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It's a known fact that if you are out sick and cannot do your job, you should stay home. Unfortunatly, when you are a high school principal this is a luxury you cannot have unless you have a substitute. Sadly, your sister's out sick as well. So who do you get instead? One Carapace Chrysalis. Hey, it was either her or Discord. Oh dear. Later, Celestia would realize the only thing her substitute would accomplish for the week was singlehandly uniting the student body against her in the total of one week. That's got to be a record... right?

Inspired by "Order of the Phoenix" and certain moments in it so credit to J.K Rowling for the original idea. Genius, that woman. Now expanded on the suggestion of KrspaceT!

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My only complaint is. Starlight seems superfluous to the story. Being so short it goes by really fast so we don't really get into anyone's actions too deeply and only important line she had could have been said by Twilight and nothing would be different.

7126753 Yeah, I admit that she really doesn't have much of a role here. I'll remove the Starlight tag.

I'd have made it longer, you didn't do enough to show her being Umbridge ish. That is this stories biggest flaws, and it will likely contribute to any dislikes you get.

None of them will be mine, I find the idea of doing that to be rather rude. But just as a heads up.

7126946 To be honest, I wasn't trying to make her completely like Umbridge. I mean, can you see Chrysalis sucking up to any authority figures like she does?

It's improved, certainly. I'd have personally showed more of the rebellion and a few more of her crimes, but none the less you did make it better. Congrats.

7128274 Thanks! As you can see, I added a extra scene with Redheart taking place the day before to set up the story a bit more. I wish I could have added her tag, but obviously I can't cause of limits. Sometimes I do wish you can have six character tags instead of just five. Anyone else with me on this or is it just me?

Okay, dunno why I put the Bon Bon tag on this story. Just noticed it, had to have been a accident on my part. Replaced it with a more accurate tag, namely Luna's.

7128299 Bon Bon: Princess of Candy!

You get an upvote.
This story amused me and I'm not an EQG fan.

Umbridge was more intelligent.

They don't go to class? Oh well, she can call their parents and tell them their lovely children decided to not go.

7134243 Yeah, I will admit that could have been done but for we know the parents could have found out what she was doing and played along with the rebellion. Actually, to be honest it's not one of those things you're supposed to think on too much in this story.

Oh, I just loved it!
It's funny, 'cause I have a teacher like That.

Oh, how horrible, she actually expected them to follow the rules and not be dicks to insects. Simply dreadful.

Się should've just caked their parents and inform them in a very worried time that their kids decided to skip school.


I do agree with Starlight Glimmer not being much use in the story, but it was good. Could use a bit more explanation of the chaos the students caused. I loved the opening though, specially with the conversation between Tia and Lulu.

Seriously though, I wouldn't recommend trying this unless you want to be expelled or at least suspended no matter how bad your principal is. Not worth it.

It's only a problem if you get caught. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy: Just be clever and use your enemies wisely! :raritywink:
Or don't do it...which is no fun at all, even if it is safer.

"I have to. But which? Both of them is likely to give me a headache. Discord... NO! Almost certainly not." Celestia said before shuddering. She still remembered what it was like last time he filled in. She still had nightmares about him turning the school music hall into a rock and roll venue for hair metal bands, however that happened.

Now I want Discord subitute at my school because a rock and roll in the hall sounds fun only when principal and vice principal not there:pinkiehappy:

I've just come across a picture that happens to (almost) perfectly match a fragment of this chapter. Namely:

"Discord... We really need to talk. I mean really need to." Celestia stated, with her eyebrow twitching. Noteworthy's sub stood in front of her with a big grin on his face. A big unashamed grin.

And here's the pic:

And... that's pretty much it. Just thought I'd let you know. :twilightsmile:

This kinda made me think of Middle School: the worst years of my life.

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