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"Can I have your autograph?!"


Indigo Zap, after getting addicted to doughnuts, decides to make them, with help from her newest hyper friend.

This story is part of the Disease series, although not a sequel to ADHD, ABCD, or STI. Click the link to read them.

Pre-read, edited, and cover art by IluvRainbows

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Comments ( 4 )

Cool. I love reading about the Shadowbolts. Such a great group.

"M-my doughnuts!!" Indigo cried out, as they sped down the path.

Well, at least they didn't get blown up. (Hears explosion in the distance with a man screaming about his cabbages being destroyed.) Unlike that fellow over there.

Writing this was so much fun, too :pinkiehappy:


"And? I want my doughnuts!!! I don't see why this magic stuff is so special anyway!" Indigo folded her arms.


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