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Lovely cover art courtesy of Dilarus.

Sometimes friendships are simple.

Sometimes they're complicated.

And sometimes a little thing like waking up next to your best friend makes them go from one to the other really, really fast.

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Comments ( 16 )

I liked this. I like how you handled it, especially with them not suddenly saying "I love you" but just admitting that they wanted a relationship.

Awww. That was really sweet.

I liked the "Should I tell Twilight?" bit.

I dont really like ships. Exept this one. You made it! you made me satisfied acctually!

One of my new favorite ships to ever sail the seven seas, so this got automatic liking from me. But I read it and found that it deserved a fave, simply because I found it adorable. :heart:

I really enjoyed this! It had me chuckling really good at the ending, and it wasn't over the top with drama. I'll be looking into more of your works!

yes trixy you need more snuggle time with your friend before purple smart finds out and starts friendshiping all over the place

Author Interviewer

Did not expect the feels D: This was great. :D

Oh snap! A shiny blue name! Thank you for the kind words.

Nice and quick, but a realistic little slice of life. Thanks!

I gave trixie like a pinkie pie from mentally advanced series accent I think that sounds hilarious

Great work. This had a lot of impact for such a short story.

“Trixie would rather ____ you waited.”


Start was cutest part. Great and napping Trixie

Excellent writing, awesome characterization, kinda wish it was longer, but still manages to fit all the feels :twilightsmile:

Too freaking cute and such a well captured moment. I love the way you have Trixie go into first person when she's being genuine.

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