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Moises Munguia

Ever since the year 2020 has passed, its time for a new year, a new me, im going to be me for now on

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Attention everyone, i had news for all of you bronies & pegasisters, you may know me as that annoying person in fim fiction who doesn't respect anyone's boundaries, but I'm here to say that I'm now fully matured, and I apologize to anyone that I actually mess with, I was immature arrogant and stupid, but I actually know my ways and I sincerely hope that you would forgive me for what I've done to all of you back at the day, and it's actually time that I actually left the past behind and look forward to the future, but don't worry I'll be able to come up with fanfics soon and I would actually respect many people's boundaries and also not to judge their opinions or what kind of metaphoric things that I didn't understand, I actually hope that you'll actually see the new me as a new pony and all I hope to see all of you in some kind of future, thats all

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I want to see your clopfic stories flawlessvictory20

Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:. Did I do something awesome and not know it? :twilightblush:

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