellus commented giving Smolder a ‘look’. The dragon looked confused. “I’m just saying, I don’t want any of the players making any bad moves because we’re all up in their faces.”

What’s the look?

“Hazard of the job really,” Smolder shrugged. “I mean, we make this sh-er, sorry, stuff look good!”

She’d hastily corrected herself at Ocellus’ glare before continuing.

What’s wrong with saying the word?

Again, Ocellus was giving her a ‘look’ and Yona chuckled.

Still don’t know what the look is.

Gallus wanted to hit himself, was he sure this was love? Even 95% sure? He was still young, did he even know what love was? I mean, yeah sure he was no horny teenager anymore but… He wasn’t exactly in the best of positions to judge what love actually was… was he? Was he?


“Was I really that obvious?” Gallus asked. Sandbar gave him a ‘look’. “...Okay, so yeah maybe I was a bit obvious about it.”

Why is everycreature giving eachother looks?

As the class let out loud groans, and some muttering: “Nice going Gallus…” the griffon hit his head atop the desk. Yeah, he really needed to get a handle on things like RIGHT NOW. This was getting completely ridiculous…

I wouldn’t be mad at him, daydream all the hell you want.

“More like scary,” Gallus shuddered. “You’ve seen her barking orders at the recruits right? Like, I know it’s to toughen them up and all -prevent the next Lightning Dust as well- but yikes. If I do choose to go into the Royal Guard, I hope my drill sergeant isn’t that scary…”

Damn, they know about lightning dust?

“Eh, gotta show school spirit somehow right?” Silverstream asked. “Though if you ask me, going out with the future class valedictorian is an even better way… N-Not that I’d ever imply I’m going out with you for your status. Because I do want to g-go out with you and good grief I’m horrible at this!”

He’s valedictorian?

Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Jan 4th, 2021
Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Jan 4th, 2021
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Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Jan 4th, 2021
Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Jan 4th, 2021

“More like scary,” Gallus shuddered. “You’ve seen her barking orders at the recruits right? Like, I know it’s to toughen them up and all -prevent the next Lightning Dust as well- but yikes. If I do choose to go into the Royal Guard, I hope my drill sergeant isn’t that scary…”

“Wait, you want to go into the Royal Guard?” Silverstream blinked. “That’s… that’s actually kind of awesome, really. Like, seriously it is. You go Gallus!”

Ohh that basically foreshadowing to the last problem 😊

Just for future reference, and while I'm glad you appreciate the story this much to leave 8 comments on it, you don't have to. You can leave them all in one comment instead of a chain. Clutters up the comment section when you do this.

Oh sorry sometimes I got carry away and I though there was no limit what you say

Gotta agree, these two are indeed adorable together.
Considering the immense difference in time the main cast had to establish themselves, versa the student six, I'm always glad when someone chooses to flesh them out a little more. While they did get their time to shine and they did get their own arcs and development, somehow, to me at least, they still feel 'new'. Like in 'the newbies we barely know'. But I'm glad I can always count on the amazing writers here to breathe more life into these characters.
You did an amazing job.

Thank you.

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