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I love reading Fan fiction, and sometimes, I like creating dramatic readings for them. :) http://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator


While in the Ponyville Psychiatric Ward, Lockheart receives a visit from a friend.

Full Cast Dramatic Reading can be found here.

Beta Reader: Obabscribbler

Cover art for this story was provided by PurpleRoselyn

Very special thanks goes to Magpiepony for helping with character concepts and development.

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she must've had a really bad childhood to feel so down like that. At least she has a friend who actually cares for her.

Author Interviewer

You and Nekonyancer just released your first stories within hours of each other. It's the start of a glorious new era! :D

Whistle... Sad, wondering if it could us the tradegu tag or be exspanded on, by great first Fim Fic, lost.

This was an interesting fic.
I like how it shows what people tend to go through when they're in this kind of situation. Going through the fear of change and through wanting to change. It shows how difficult it is to choose either side or stay neutral, and how it affects the people around them.
However, there were only a few grammatical errors, but fortunately it wasn't too damaging on the experience. Aside from that, this was a great read. Good job to you, Lost.:twilightsmile:

This made me have a single feel. That doesn't usually happen.

Well done, Lost~

This is really, really beautiful. Nicely done.

I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

Will there be any updates on this story?

5792260 There will be a sequel to this story. This story is the first of a trilogy. I'm currently working on the sequel. :)

5792261 Wow that was a fast response. Thanks for letting me know :)

Author Interviewer

That was more or less what I was expecting. :) I'm looking forward to the sequel!

I...can relate to Classy Glass quite a bit actually. And because I know how this can turn out, I'll be reading the others when you release them. Excellent work, and I hope Lockheart makes it through this..

I was in a school for people with mental and emotional problems for four years. In those days, I've helped everyone with their problems but shut them away from mine. I guess that's why I was forced to be there longer until I finally reached out. and I was highly sensitive to others picking on me, especially when a kid that picked on everyone's flaws found out that I was a little of a homophob. He sang this song called 'boys club' until I told him to go to hell and get raped by Satan. Other then that kid, I loved everyone, but despised myself. now I'm out and am a little better, but I can't make eye contact with people or I get agitated for some reason. so when I talk to someone, I look at their hair or stare of into space.

I'M YOUR BIGGEST, AND GREATEST FAN!!!!!!:heart: I just love your Fiction Readings and I hope to enjoy more of your work.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritywink::twilightsmile:

this was... wonderful, but at the same time... i dunno. good work lost

Wow another good job lost, :derpytongue2:i love your work and your readings. You write the most weird and dark things, but they're nonetheless good.

After the story I just want to hug Lockheart and never let go....hope that doesn't sound to odd..ish

hey i like your story can you read mine i sent to you

So... when is the second story in this trilogy coming out?

Hey Lost, um 2 things. First, BIG fan! 2nd, great story, it defines my life so well.

It seems as if Classy Glass hears my thoughts. Her face turns sour. “I don’t want to see you doing this to yourself. You’re a good pony, Lockheart. I don’t understand why you think you need to hurt yourself like this.” She takes a breath. “Because you’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting me and everypony else around you.”

It's never good to shut anybody out at times like this:ajsleepy:. It'll only make things worse:fluttershysad:.

“Yes, you are,” Classy Glass insists. “You’re somepony who has always been there for me, no matter what I’ve done. I know you need someone to talk to, so I’m here. I’m here so that you’re not alone.” She places her hoof on mine and turns mine upright, revealing the bandage held in place by surgical gauze.

You'll never be truly alone Lockheart...Friendship is Magic for a reason:twilightsmile:.

Maybe ponies really do care about what happened to me. What is still happening to me. Glassy is reaching out to me. Maybe… maybe it’s about time I reach back.

Atta girl:scootangel:!

I pull my hoof away from her. “I’m not sure if… I’m even worthy of that title,” I whisper. “Considering what I did to end up here.”

You are to Glassy...:pinkiesad2:.

“You didn’t want to hurt anypony?” Her voice becomes shrill. “Lockheart, you hurt everyone . When I got that call telling me you were here…” She pauses, as if trying to gather her thoughts. “Again… again after everything . After all those times I spent with you, trying to help you realize your own self worth…” Her eyes narrow as she looks at the pastern I’m cradling and then up at me. She meets my gaze, her eyes clear and cold. “You are my best friend but I can’t stand to see you do this to yourself. It’s really selfish, Lockheart.”

Please...let your family and friends help you...:pinkiesad2:. It may take time...but it will heal:heart:.

I steps sideways and watch her through the little glass window. Above me, an air vent blows a gush of heat in my direction, for one brief moment cancelling out the chill of the room. Then I step out from under it, heading back to my seat, and I’m cold again.

She'll be back:raritywink:.

I smell insanity :pinkiecrazy:... some real insanity :pinkiesad2:. When a person can't take a grip of himself. When he thinks of himself: "What am I even thinking?!!" -- yet can't stop thinking what he is thinking. Which may be something atrocious. But his heart desires it.

It may be like a split mind: two persons under one skin. But each one of them never realises, the other one is different, each thinks, he's the only one and is the other, and the other is him. Because sane people have not more, than one mind. Than one person under their skin.

Or have they :pinkiecrazy:? If so, being "insane" is just normal life. If not so... Um... let's... end the comment here :applejackunsure:.

Dude, never mind the downvotes someone gave to your comment: I feel for you :fluttershysad:. Believe me, I do!

An unfortunate ending to a tragic tale. If only Lockheart could tell her how she felt... But I fear it may be too late now. Ponies only have so much patience before they give up on you.

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