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Now that Equestria is finally at peace, Starlight can begin to move forward with her life as the new headmare of the School of Friendship. Thankfully, she has Sunburst to help her out, at least most of the time. And she doesn't spend time secretly following him while he's going about his work. Absolutely not!

As summer is in full swing, Sunburst has accepted an invitation from Cadance to help with some new problems with Flurry Heart. With the clock counting down before he returns to the Empire, Starlight "kindly asks" that the two of them go on a date. Absolutely nothing will go wrong. It's not like the two of them can turn anything into a disaster zone given enough time.

Thanks to sneaky_boi and The Bamboozler for pre-reading and giving feedback and EverfreePony for the amazing editing work and getting this to be presentable.

Cover by Little Tigress.

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Oh my gosh, this is so freaking adorable and it's only the first chapter! I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this little story!

These two will be the death of me I swear! They're such dorks that I was giggling and grinning the whole time I was reading. I honestly wasn't expecting Trixie to be thrown into the mix but I'm not complaining (but Trixie, c'mon, you knew better than to bet against Starlight, honestly she's your best friend!) it wouldn't be StarBurst if their friends weren't putting their nose where it didn't belong.

Glad that you're enjoying it so far. To be entirely honest, it was one of your stories that got me into shipping these two. :pinkiecrazy:

Starlight, honey, baby, sweetie, I know you like how he smells but for the greater good tell him to take a bath after this. I promise he will smell a thousand times better.

This is freaking adorable! The fluff is suffocating me but I can't stop reading! I love how their date is going and their adorable/awkward chemistry, this is such a joy to read.

Okay you two, I don't care how late it is. go. take. a. shower! Nobody likes the smell of stinky pony, ew!

Honestly, this is how I imagine their first date to be like, maybe not as messy, but still pretty awkward. I laughed aloud at various points of the story and may have screamed "FINALLY" when they kissed. Either Trixie is very stupid or has a death wish to utter the last part aloud. Great chapter, I'm loving this story to pieces!

Well, I see that her name isn't Luster for nothing~!

This was such a ride, my face hurts from grinning so much, though I kinda wished we got more story in between their first date and them getting married but I guess that's another story entirely. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope to see you around in the future :twilightsmile:

Wait, seriously!? :raritystarry: all according to plan I mean thank you!!! Always glad to see another fellow starburst shipper around here.

Yes, it was Going Through the Motions, if I remember correctly. And I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Hopefully this brings a nice laugh to some other crazy shippers, too.

Stay tuned for an eventual sequel, although that won't be out until around Christmas time. :raritywink:


Very fun story. This is exactly how awkward they would be asking each other out

Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile: Indeed, these two dorks would stumble and fumble their way through any first date, lol.

You've earned a spot on the prestigious Golden Stories bookshelf from me!

If there isn't further mention of Starlight's friendship with the crystal floor, I might be upset...

Very enjoyable and short read that achieves something incredibly hard being as short as it is: memorability.

Your work with Starlight and Sunburst is so incredibly endearing; I particularly enjoyed the awkward tension of their interplay in Chapter One. I do have one minor question, though: what does ALB stand for in your dating system (Chapter One, Third Paragraph)?

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I took the dating system from the Hearts of Iron 4 mod Equestria at War. It stands for "After Luna's Banishment."

Hey! I’ll have you know Poutine tastes delicious! XD

Exhaling loudly, Trixie blew a quick "phew!" and prepared to head out. As she entered the hallway, she muttered, "But I was hoping to date Sunburst."

Surely didn’t expect that

Ha! Nopony expects the Trixie flirtations. Perhaps Sunburst just is attractive to all the mares. :raritywink:

this story coulda been better
if only it wasn't a comedy of errors
i absolutely despise that sort of thing, as i just can't fucking read it/watch it
here's hoping the sequel doesn't do the same thing

Can't please everyone. Thanks for the feedback.

Been meaning to get to reading this story and glad I finally had time to. Starburst is one of my favorite ships and I love how you characterized them here. Some fun moments in the story, even with the awkwardness as they navigated through the start of their relationship. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the sequel.

Glad that you enjoyed it. StarBurst still is my OTP, and I don't think anything will change that. I trust you'll like the sequel when you're able to read it. :twilightsmile:

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