Do you remember that one time when you and your fashion understudy got drunk and made love? Rarity doesn't.

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skirts wat

I love you but wat


Ah. There's the word I'm looking for.

I second that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

:trollestia: skirts. You writing while hungry, again?


I'm sorry, but wat

7693503 7693507
I third that

bless you

7693513 fourthed. (Heh)

That was certainly a bit of a departure from the norm. Quite funny, too, at times.

full version when?

EDIT: You managed to get 14 likes with no views! Congratulations!

The author's note killed me.

Ships for the Ship God! :flutterrage:

a century of saliva

...pls :rainbowderp:

Hmm, nothing better than Coco with marshmallows.

Did you really have to emphasize the age gap? I hadn't even suspected it was more than a year or two before, but now you've gone and made it weird and unsettling. It's cute otherwise, but still.

Emtu #12 · Nov 3rd, 2016 · · ·

and her peripheral vision caught a rosy hair corsage that rested on a bedside table several kilometers away.

Holy crap, Rarity can see a corsage several kilometers away? That''s some damn good eyesight.

Even though part of the song pops into my head every now and again, it's been a long time since I've actually listened to "Moonshadow". So… congrats or something?

I don't headcanon Rarity and Coco's ages to be that far apart, but whatever. I can dig it.

Love fic. Good ship. Much wat.

7693642 I actually kind of like the age gap. In reality, such things can come off as "creepy", and should probably be avoided "just in case". Love is, after all, just a series of strange chemical reactions existing as a byproduct of evolution, existing simply because bonded animals have a better chance of survival than singular. Such reactions SHOULD be ignored if disadvantageous, and a new bond with a more suitable partner can be formed. That is the REALITY of the situation.......but this is fantasy, a whole different beast! A dash of "forbidden love" can add a bit of spice to just about any story if done well, and a simple age gap is just the right amount of "taboo" to make things a bit more interesting. ( ; A lot of authors are wary of tackling it because it's hard to do well, but I think it fits in this case. Would have preferred a longer story to tackle it in more detail, but it is probably easier for those who dislike that sort of thing to swallow in this bite-sized dose. :P

.........sorry, I tend to ramble when I start typing. ^_^; Also, you are more than free to disagree with my viewpoints on love and emotion.......I tend to tackle those from a biological angle cause I find it simpler, but it is, of course, just my own point of view.

7693541 Thoroughly fifthed.

She's got some 'splaining to do!!!!

This shouldn't happen in the show.

Because it's a kids show.

And this doesn't belong in a kids show.

But this should happen in the show.

Screw the damn kids.

>Do you remember that one time when you and your fashion understudy got drunk and made love?

Yes I do, and let me tell ya, it wasn't pretty.

There was coffee and important documents EVERYWHERE.

I wonder how many people will get the wrestling reference.

hugging the billow tighter.

What happened to that pillow?!

“That sounds absolutely delightfu!.”

you lost and l for and ! and the ! was replaced with a ..

That must have been one hell of a bender. And Raritys hiding some kinky tendencies there.

That went better than expected.

Wow, this was a great story! What an awkward situation Rarity has gotten herself into. Will there be a sequel?

Nooo! Write another chapter please! I want to see how this plays out.

But on a more serious note, very well written. With every story you put out I become more and more grateful that I followed you.

What a writer indeed!:raritywink:

This was just so sweet and awkward and oh so much like Rarity! Good job, Skirts!

Hey Rares will you cheer for me?:rainbowdetermined2:
Yeah Rarity, shake your Pom poms!:ajsmug:
Bwa hahaha!:rainbowlaugh:
Rarity I had no idea you were into such scandalous activities.:trollestia:

This doesn't technically have to be forbidden (accept for maybe employer/employee romance which is frowned upon), or illegal love as Coco is only said to not be old enough to drink. Not sure how Equestria works, but if it's like America, the drinking age is higher than the age of consent, so Coco could be, like, eighteen to Rarity's late twenties or early thirties. Weird, but not against the law. Well, Coco drinking and buying booze was illegal, but not the sex, anyway. Rarity better be careful about not letting people know alcohol was involved or else she might spend some time in the dungeons.
I'm personally accepting of maximum age gaps of ten years before things start to get creepy as long as the older individual in the relationship did not know the other when they were absurdly young, Like, if you babysat somebody when they were eight and you were eighteen, and you start dating them ten years later, that's freaky. Having sex with someone who you once bounced on your knee as a toddler is just wrong.

This was weirda and a complete mess, and I fucking loved it.

You bastard, take my like and my follow. I might as well have a front row seat.


“...unless of course... that pet wants to be punished.”

Oh, my. Coco is a Brat?

This was... uh, not what I expected.

a bedside table several kilometers away

Woah. They must have been really rowdy last night. :rainbowderp:


Fan, age of consent here in my state is 16 (with parental permission). Drinking age is 21.

Let that sink in for a moment.


Most people don't realize why they find that 10+ year age gap freaky, especially if the two knew each other from one's younger years. It's not because of the age itself, but the left-unsaid implication that MAYBE the older one had been less than moralistic in their platonic relationship with the younger one, perhaps 'training' them to become a romantic interest.

Which, when that's fully dispelled it actually seems less of an issue*, pending personal preferences. (*Per my findings and experiences.)

I have this habit of reading stories without knowing who wrote them until i have finished reading it. Don't ask me how I pull it off, I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

But when I reached the end there was only one person who could have written such a fantastic little one-shot.

Damn it Skirts you've done it again.

That training bit is why I've never been a fan of Celestia/Twilight. Celestia took Twilight under her wing when she was just a little filly and practically raised her according to most headcanons, so the idea of Celestia then sleeping with said filly once she's a mare strikes me as inappropriate.
One writer straight up implied the training stuff but didn't understand why it was weird when he wrote that Celestia manipulated events to ensure Twilight would ascend so that Twilight could become immortal and be her lover for all eternity so that Celestia wouldn't have to worry about outliving her. That there was just sick to me.

Wow! They certainly used a lot of props, didn't they? :rainbowderp:

Congrats! Hope they stay together for many moons! :twilightblush:

*Scene shifts to Hatter sitting at his computer desk, his bedside table falls over for no apparent reason*
"D:yay:n shippers always making inter-dimensional shifts! Last time I got stabbed by Fluttershy."
*Hatter continues to ramble unaware of the Shy pony sneaking up behind him with a kitchen knife*

She DOES live with their parents most of the time. I'm sure she wasn't home. Poor Opal though...and the neighbors...the poor, poor neighbors...

I saw the name of the story and immediately put cat Stevens on only to find that Moon Shadow was in the author comments lol

Or the story where Twilight was mind raped by Nightmare Moon into falling in love with Luna, and then after Nightmare's defeat, the affects remain and Luna and Twilight stay together even though Twilight isn't into mares, and everyone within the story and it's readers were okay with that. Luna and Celestia are just creepers.

This was really good. But it was too short. I want more. I was left wanting. For more of what happened the night before. Damn you! Don't make me write a prequel! Lol :P

So much confusion after one wakes up not remembering anything. Good times.
At least Rarity didn't wake up to the cliched old marriage :rainbowlaugh:


Meanwhile I don't see that as particularly creepy because I understand. It's that nagging feeling at the back of the head that creates that 'creep out' vibe, the concern that something was wrong. But if you stop and look at it, in most cases Celestia just helped Twilight fulfill her destiny. She cared for her growing up, perhaps with some romantic attachment around the teenage years (whatever they may be for sentient equines), and then either let things happen after she grew into a mare, or pursued her once she was legal.

The problem we have with this sort of thing is that 'the older person can manipulate the less wise and less intelligent younger person - with some sort of sick or nefarious end in mind', but if that's not the case, then isn't the entire feeling behind that wrong? A lot of people stop questioning it past 'Ew creep' and will violently defend an illogical rejection they don't actually understand the reason behind.

Plus the immortal factor. Honestly, as an elder immortal, if you don't pick up adult mortals or adult immortals still within the confines of their mortal lifespan, who are you going to turn to for romantic inclination? Let's be fair, Granny Smith, who might very well be at least three hundred years old, is essentially a toddler to Celestia by comparison. If we shipped them, it'd be almost no different than a child and an adult, because one lacks the years, experiences, and knowledge of the other - all the things people consider 'wrong' with the original Twi/Celestia scenario. What's that leave her with? Aside from Discolestia being disgusting in ways I don't want to think about due to my personal preferences, the current walking-free immortal list as we know it is Discord - former hated enemy, now effective tool... and Luna, her sister. While I might personally be down for Princest, that's also an immortal-perception issue that we mortals can only guess at. Even the wisest fifty-eighty year old among us will never understand the same feelings and viewpoints of someone who's a thousand or several more older than they.

Guiding Twilight to becoming an immortal alicorn is something she'd have done even if she wasn't romantically interested in Twilight. If she happens to fall romantically for her after the fact, we just need to think objectively rather than moving to our gut instinct and concern, which is based on fear of corruption and skeevy manipulation in a situation we know (as the audience) neither exists.

In which case Twilestia or even Twidance for the alt-shippers out there are both completely acceptable.

I love Rarity's warm and fuzzy epiphany. For a moment I thought this was go to be a sad story but everything came together perfectly.

Nice job :ajsmug:

7694672 wait this is a SSE fic?....oh cool it is..

My God do I love that title.

aww I hoped for something longer.

Well sadly I'm going to leave it untouched this time, if there is going to be a longer sequel or something like that, then I'm still interested.

This made me chuckle more than normal, mainly because Moonshadow was an old online nickname of mine.

I've decided I love this based solely on the title.

Raritop and Cocobottom.

Yes, that will do nicely.

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