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[Cancelled] After capturing Twilight during A Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis decided that keeping her and Cadance locked up underneath the place would be too risky. Instead, she forced them through an ancient mirror-portal said to contain an impenetrable prison created by Starswirl himself, shattering the mirror in the process.

Now, Twilight and Cadance must adapt to a new world and new bodies. Without any magic at their disposal, they must attempt to build a new portal and prepare to face Chrysalis on the other side while also maintaining the guise of normal high schoolers. Luckily, they aren't the only ones interested in reaching Equestria, and they'll cobble together an unlikely alliance of beings from both sides of the mirror to help them in their quest.

A Canterlot Wedding and Equestria Girls AU that, rather than aiming to be a fixfic, simply takes an alternate (and perhaps longer) path.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 101 )

Well this is a nice surprise, a well written story with a premise I have not seen before. I look forward to the next one.

This is something I’ll definitely keep up to date with, as this is pure gold. Hang on, not valuable enough... plutonium fits the bill. Yes, this is definitely plutonium.

Ooh this sounds interesting

This is a fascinating and promising beginning too what looks like a fun story. I hope to see the next chapter soon:twilightsmile:

Well now, this is certainly a nice surprise. A unique premise pulled off with the skill it deserves, with vivid and believable characters... And an actual smart and sensible Sunset Shimmer. Harmony knows when I've seen that in a story last.
Definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes, and even more to seeing how you are going to bring in some of the other villains in waiting.

I think you mean platinum. I mean, plutonium is rare and expensive too, but probably more Chrysalis' accessory of choice.

No, I meant plutonium. Platinum is $60 a gram, while plutonium is $4,000 a gram. Note these are approximate numbers, and may or may not be correct.


To build off this, if we take your statement as literal fact and consider that the story as it stands now could be printed on 6 standard A4-sized sheets of paper with Times New Roman size 12 font, and that each sheet of paper is about 4.5 grams without ink, I have so far produced at least $108,000 worth of words. That's like... enough to put me through college, at least!

Or we could sing this stories praises even more and move it up to californium, sitting at about $26 billion a gram. I suddenly feel rather proud to live in California.

Gosh darn it, I was planning on waiting until more was done to read, now I'm hooked and have to wait.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Sunset Shimmer struggled to stifle a groan, "I told you a million times Cadance, my name is Sunset , unless you want me to start calling you Candy I suggest you get that into that empty head of yours."

Yes, please start calling Cadance, Candy. That would be great, thank you.

This off to a great start. I have admit i'm curious if we're going to more than the Dazzlings on the banished evils front, since the mirror is thought to lead to a prison created by Starswirl.

I had a feeling this would be worth Following and I was right.

Good thing too. I was worried it would be awkward, the site telling you I was Following this, when I wasn't.

Now, I haven't actually read this story yet, but wouldn't an adventure tag fit better than a slice of life tag?

I considered this for awhile, but in the end I think the answer is no. They're not really going to be adventuring to much of anywhere. They're trapped in one place and need to do research, resource gathering, and alliance building in order to get back. It will take months for everything to fall into place, and in that time life happens. There might be some adventure elements in there, but most of their time will be spent with more mundane questions like "Should I break up with Brad" or "How do I set up a portal to another dimension if I can't access that dimension without another portal?".

Now, if and when they get a portal up and running, that is another story entirely both literally and figuratively. As I conceive it now, once that point happens I would make a sequel which would, in fact, have an adventure tag, as then the main characters would be gallivanting into an uncertain world to slay monsters and save princesses.

If you think there's something I could do with the description to better indicate my intent with the story, don't hesitate to point it out.

Excellent chapter I'm guessing Twilight's rose colored view of Celestia might soon be shattered into a million pieces.

I forgot to mention in the author's note that I lied to all of you. Sunset doesn't trash the bathroom at all! She just bangs the wall a bit!

... Or maybe I didn't lie, and Java will be really peeved with her later. I'm a real innovator in storytelling. You all though it was a regular story when boom, Choose Your Own Adventure!

Pretty good though I am disappointed the human 5 won't play much of a role in the story after all. I mean human Dopplergangers of the ponies who "betrayed" Twilight, I have to believe there is something that could be done with that.

Rest assured, the chapters that deal with Twilight will heavily focus on the human 5 and on how she thinks about them and, by extension, the friends that she's left in Equestria. Despite this, I just can't consider them "Main Characters" in the same way that the Dazzlings or SciTwi will eventually be. They're going to be solid supporting characters and a key part of the story, but as I said in the authors note it would be somewhat unfair to give them the tag when other characters will play just as strong a role. For example, and to spoil a bit, (though it probably wouldn't be a surprise to anyone) Vinyl Scratch will play a strong supporting role in regards to Cadance, yet you won't see her in the tags either.

I can understand that, at least you're giving the tags some thought. So many stories tag the Main 6 when only 2 or 3 play a significant role in the story. It can get pretty annoying sometimes.


Also, you said panda bear facts? Even in 2013, the Encyclopædia Britannica still used "giant panda" or "panda bear" for the bear, and simply "panda" for the Ailuridae, despite the popular usage of the word "panda".

I figured that Cadence would have somewhat of a sisterly-like bond with Sunset with the few times they've talked together, but with how Celestia treated these two? That's a new low, even for her.

Also, are choose-your-own-adventure style fics even allowed here in Fimfiction?

Interesting take on Tia but makes sense. There is just one thing I have an issue with. Killing human Sunset. This has become tired trope to me and I come to consider it lazy writing. 'How to deal with Human Sunset? Ah just kill her.' Sorry if I am ranting a bit but soooop many writers do that move.

Overall I love this story ASN eager to we where it goes.

8701292 Pony! Sunset already established that her counterpart was dead before she came here.

But every writer does this crap. I like to see some difference for once.

8701377 So do I. I've yet to find a fic where something other than Pony Sunset killing or finding her counterpart already dead is a thing. I mean, if two Twilights can exist on the same plane for five minutes, why can't Sunset? It would be pretty cool if Sunset took a page from both Pinkie Pies and switched... and somehow didn't catch the attention of Celestia or her army of glorified statues.

There are several stories with the human Sunset Shimmer, but with most of them that counterpart is the focus of the story.

Sunset's human counterpart is never mentioned in canon, unlike human Twilight; so many stories feel they need to address the issue with doppelgangers, but don't want to spend a whole chapter or more explaining how Sunset avoided her own counterpart or dealing with shenanigans if she didn't. Considering the common fancanon for pony Sunset's past and cutie mark, having human Sunset die from an incident that pony Sunset was only saved from by magic or Celestial intervention is the obvious choice.
Also keep in mind that unlike Twilight or anyone else jumping through the mirror, Sunset has spent years building a life under her own name and face, and even getting some moderate fame lately. It makes sense that her human counterpart isn't alive anymore or at least not living under her own name (which would make most sources assume she was dead, anyway), otherwise we'd right back to shenanigans that take the focus from whatever story the author actually wanted to write.

If you're looking for a story about Sunset meeting Sunset, I recommend reading Magical Girl Sunny. If you want one of the rare instances where human Sunset is alive and doesn't immediately steal the show, try Oops, I'm Equine Again.

I condider it lazy. Even a few sentences can deal with a living human Sunset.

Sure, you can say that she's living on the other side of the country, but it'd just open three more cans of worms for me. If she's an orphan in an orphanage, how'd she get there. If she's living on the streets, how would anyone know or care where and who she is. If she moved there with her family, you're basically acknowledging that pony Sunset has a whole family she abandoned on the other side of the mirror. If she ran away from her family in Canterlot, you have to potentially address two families.

All of that are interesting concepts to be explored, but not something any author wants to deal with when they're trying to tell a completely unrelated story.

But that,is how it is. The orphan and dead have been over used.




I will freely admit that my brushing off of Sunset's counterpart is somewhat lazy writing, and that I could have just as easily left her alive, but I killed her off for much the same reasons that River Road mentioned. If the human Sunset were alive, she wouldn't be able to play much of a part in the story other than providing filler in a story that I already feel will be perhaps too long.

Even though I wouldn't change anything with how I dealt with H!Sunset, I really appreciate it when people point these kinds of things out because I'm certainly going to be bearing it in mind in the future. The premise I have is already original enough, but that doesn't mean I should take any shortcuts with my characters (Sunset's a sad orphan, bla bla bla).

I swear I've seen a few before, though they could just be holdovers from a time when they were allowed, I really don't know.

As for whether or not CYOA is a good format to use on this website? That's a solid no from me.

one thign people forget that there is a clear time difference between the worlds. Twilight gets her wings when she is twenty but is aged regressed to at less 18 when she goes through and Sunset seems the same age physically as Twilight in Pony but has been in CHS for three years at that point says that time moves a bit differently between the worlds. THe likely senario is that Human Susnet is in her Twenties and has a job somewhere.

With Celestia abandoning Twilight at the Caterlot Wedding and not believing her, I think that's already begun. Just that Twilight could be going through denial right now.

Brushing aside her concerns about Nightmare Moon probably won't help either. Even if it was all part of the plan, it probably hurt Twilight.

I actually don't think twilight is that old..I think most fans believe she is...but remember her world is under rule of a dual diarchy and still has spear wielding guards...it's possible getting a job doesn't require a specific age,only the skills needed. I mean,Shining is young but already guard captain? I'd place the the mane six in the 16-19 range.Rarity being oldest.

Also love this concept!

Figure started being taught by Celestia at 8, 18 by pilot and gets wings at 21.

I always figured she was one of the younger of the group...simply matching to the Canterlot High ages. I mean,that rarity also works in clothing, Dash is essentially a girl trying to go Pro...Flutters,the animal shelter...etc

Its only in recent seasons we have them going big...Wonderbolts,Business Chain,Animal Sanctuary, ....applejack and pinkie need to step up XD....And twilight according to season eight spoilers...IS OPENING A SCHOOL?! Ah,and somehow starlight is teaching...who thought that was a good idea?0-0;

I put her on the younger side and Twilight and Starlight teaching. I am getting lesson zero vibes.

I was imagining when starlight relapsed and brainwashed people to do her friendship lesson...


Hm, this is looking very interesting. Not only are you tying a number of disparate plot threads together in the kinds of creative ways I haven't seen regularly in years, but you are also fixing/ignoring a number of pieces of stupidity while you do it and making some logical inferences about details behind the scenes to fill things out nicely. I'm definitely looking forwards to seeing where this goes which is not something I've said about a new story in quite a while.

Also, since you are very clearly ignoring the later stupidity that destroyed everything interesting and complex about the changelings, I think it would be fun to leave the Equestrian side completely dark to the audience until the moment the characters step through, and then totally flip expectations on their head by having everything already sorted out because Pinkie and Luna have befriended the changelings in the intervening months. This would tie in nicely with a variation of a silly one-shot idea I had years ago where a changeling would accidentally break into Luna's room during the invasion, she would declare it the cutest thing she's ever seen, and the shenanigans would spiral on from there with her bringing her new friend to the reception while being totally oblivious to the fact that there was an invasion at all. For you it would probably be more along the lines of Chrysalis accidentally seducing Luna and awkwardly dragging two grumbling sides together, but you don't have to clarify all the details because it'll only need a cursory explanation after the hilariously awkward scene of the cast of this story breaking into Luna and Chrysalis's bedroom and discovering the new status of "diplomatic relations" first hand.

I think leaving the Equestria side a mystery is a good idea, though I have to disagree with you on the criticism for this story, as I think it’s wonderful, and underappreciated.

Huh. Most fics put Sunset as having gone through the mirror portal before Twilight was Celestia's student. This one has her going through after. interesting.

I totally agree with your depiction of Celestia here. One upcoming bit in my own Sunset story is that Sunset was especially angry about Celestia's "go make some friends" line because of how hypocritical it seemed to her.

I'll probably forget about the hair dye thing in a week or two, but maybe have blue for Twilight and red for Cadence.

IF Twi and Cady weren't sisters before the Wedding incident, then they're sisters now.

if they manage to save Equestria. I think Celestia needs to step down for her poor handling on everything. and forced into therapy. THis is one of the worse versions of Celestia I have seen.

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