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Tony Stark considers himself a fairly open-minded guy, given the whole Iron Man thing and all. There's nothing that can't be explained away by science.

...Even a very tiny lavender unicorn who ended up in his lab. Maybe. Who seems intent on calling him dad. Well, at least he can say to himself he won't have to find a gift for Pepper this year. Now, explaining this one to SHIELD, on the other hand, not to mention getting over his crippling parental anxiety issues? Yikes. ...somehow, facing Ivan Vanko again sounds more appealing.

Set Pre-Avengers. Proofread by TheRedParade

featured on 6/23/20, 6/24/20, 6/25/20, 6/26/20, and on 6/27/20. Top of the box!

(Iron Man and associated characters property of Marvel Comics)
(New title suggested by Airy Words, thanks! 👍 )

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I, even before reading... Never thought you would try a similar style of Tatsurou my friend. I will add to my read later shelf because I'm interested reading before sleeping

This was an interesting read. It could have made for a good longer story but I think you did a good job on showing all the issues that someone like Tony Stark would go through. I would like to know what exactly happened to the younger Twilight here as it sounds like her entrance exam went very differently and she doesn’t have Spike.

You know this is giving me HISHE infinity war flashbacks with baby Thanos.
Also Sequel?

Ok you have my interest please continue on the story I need more.

Really nice story.

A very interesting premise and well executed. I'd love to see more out of this.

Well written as usual! Your work is always a treat to read! ^^

You're just saying that because you helped proof it. Lulz.

I have tried the style before, mind you with this and Son of a Dragon there's one key difference. It's not Twilight or Spike being shunted off to a new dimension. So it's not a true Tat homage. Mind you, I do headcanon this Twilight became the MCU version of Ironheart.

I didn't want to drag it on for too long, or go off and do another mini-novel. I decided to just try and keep this as self-contained as possible. There was one subplot that got cut, namely Tony's alcoholism, and Red advised me I toss it. The movies handled that bit anyways.


It's still fun to read your stuff regardless, which is why I enjoy proofing for you!

Really appreciate this angle and theis perspective on this story. I suppose the MCU and Equestria have several different "portal" technologies so transporting between them wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

Ok, first u peeked my interest, but now u have my full attention

Pretty good, is this becomes a full fledged story, i'm on it

This is a really fantastic premise, and the execution is pretty good overall... I'm just bummed that there isn't more of this for me to read now! XD

Which is a mark of good storytelling I imagine. Always leave the audience wishing for a bit more? Hehe.

I really like the way that you handle doing Tony in this one. Twilight also gets a really good characterization, as she still *feels* like Twilight even with the upheaval in her life that this AU necessitates. And the conclusion was totally unexpected, but also really well-done, being both funny and heartwarming too. :twilightsmile:

I admit, I really want to see this continued, even if it is just a bunch of short snippet chapters with slice of life instad of a full blown story

Best. Tease. Ever.

That's okay dude. Actually for me I love this kind of crossovers were instead would people go to Equestria, is the pony character who goes to the universe. I want to read the other marvel fictions like these if you write some.

And I wasn't cricting your fiction or your style. It's because I just find interesting you wrote like that. Because for me is unusual. If I didn't read the other fiction you did. Sorry but I wasn't looking and I didn't notice. For me it was just a surprise you did that. And I hope you get featured for this fiction XD

Yeah, that's how the MCU did it even if they were not always the best with their stingers. Irony here, given mine isn't actually intended to lead into anything.

You really thought I did a good Twilight? I thought she read as too mature and followed some old trodden beats. Or should that be trotted? :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, wasn't actually intending to lead into anything. Hell, that end with Thor wasn't even supposed to be there in my first drafts. ...though to be honest, I don't remember the original ending, it could have been waaaaayyyy different.

Yeah, I don't do this style often. The problem with crossovers is balancing both sides of the equation. My main fear with this is Tony got more focus than Twilight.

But yeah, usually with crossovers? It's the other universe that arrives in Equestria, unless on rare occasions where it's ponies jumping into some universe instead. Actually, it's not that rare, but to be more accurate it's rare that it's done well.

Hehe. "Trotted" works better I suppose.

Maturity is a funny thing with ponies, especially with Twilight herself, since even for one of the more rational-minded of the Mane Six she's had plenty of moments to freak out or go crazy. But I do think that her, she still works as a recognizable form of the character: she still loves to learn, she still worries about Princess Celestia, she misses her big brother and doesn't blame him for anything. Those are all very important aspects to Twilight's inherent nature - a much lesser take on the idea of an orphaned Twilight winding up in another universe could have very easily gone the edgelord route of her refusing to trust others, like an exaggerated portrayal of her earliest "friendship isn't worth the time" characterization, or even had her be outright belligerent or hostile to Tony or others. But you didn't, and even if this Twilight is more burdened or wary than her canon counterpart, I didn't find much of anything that rang false to me about her in this story.

This deserved to be featured.

It was well written and an interesting AU for both universes. Though it does lack descriptions in some areas and perhaps the dialogue could be a tad slower and far more subtle to really push things into a more believable territory. I hope you continue it with a sequel.

This wonderful idea deserves a sequel or maybe a spin-off series.

Yeah, I'm putting this one in my favorites. Have an upvote too.

This was an amazing story. I wish it was continued into a full length story but as a one shot it is still excellent.

Tony and Twilight have some great chemistry as two geniuses with broken pasts trying move past their trauma and probems.

I love this story. I love it as it is, but really want more of it


You know, this works. This works very well indeed. I'd like to see more of it someday.

This was a fantastic read. I would not mind if there was a sequel

Fantastic story! I can only hope for a sequel but it’s fine if you don’t want too.

The restaurants would even accept him


messy and gungey as he always

grungey [I think]

Other places are... off... but it is not easy to pinpoint what.

Welp, this just got you a follow. Just on the off chance you decide to continue. Both characters were well done, the perspective shifts were flawless, all in all a pretty good tale. Looking forward to what you do next.

This should call for more. They already got a god of thunder and Fury has already met aliens. A magic unicorn would only be the next step.
Twilight joining the Avengers in their adventures ? To face Loki and the Chitauri ?
That would be great.

I really do want to see this continued

Great story :D
Now I need Celestia's perspective, looking for Twilight, how she knows Thor etc.

Well, they are related after all. Some common headcanon has Sleipnir as Celestia and Luna's father, and since he's the son of Loki and Svailfari (look, the Norse gods had complex relationships) that makes Celestia and Thor related by adoption.

This was great! Tony and Twilight very much felt in character, all things considered. I get why you made it this short, self-contained story, but personally I’d love more of this. They weren’t broken together long enough

"You'll have all the Cheeseburgers you ever want, Twilight."

So yea.......More please? Like alot more?

Shouldn't it be like, hayburgers?

Norse Mythology is like a headache and a half, and the Thor films really didn't do it any favors considering myth Hela and Fenris are Loki's kids. Not his siblings.

....well, considering what we know of Fury and his love for cats, we just know he'd break down squealing like a little girl at the sight of Twilight. Tony's reaction would be a crowning moment of WTF.

But yeah, Twi's a bit too young to join the Avengers. Given how protective Tony was of Peter, can you imagine how he'd take Twilight as a hero?

10300314 I still think it would have been *hilarious* in the Marvel universe if Thor and Loki had met Sleipnir, and Thor had excused himself with "I'll just let you have some time with your son."


How can you simply write this as an one shot? Don't you have a heart, man? :pinkiesad2:

I have no idea how you were able to deduce both my BF’s favorite fictional character and one of mine, let alone putting them together in a crossover fic...but somehow you did, and this story is something that exists. Adding it to the RiL for now.

I tend not to do sequels unless I know what I want to do, don't mess with the golden goose you know?

Glad to oblige. Really, the crossover itself is obvious. Two geniuses from their respective corners of fiction? I mean... It's a shame this isn't done more often, you'd think it would be given it's Marvel.


Not bad, but definitely needs a full rewrite: MAKE IT LONGER! :facehoof:

So many things skipped over while Twilight waited for Thor and friend to show up. :trollestia:
Like, her finding out why Tony has a light bulb in his chest. Like, introducing Twilight to Pepper and Rhodey. Like, missed opportunities for Tony to teach her about his technology and her to try teach him about magic. Like, Agent Carlson finding out about Twilight. Like Tony helping to create the Iron Pony Mk I suit for Twilight. Like, them both getting involved in some of the the day-to-day operations of stopping the occasional criminal who is better armed than the cops, military, or SHIELD. Like Tony and Twilight building Iron Pony Mks II-IV. Like, Tony and Twilight's first meeting with Bruce Banner. Like, Twilight and Tony helping to clean up some of the mess from their meeting Dr. Banner. Like Tony and Twilight building Iron Pony Mk V and coincidentally Hulkbuster Mk I. Like, Nick Fury finding out about Twilight and having a few words with Tony. Like, Nick Fury having more than a few words with Carlson.....:rainbowkiss:

But very fun read! Love it!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the feedback, but realistically I wouldn't be able to fit half of that in a one-shot. I'll keep those ideas in mind though.

:trollestia: Hello Twilight
:twilightblush: Can I keep him ? Can I? Can I? Can I???
:pinkiehappy:And that is how Stark Industries started in Equestria!

New title suggestion: The Repulsor Beam Adoption Agency

I would love to see a continuation of the story

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