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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.


Sunset Shimmer has an assignment due that morning, there is only one problem standing in her way of academic perfection.... Windows update. Will she be able to finish her essay on time, and keep her school record of no late or missing assignments?

Probably not.

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I turned off automatic updates after my computer was like "oh, you're taking an online quiz for school? It'd be a shame if… something were to happen."

7593517 Is that possible on Windows 10?

I'm still on Windows 7.

"Hello I'm a Mac and I'm a PC." I'm I the only one that thought about that when reading this.

7593518 No the updates can't be turned off in Windows 10

We all share your pain Sunset. Windows updates are the worst.

They will force you Windows 10 even if they have to hold your computer hostage.

................................... is it strange to say my laptop is currently having that problem.... as in It has been doing update after update for I think a month and a half?

7593531 I've never lost assignments luckily, but i have lost a lot of time to work on them due to windows updates.

7593533 I thought about that while writing this, and briefly debated having something like that with AJ and Rainbow during the part where she is reminiscing about buying her laptop, but then i opted not to.

7593542 Damn it, well that sucks :ajbemused:

7593627 Might be a Windows problem then. My laptop already had an update about a week ago, then it tried to do another one which i managed to delay until this morning when it force restarted my computer to do the update.

Though despite my current computer is still stuck with Vista, I never had to deal with the windows 10 forced update. My friends and family had to unfortunately, then read horror stories online about this thing.

Back then when I still in High school, the night before when a paper is due the problem would always be the printer. Yes, the printer. Running out of ink would be the least problem, just go to Walmart and get a new one. The bigger inconvenience is that the printer decides to start printing only half of the paper and say it's done, or paper jam, or for some reason can't align itself. Of all the times for the printers to ever break down, it always the night before the paper is due. One time the printer wouldn't even turn on or even receive the signal to print, I checked the plugs and connections and they were still good, nothing obstructing them.

So... I heard from a friend that his older sibling took polaroid shots of her computer screen because her printer broke at the last minute and she stayed up all night working on it until the early hours of the morning. Dude... that could be a sequel to this story if you would like.

Wow, references to so many other stories and authors going on here!

7593655 I might debate doing a sequel like that. Ironically I've had problems using my own printer as well where i get white lines showing up anytime i try to print out anything. Doesn't matter if it's a photo, drawing, or just a document.

7593667 I was only aware of one, the one where Sunset and Pinkie get stuck in an elevator.


Followed by more burning.

Windows updates are the worst. What sucked is when you get forced to update to 10. Freaking horrible on so many things. Thought that the only upside was that it started up faster. Then an inopportune udate, kinda like in the story, made it so that it now started up even slower than it did when I was on 7. Hate Windows right now, but too many of my programs won't work without it.

7593669 is it still doing that? Maybe something with your ink levels because my last couple of printers would do that too if you don't fill both the black and color side by side. We never had a use for the colored ink because we mostly printed homework, map directions and my favorite... cheat codes. Or maybe something with alignment. Would think getting a more updated printer that had it's own copy-machine feature on top would be a god send... nope, half of the time the stupid printer can't read what we try to put on the thing.

Oh, I can sympathize with this so much.

In stressful times like that, it's best to take a break and look out the Windows.

I'm sorry.

7594980 That joke.....

was a total pane :moustache: :trollestia: :facehoof:


I'd say something in response to that, but I'm busy talking to a Big Mac and eating an Apple.



indeed. this fic may have helped with my next computer, incidentally... thank ya.

7595346 You are welcome :D

Whenever is gives me the option to restart so that I can update, I just click the "never ask me again" option. My laptop is slow, but it's better than sitting through... 12 hours of updates.

I should probably just get it over with, huh?

7596346 I had that option back when i had Windows XP, but now that i have Windows 10 it literally forces you to update.

7593638 mines being doing that ever since I deleted Windows 10...

7596681 You have my deepest apologies.

This hits me at a personal level. Good job. :twilightsmile:

This story reminds me of the other day. I started my laptop up at 8 and the updates weren't finished until 11:30.

7601356 For me the update started at 9:30 and ended around 12:30, so i took out my I-pad and wrote this fic while i waited.

7593518 There are actually 2 ways to disable Auto Updates in Win10.
You can open services and disable the Windows Update service to stop your Windows from ever updating ANYTHING again until you re-enable the service. You can also set your network as a metered connection so Windows won't download updates when you're connected to that specific network.
Just keep in mind that there's a reason that updates exist, so if you do either of the above, don't leave it as a permanent change.

Also, with the Anniversary Update (Win10 v1607), you can set a period of 10 hours each day when Windows will NEVER try to reboot to install updates (say, 6PM until 4AM).
The Anniversary Update came out in July and has rolled out to most Win10 users now, though it's estimated some won't get it, automatically, until November. If you don't have it yet, you can get it manually here.

Even before the Anniversary Update came out you always had the option to delay the updates (or at least the rebooting part).

Eg don't know what the fuss was about never had an update take that long okay one update took two hour but that was after I had installed stuff to. Did I mention my iPhone crashed dozen of times in the past. Macs are not infallible.

Eh story okay I just don't like same gender ships (Celstia forbid the fandom does m/f fhaf just crazy talk )

7601819 That.....doesn't make sense. It takes my Surface Pro 3 only 5 or 10 minutes at the max to install updates.

7595346 Check out the Surface Book first. Really updates for Windows should only take 5 or 10 minutes. And it's possible that it's faster on the Surface products since they're made by Microsoft directly.

I have the Surface Pro 3 and have not had any of those problems with updates.

7618691 och, the advice came a bit to late. first off, had to get a new computer with 10 ready in case this one breaks down. *grinds teeth angrily*

secondly, I stick with Desktops so while thats a useful piece of advice, i can't benefit from it. Thank ya, though.

7618708 Bummer! It's too bad I discovered this too late.

Why did you need a desktop exactly instead of getting a 3 in 1 capable device?

A Surface Book should already come equipped with Windows 10 and it has so much more capabilities than a normal computer. Not to mention using it as a tablet and a laptop as well as taking the screen off and putting it on backwards so you don't have to place the keyboard somewhere else.

7618734 a few reason on that one-

I don't really need a mobile device. i dont go out much and i rarely used my laptop or Cellphone when i had them. in fact the laptop wound up being a faux Desktop.

Customization and the power that comes with it. im not one to update my rig much, but I prefer the option open. while i went overbudget on the new rig, its a massive leap forward for me- seriously, my graphics went up a good 6+ years. while the surface book boasts a lot of the same strength, my purchase wound up a fair bit cheaper with 2nd or 3rd tiers in Graphics cards and processing- the main reason i snapped it up. as a friend of mine said, once i hook it up- "welcome to the future".

Lastly... eh. just like desktops more.

7618757 I see. Well if you ever have to cave in and get a laptop, hopefully the desktop lasts you pretty well, you should consider the Surface Book. I tell ya, my SP3 has performed pretty well over the last three years I've had it.

Question, did you ever get to test it out at a store? We have a Microsoft store near us in Cincinnati and every time I go in and play on it, it's hard not to buy it right then and there. What with the pen and tablet abilities.

Also, what kind of desktop did you get? I've thought about the possibility of getting a desktop from time to time. Apple has a good one, although I've really come to like the new ones Microsoft has. Then again I'm a huge fan of touch screen, so that may be a part of it, lol!

Huzzah! Somebody wrote a story that exposes the evil that is named Microsoft Windows Update.
I won't say this is the answer, but for me, switching to Linux at least gave me a reliably functional computer, but then the college's "Angel" online system for turning in finished assignments would crash anyway no matter what OS your computer used.
(Windows 10 is even worse, especially if you've got the creators update.)

I don't think I remember this happening to me, I guess Windows updates became a bit kinder to their users, unless you consider it to be kindness to force OS upgrade to be downloaded and install it, otherwise updates became less intrusive on restart procedures

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