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Sunset Shimmer is a young mare who strives for power and doesn't care about anyone but herself.
Twilight Sparkle is a little filly with more scars than she lets on.
Now both of them have to make do, stuck in a world where their greatest talents are little more than a pretty mark on their clothes.

Cover art commissioned from GPizano, who draws a pretty awesome Sunset Shimmer.

Top of the Feature Box on 15/06/17, and an incredible 91:0 upvotes. Thank you all for your help in making that possible.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 202 )

I'm putting this in my read later folder, but I'm giving it an upvote for the idea alone!

It's like bringing home a kitten, Sunny. She's your responsibility now no matter what you think.

Well, that's an interesting premise, i'd say. Too lazy to bother with any feedback, but i will follow the story for now. Hope it would get at least an arc or two...

Very promising. Can't wait for more.

This sounds pretty good. I can't wait for more.

Hahah, well, thank you. :scootangel:

And just like a kitten she shows up where it's the least convenient. :derpytongue2:

I got a lot planned out already, the real problem will only be my laziness. The next chapter is already done though and will go up sometime over the next 24 hours.

Thenext chapter will go up soon. Tomorrow at latest. :pinkiesmile:

this type of story are very rare and it is always worthreading.

This seems promising.

Though it's mostly just setup so far. Needs some real meat to dig into.

Her eyes snapped to the glowing mirror. It was a split-second decision, but before she could think about it her legs were already moving.

I have one question. How did Twilight know that the portal mirror, was a portal?

Beside that, interesting idea. I'll be reading this, I think. Looks very promising.

This is an interesting piece of work, do continue.

I have feeling btw time the portal open again the two of them be best friend, sister in fact, bent on take over the both worlds

You, sir or madam, have caught my intention. Here's a Favorite and Track right away!

What happens to Spike then? Please tell me he still get's hatched eventually

Don't see this idea often, of Sunset stuck with little Twilight. I'm looking forward to how things progress. Sunset is already pretty mean but she might be stuck with a little girl now, which will either help her or drive her insane. Maybe both. I wonder if this fic will cover how Sunset got an apartment and laptop and if she can handle supporting another mouth to feed too.

Well... this is an idea I've not seen before, and a great start too. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

Did Sunset ever tell Twi her name? I don't remember reading that. Poor Twilight, this should be pretty crazy for her. Also, poor Night Light and Velvet!!!

I have to wonder what would happen if Twilight spilled the beans to Principal Celestia and VP-Luna about her and by extension Sunset's origins. I look forward to more!:twilightsmile:

Even if one hates Princess Celestia, being in a school with Principal Celestia as the head would be upsetting. A--what, 30 or 40 yr old?--woman simply doesn't have the presence of having hundreds upon hundreds of years of experience ruling a nation. It would be like looking like a Chinese rip-off of a character you used to really like.

What I'm curious about is how on Earth Twilight managed to follow Sunset all the way to school. I mean, you've got crowds going every which direction, vehicles, the racket of a city unlike anything she's ever heard before, she wouldn't have the understanding of human age cues or gender dimorphism to recognize other humans that might lead her to Sunset's school (to say nothing of any other public or private schools they might be going to--no matter how far away her apartment is, Sunset isn't going to go somewhere that doesn't have the mirror in front of it).

Speaking of the mirror... that's a pretty fucked up magic item, isn't it? I mean, we already knew from what some of the humans were like compared to their Equestrian equivalents, but Twilight's perspective was definitely younger than 10 in the section from her POV, and with Fluttershy and Sunset just beginning high school then we have about 3 years for everypony in Equestria to grow into adulthood (and if things were canonical, for Spike to reach older childhood). Meanwhile, Applebloom is going to enter high school in just a couple years. That time difference is screwed up.

8234332 8234340
Both will be covered in the next chapter. :scootangel:

If you meant the story, that one's going to move along some more in the next chapter. If you meant longer scenes and more details in general, I'm afraid that's one of my weaknesses. :twilightblush:

Intuition, instinct, or maybe living in the unicorn central city of Equestria knowing what magic portals look like is a bit of common knowledge (or at least trivia knowledge).

Sunset Shimmer trying to take over a world? Don't be silly. Twilight would totally do that though.

Spike's fate will be covered in the sequel. Don't worry, he won't be forgotten. :raritywink:

How exactly Sunset pays for everything will be covered in one of the next chapters. It has to do with different values in different worlds, though.

I do hope they end up have a "sister" like relationship. make me wonder though who going to take care of nightmare moon, I just hope it not Trixie

This reminds me of an idea I once had, but instead of Twilight going in due to fear of the test, I was going to have Sunset use the mirror to get rid of Twilight because she was jealous of her.

All of those are very good observations that I've already put some thought into, and they'll mostly be covered in the next chapters, but if you want some short answers already:

There are many reasons Sunset doesn't think Principal Celestia is Princess Celestia, and most of those are reasons why she can actually stand the Principal.

Canterlot (or at least the area around the school) seems to be more of a suburb, so I doubt there's much more of a crowd than you'd have on Ponyville streets, especially in the morning when everyone's at work or driving there. Twilight did follow Sunset, but the school is also the one big building standing alone at the side of the street, so it's a landmark either way. Might forget to cover these details in the upcoming exposition chapter (a few chapters down the road); if I do, feel free to remind me.

The various timey-wimey oddities of the mirror portal will come up all over this story. I can already tell you though that it's set to a certain age group (that of the school's students) that everyone passing through pretty much ends up in. In the movies, Twilight obviously ended up a few years younger than she was in Equestria, just like this Twilight ended up a couple years older. As a pony she's maybe 6-7 years old.
(Naturally, ponies exceeding a certain age are likely to end up more along the ages of the faculty.)

Thank you for your comment. It's always good to see other people think about these things, either to catch plotholes I might've missed, or to catch ones I did already plan for. :raritywink:

Also an interesting idea. :rainbowderp:

Fun Fact: another possible title I was considering for this story was "Sunset Sister" or "Shimmer Sisters". Still haven't found a title I'm really completely satisfied with, to be honest. :twilightsheepish:

that good to knew, I have feeling sunset get out of being simi evil person cause she has to take care of twilight, and why do I feel like they about to get new home when the Principal find out they both have no parents on this side.....

Yeah...I could never figure out where to go with it. That and I wanted to write it where Sunset is trying to put Twilight in the mirror and their scuffle causes both of them to go through the mirror. Which is kinda of this idea, but they don't like each other at the start.

I could see it. Twilight spills everything about Equestria, Sunset minorly rages, Principal Celestia asks Sunset where shes been staying, Sunset reveals she lives by herself in an apartment, and in the end Sunset and Twilight wind up living with Principal Celestia

Heh, maybe I should post the next chapter. There's a lot more about their dynamic. :scootangel:

Or maybe I should do it just to debunk your theories. :derpytongue2:

Take your time my friend. Take your time.

8234461 8234477
um by have luna hear part of it and taken them in, so she not so lonely anymore

Twilight had barely said a dozen worlds all morning

Did you mean 'words' here?

Comment posted by AandWguy deleted Jun 15th, 2017

Well now. This should be fascinating indeed, especially since you seem to have taken into account all of the wrinkles I was going to mention, based on the comments. Looking forward to seeing where this goes; divergences don't get much bigger than this.

Oh boy, FOME is in on this now. Hope to live up to your expectations. :twilightblush:

Twilight and Sunset were comparing how many different literary universes they know and Twilight was really bad at it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, officer. :trixieshiftleft:

...okay. I don't understand what you mean, but whatever. That's cool.

Interesting. Can't wait for more.

I hope Sunset won't be too harsh on Twilight for dragging her to Principal Celestia's office.

Perhaps this time they'll run into Sunset's human counterpart.

Or to think of it, perhaps Sci-Twi will show up sooner.

Twilight groaned, hanging in her chair with a teaspoon sticking out of her mouth and holding her stomach. An empty plate stood on the table in front of her, next to an empty jar, every last dreg scooped out.

“Too much… chocolate…”


Neither, I'm afraid. Don't have plans to even bring up either of them. :eeyup:


Should get an amusing reaction from Sunset.

Grape colored skin. Purple hair with stripes

Eh, her mane looks more like a navy blue with a purple and pink stripe.

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