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Deserted by her adoring fans and powerless, Adagio Dazzle sits alone in a cafe. Abandoned by her fellow sirens and coming to the realization of everything she's lost, she finds herself losing hope...

Until she is joined by a complete stranger. One who claims that he has heard her sing... and adores her, almost as if her spell were still holding sway over him. Impossible? Yes. But at this point of desperation, Adagio is willing to believe in miracles.

Could he be her last chance to regain her powers?

*Spoilers in the comments, enter at your own risk*

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 67 )

This was quite the story! 10/10 in my book :3

5220236 Thanks! After I watched EQG2 a second time, I had to write something about Adagio. I am DEFINITELY under her spell... <3


Too bad this is a one shot I would love to see where this goes.

5220717 Yeah, so would I, tbh. But I kind of like leaving a really open ending about what happens, too. Who knows? Maybe if I get enough requests to continue, I could be convinced to keep going. But for now, I'm leaving it self-contained.

5220730 Gotcha but I'm glad Adagio getting a story, don't get me wrong I like some if the Sonata stories I've read but I feel both Adagio and Aria have a lot of potential.

This was great! You did a good job of carefully balancing the "this guy seems like a mary sue self-insert" with self-awareness towards that illusion, particularly this passage:

she'd seen his type a thousand times: the easiest to influence in whatever direction she wanted, believing themselves to have some kind of honor and nobility because they treated the opposite gender with special care.

The reveal at the end seals the deal; I honestly kind of want to see where this goes, with both believing themselves to be manipulating just another human and either assisting or sabotaging the other's efforts... but it also works very well as a one-shot. Either way, you have yourself a favorite! :twilightsmile:

I'm genuinely disappointed this is only going to be a one-shot... but i guess i cant force you to continue this. I'll just have to stalk you and read your other stories :pinkiecrazy:

i want it to continue. i'm curious now!

Holy cow, it's a Changeling! Now the Dazzlings MUST become good and defeat the evil! THEY MUST! *dramatic face*

The ending was a twist I didn't see coming, not to mention a cliffhanger. :twilightangry2:
Still, this was a quite enjoyable tale, with great characterization and a great branch off of the movie. I especially enjoyed Adagio: still manipulative, still opportunistic, but stripped of her siren heritage, she begins to experience human emotion and is conflicting with herself over it a little. Would be great if it continued, but you leaving it here is a good ending. :twilightsmile:

Very nice for a warm-up. I do love those moments of mutual deception where one thinks they have power over the other :rainbowlaugh:

Although, in hindsight, this is nothing short of Adagio suffering a fate worse than what she has brought upon herself prior to this story :pinkiecrazy:

...We've got the music, makes ya move it, got the song that makes ya lose it-FUCK! That's gonna be in my head ALL day!

Ugh, definitely a great read though...what? That not 'nough for ya? Fine! Given everything, Adagio's character felt nailed on the head for me and at first the twist at the end kinda ruined it but then I started thinking about the potential future and...well, let's just say I'm squirmin' with giddiness.

That moment you realize the dude is a changeling and Adagio has feels for him <3 then you finish the story and- wait, SHE HAS A THING FOR A DUDE?! WTF IS THIS?! :pinkiegasp:

Me: "Who was she arguing with?" :trixieshiftright:

My OC: "Bulk Biceps, a little. Mostly herself..." :twilightsheepish:

Me: "Do I even wanna know..?" :unsuresweetie:

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda guessed he was a changeling... but when the Youvid thing was said I didn't think it was real... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What?! A changeling! ? Kill it with love!!...oh no love....ok...mmhm...ok then.
throw my vote for another chapter please.

I love that this a thing. This is a great thing.

Wait....the Sirens and a Changeling? Well, this will be interesting. Very interesting. :trixieshiftright:

Oh, Sonata never ceases to amuse with her adorableness :rainbowkiss:

So now this is a simple case of an anti-villain/Antagonist-as-protagonist story...Nice :moustache:

Oooooooooh, boy. The Sirens vs. the Changelings. Welp, the Rainbooms can have a front seat ticket, because this is about to get EPIC.

5232199 Those are soooooo goood! *gets the Taco Tuesday fangirl face*

Okay, so I am in serious Adagio shipping mode right now, but I'm also wondering...ARIA? Where are you??

She's my second favorite Dazzling!


Hope I'm not the only thinking this

5232471 You probably are. :rainbowlaugh: All I think of are the select few games and shows with villainous protagonists fighting off another evil.

This story is to good to be true! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:
Please continue!:trollestia:

This is awesome. Its curious that Mend apparently hasn't been changed into human, since his blood is still green and all. Maybe its because changeling are already shapeshifters so they resist the Mirror's magic?
I love that Mend hasn't figured out that Adagio isn't actually a human. Thats going to be hilarious when he finally does.

ADAGIO SAID DOOZY!!! My life is almost complete... MOAR!!!

The real funny thing is that Mend doesn't seem to know that Adagio is from Equestria, as well :rainbowlaugh:

5242411 To be honest, I think Adagio has realized that he's bluffing his way through this entire kidnapping. :rainbowlaugh: Mendax isn't nearly as powerful in the human world as he's trying to look. :rainbowwild:

Gosh, Adagio is way too smart for him. :twilightsheepish:

Good writing. At first I thought you were rushing how quickly Adagio was developing feelings for Mend, but when you described his coat it all suddenly made sense.

Oh yeah. Mend is definitely a changeling. One hundred percent.

Well, that escalated quickly at the very end. Thx for spoiling the big plot twist btw.

5251879 Sorry if the comments spoiled the story for you. I'll add a note on the description warning that there's spoilers down here.


*Spoilers in the comments, enter at your own risk*

Yup. Lots of spoilers.

Very interesting story. It's a nice thing you added the Changelings into the story; after all they are the closest things to sirens in the current Pony-verse.

The question that I think is on everyone's mind is: How did Mend get here?And of course if Adagio and Mend will hook up, ut's not the point.

Please continue!

Damn dude, I did not see that coming :D

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here. Why does Bulk Biceps have a tag if he only appears once?

5301352 I have a personal problem with EQD that is very childish and probably shouldn't be a grudge that I hold over them. But it is. So I don't submit my stories to them any more, and hardly associate with them at all, really.


Well, I tagged the characters when it was only the first chapter and intended to be a oneshot. At the time, Bulk Biceps was one of about three characters with an impact on the plot.

Now THIS is a very interesting premise! The writing's not half bad either. Let's see where this is going.

I'm kinda worried about Aria and Sonata though.

You my favourite and like soley for that end twist. Bravo sir, bravo.:moustache:

The Rainbooms were idealistic fools who would probably forgive the foulest creatures in Tartarus if only to prove that "friendship is magic."

So fucking true. Damn the Elements to hell.

Prepare for Ludicrous Speed!
I think she's breaking character getting into him so fast.

When I thought it couldn't get any better... REALLY looking' forward to some action! But, not what I expected... It was BETTER!

I know they'd probably backstab each other at the first opportunity, but even so, I am seriously shipping Adagio and Mend right now.

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