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Coco Pommel is a little different from most other mares and it's made her life one of shy self-exclusion. When she's approached by a beautiful and amorous free-spirit at the Apple family's latest shindig, she has to decide if she can be as open and accepting of herself as others may be.

Rated Teen for saucy dialogue and innuendo and alcohol use. It's a Hootenanny. ;)

A last minute entry to the Pride and Positivity event! Extended to July 15th, each fic submitted will count as a donation to LGBTQ+ charities, or similar humanitarian efforts! In my case, I'll be tickled rainbow to see my submission go towards assisting https://transgenderlawcenter.org/ If y'all would like to help some folkes do some good in this world, look into submitting your submission as well. Big Love to all y'all and Happy PRIDE Month!

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Nice story. Fiddly’s countryism feels a little over the top, but the rest of the story is solid. Ignore haters in the votes. Love and tolerate! ;)

This is absolutely wonderful on so many levels. Thank you so much for writing it!

Well... that was cute. Fiddly Twang is such a sweetheart! I agree that the 'country-isms' were a bit thick, but they were mostly very enjoyable.

Story started out weak but got much better as it went along. Characters and dialog and whatnot. Good surprise to have and I did enjoy this story a lot.

EEyup. Thanks for the love, hon.

One of the most troubling things I've come across in the brony fandom has easily been the EMBARRASSING amount of homophobia, transphobia, Racism and just plain old bigotry. It's repugnant on it's own but just bizarre in a group built around the notion that "friendship is magic". Lotsa ugly folkes in the world need to learn some empathy and compassion for their fellows. :applejackunsure:

Yeah, the two entries I made have massed crazy downvotes. They're the lowest-rated stories non-M stories I have published, and I'm pretty sure they're not controversial or poorly written. There may be some brigading going on against the P&P stories as this seems to be happening to the vast majority of them.

This story is AWESOME! How do I know? Easy! Half of the time when Fiddly was talking I didn’t understand a word she said, but I still love it!


aww, this was cute

She glared at Coco with eyes the size of finger-bowls

What's a finger?

Those things that Dragons, Griffons and several other known sentient races have,

This was a delight to read. Don't get all the downvotes, this was just cute, if a bit over the top with the descriptions at times, but that had its charm too.

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