It's Starlight Glimmer's first Nightmare Night in Ponyville, and she invites Trixie to go to a Haunted House attraction with her. As it turns out, Trixie is very very easily frightened. Almost too easily. Certainly it's not some silly excuse for the sideshow magician to cling to her very best friend... right?

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I don't know why, but just I find it extra hilarious by the fact that that line was delivered by Cheerilee.

Scared Trixie was one of the best parts of the finale.

Such a cute story.

That was pretty cute.:twilightsmile:

Trixie makes the best facial expressions.

Of course wheels would come in at some point

This was adorable as heck. While I liked her before, after the finale Trixie became one of my favorite secondary characters in the show for sure. She really was one of the best parts of the episodes, easily stole them.

Trixie's liver is more powerful than her horn? Is the horn an organ? I have so many questions. My Little Pony: Alcoholism is Magic.

Some adoracute content just in time for the spookiest night of the year. Great job as always, Skirts! Haven't seen the finale yet, but now I can't wait (assuming Trixie is half as Great and Adorable as she was here).

Damn near fell over laughing when I read the first chapter of this awesome story.

That was a heartwarming and adorable story. I loved how Starlight and Trixie interacted with each other throughout the story and the emotions they conveyed. Excellent work as usual! :twilightsmile:

Mmmmm, fuzzy.

Wheel Factory of Doom? COME ON!!!!!! The Cake Twins and Flurry Heart have scariest ideas that this.

I love it how Dr Whooves is the scientist

This was bust out loud laughing funny.
Oh my gods Trixie was so cute in this. Her and Starlight where just adorable together.

Deserves a comedy tag for that ending.

Nightmare Night... What a fright, indeed.

Twilight Sparkle rivals go very well together, like peanut butter and crackers.

"N-not my liver! That's Trixie's greatest and m-most powerful organ!"

I love that :rainbowlaugh:

Awwwe, my OTP :pinkiesad2:

A delightful bit of fluff. Thank you for it.

/grammar nazi ;)

then you have another thing coming


You have another think coming = you have to thinK again.
Not that you have an upcoming UPS delivery with more of your things...


At first I was like :rainbowlaugh:, but then I was like (─‿‿─).

Them ships full of booty!

Wheel factory of doom
That's fine I don't need my sides anyways, they can help NASA by broadcasting data from how deeply launched into orbit they were XD

Alright, this was the fucking most adorable thing I've read in WEEKS- if I didn't like these two together before, then I sure as hell love 'em now.
Trixie is such a fucking sap, I love it.

"N-not my liver! That's Trixie's greatest and m-most powerful organ!"

You got my thumbs up right there.

"But wheels?"

"Mrrmffff..." Trixie's hooves curled up over her fuzzy chest as she stared across the room. "It's a long story."

And one you never finished, did you Skirts?:trixieshiftright:

Holy shit that was adorable.

It was so cute :twilightblush: Now I ship them like there was no tomorrow

I've always leaned more toward the pairing of Twilight and Starlight. But now I think i'll have to check some more of this out.

Thanks for the new ship :ajsmug:

:rainbowlaugh: That was awesome! I can totally see Trixie being this way.

Yassss. Nobody ever writes startrix stories even though it's even canoner than lyrabon and so very OTP. And this was sooo fluffy.


I could read this in their voices; see them doing this...

Excellent work...!


"Oh bother."

You are now reading Starlight's line in the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh.

You're welcome.

huh i was expecting the fear to be faked so starlight would hug her i didnt think she would be actually scared interesting change of pace

"I can understand torture chambers and spider queens..." Starlight suppressed a giggle. "But wheels?"
"Mrrmffff..." Trixie's hooves curled up over her fuzzy chest as she stared across the room. "It's a long story."
Starlight raised an eyebrow. "Care to tell me?"

Sure. Read this:

"Yes." Starlight purred, opening her eyes just wide enough to take in Trixie's shiny complexion. "And—if it makes you feel any better..." She giggled inwardly. "I... kinda sorta like it when Trixie clings to Starlight... so that way Starlight can hold her tight and hug all of the shivers away..."
"Heeheeheehee..." Trixie giggled for the first time that night.
Starlight blinked. "...what?"
Trixie stuck a tongue out. "Trixie thinks she has become contagious."

I'll consider this story the prequel to this, then:

Well done, written, and gets a 10/10 for cute adorableness. :heart:

How many stamps do i need to ship this?

That last line.

Someone knew Trixie was going to this thing and decided to screw her over.

I love it!


Okay this. This is fitting for this friendshipping. I wants one between Twilight and Starlight now. Make it a series!

Yup! This is adorable!

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7685190 Having another thing coming is an actual saying.

Alright so it's not often that I readily accept most ships, I actually don't like shipping very much, but this ship is one I can get behind, as readily as a revolution :rainbowlaugh:. I spent all day reading through both chapters (I was doing stuff in between) and I enjoyed it, it's a lovely piece of work, definitely well thought out, plotted and written :pinkiesmile:.
I loved that ending, contagious Trixie... :trixieshiftright: I'll take it! :pinkiehappy:. Once again it's a lovely read and I'm glad I took the time to read it. Praiseworthy indeed. :twilightsmile:

"Meh..." Trixie meh'd.

I've never seen the term meh'd used before, either that or I've missed it in other fic, but I smiled almost hellishly upon reading that, bravo. :raritywink:

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