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Vinyl Scratch is dead, and Octavia is getting real tired of it.

Proofed and edited by the one, the only, the illustrious Posh.

Silver medalist in the "Rising from the Ashes" March 2017 Writeoff.

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Glad to see this one:

Up here at last!


Well that's gotta be the most embarrassing thing possible for the two when they go out, especially considering that corpses release their bowels and bladder!

I went into this a little wary, I must confess. I also sort of missed the comedy tag too? Thought it was going to be an angsty romance or something.

Which made it all the funnier! :rainbowlaugh: Dark humour at its finest - good job.

Posh #4 · July 14th · · ·

posh helped

He did and I am a bad boy for not mentioning it. Will have to update when at my computer.

yay I remember this one!

Heartfelt, touching and romantic! I love the bittersweetness of emotion.
Also nice job with Death speaking in small caps!

Oddly touching, if macabre. I enjoyed that!

Very Discworldian. I like the dark humor.

i know momento mori means remember you too shall die, but i dont know what the other words mean

Ars vivendi is, roughly speaking, "the art of living."

So, filtered through somebody who failed Latin twice in college, the title is roughly intended as something along the lines of "The Art of Living: Remember You Will Die."

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