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Comment posted by superfun deleted Aug 10th, 2019

Subject: Something from your clopfic Derpy's Relaxation

Body: I just read it and it's really great and I even voice to test it and it was great for it. That gave me an idea of a clopfic with Dinky Hooves in it. A clopfic(foalcon for more specifically) that's with Dinky Hooves and her father Dr. Whooves/Doctor Whooves. The name of this shipping is DoctorDinky. I know it's wierd, but I'm gonna do it. This clopfic happens when Doctor Whooves was still alive and still with his wife Derpy Hooves and his daughter Dinky Hooves. But this happen when Dinky's father asked Dinky to come inside the Tardis and they went inside the Doctor's bedroom. Also, this is a sequel of Derpy's Relaxation that you did. I hope there will be a picture of Doctor Whooves and Dinky Hooves in it. This idea that I came up with was from reading your Derpy's Relaxation clopfic. The clopfic will have more than 1 chapter. I was really thinking of doing a voice reading of Derpy's Relaxation clopfic for my youtube channel, because I never did a voice recording for any fanfics on fimfiction.net ever. So on Saturday, December 26, 2015 I will do a voice record reading of your Derpy's Relaxation clopfic. Also Happy Hearts Warming Eve! I know what Derpy's and Dinky's voices are gonna be during the reading of it.

You have a link option in the little bar above comments for linking sources but looking cleaner you know.

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