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The second changeling attack on Equestria has helped the Royal Crystaller Sunburst in getting a fresh perspective on several aspects of his life.

One particular aspect comes into focus when Shining Armor and Cadance offer him a weekend off, and he's temporarily alleviated from all responsibility of Flurry Heart.

Cover art by legionattack @ deviantart.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 109 )

Well. I hope there will be some good old romance between these two more in upcoming chapters. But this may tread on your previous romance fic of TwilightxMoondancer.

Perhaps to make it different yet the same to one of your old story have it flashback to how they met and became friends and all that.
Kind of like the song Closer

Say what you want about the singing being good or bad by those singers in that but maybe your story could be like the storyline of that song with two freshly new lovers looking back on the things they did before when they were younger.

Since you've marked this incomplete, I'm guessing that means you have at least a vague idea of where to take this if a large number of people would like to see more. Well, I guess I'll have to be the one to start it.


Well, it's a good start and I'm interested to see what you're planning to do with this since you've marked it incomplete.

Wow I need more O.O

7679837 That is my biggest concern. Most of my ideas would pretty much make it Moonlight with swapped characters.

I don't think Flurry Heart has ever played with the Mane 6's pets.

Starlight was 99.9% sure she hadn't accidentally cast Tempus Praevaricator

Did you get that spell from Starlight's chapter book? I don't remember that book correctly, but cool.

As with several other of my oneshots, I'm almost expecting a good deal of you to, as usual, scream "THIS NEEDS MORE!"

OF COURSE this needs more! I can't wait for the update, dude! Also, may I say that you nailed Starlight's characterization by making her faint after Sunburst's confession. With what we've seen of her social anxiety, I can totally see that happening.

7682034 Nah, once I realized her spells in "Every Little Thing She Does" were latin, I simply put "Time Breaker" into the Google Translator.

7682078 Thanks. And if you're invested in this story, feel free to shoot me a PM with any suggestions or ideas. I thrive off of conversations with readers devoted to a story.

7682081 I probably have even less ideas than you :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, I'll shoot you a PM if I ever have something to tell you.

7682088 Sweet. Thanks for reading!

Aw man, I was going to write something very similar to this, but you've already beaten me to it.

Something tells me that Starlight is going to be breathing into a paper bag for a while now. Meanwhile, a frantic Sunburst will be setting records for "being no help at all" until a vexed Twilight banishes him to the reception hall to do something useful with his time.

I cannot wait for more of this *squeals*:heart:

7690095 Would you rather have nothing? :trixieshiftright:

7690095 I agree but its at least something

Cadence is really going to leave 'love advice' to her sister-in-law who has NO EXPERIENCE OF LOVE AT ALL?!!!?!?!!!!

7690935 Geez, how irresponsible of the Princess of Love. I know she's not a love potion, but still.

helped her up to her feet

Shouldn't that be "hooves"?

"Well, no... You see, I may have... I... kind of-"
"Yes, of course you can!"
Sunburst was cut off by Starlight Glimmer, who had snapped back to a woken state, eyes bolting open excitedly.

Ahahaha, this scene is perfect :rainbowlaugh:

"Let's stick with who we know best. You talk to your student, I'll handle my crystaller."

Nice to see Cupid stepping into action. This is going to be cute and hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Another cute cute chapter done! :rainbowkiss:

I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited for the next chapter

Will the next one be the actual date ?

Pinkie is setting up a "Congratulations Starburst couple" party somewhere.

"I sort of have dating experience but he's an alien from a different universe so I'm not sure it counts."

7711734 Probably, wonder where they'll go and what they'll do?

"And third, if your magical abilities can strengthen your relationship, why shouldn't you use them to that end?"

Uh oh! Cadance, you have no idea what you've just said :pinkiegasp:

"There are some things you can't get from a book. Sunburst, this first date isn't going to be perfect, no matter how much you want to plan it out. Take a deep breath."

I like this line for some reason. I think I just like it when Twilight steps into action like this. It also shows how Twilight has developed, since she used to be a pony who wanted to get everything from books.

Even if you don't know where this is going, I still like it. Hell, a story is an adventure for the reader and the writer, am I right?

I'm pretty sure that letting Starlight and Sunburst 'experiment' with magic together would probably end up with a pretty nasty hole or two in the fabric of reality...

Or maybe they'd find the one that's already there - near the Mayor's Rotunda building, inconveniently placed so that you need to be looking up to see a sliver of entirely the wrong night sky.

Let's check in with Shining Armor, Spike, Flurry Heart and Owlowisicious to see what they're up too.

"Hm... Combining the arcane and culinary arts..."

No, stay away from the arcane! :pinkiegasp:

Maybe for the date you could just be a bit cliche but keep them in character idk

I'll admit that the dialogue is good between Starlight and Twilight and Cadence and Sunburst. While i wished there was more i understand why you went this route. For that comedic scene with each princess recommending the other princess for advice.

Though it does seem a tad bit rushed at the end don't you think? Could have at least have a little more dialogue between Starlight and sunburst

This chapter fixes the chapter before that.
Perhaps you should have combined them together.

Or, if you want to more than sit at a table and talk while your food is prepped by others, maybe do something simple here. Cook together."
"Hm... Combining the arcane and culinary arts..."
The alarm bells in Twilight's head began to go off.

This is hilarious. And this gives a hint if how Starlight and sunburst are perfect for each other. They use magic more often than Twilight. The element of magic.

I also like the subtlty with mentioning shining armour as the butt of a punchline.

As for what you should do for next chapter. Not sure. But twilight mentioned hiw dates dont go out as planned initially so why not write about how far this diasaster date can go?

But seriously, mind if I have a similar scene to this as the start of my own upcoming Starburst fic? I don't want to be accused of plagiarism...

7800990 I'd be a tad surprised if this scene wasn't similar to something else already, seems pretty common in my opinion.

Go for it.

What? NO! I don't want this story to die :applecry:

Allowing a personality like Starlight to simply use her best judgement, especially if her only back-up is a very shy personality like Sunburst, probably will have... unexpected consequences.

7809227 I'm waiting for inspiration to bring its head back up. Last thing I want to put out is a dull chapter. I think this one was nearly that.

7809277 It's okay. Take your time.

Aw, I think this story really had potential. I want to see it at least kind of wrap up satisfactory. :ajsleepy:

Here's a thought, why is it that love is considered the next level in a relationship? Couldn't it simply be a variation in friendship? After all, it's 'friendship is magic', not love.

Note, these aren't complaints, merely thoughts to consider in hopes of inspiration as I would like to see this continue.

I can help by giving you ideas

7810112 I'm all ears, send me a PM.

Take as much time as you need. I'd rather you put thought into it and take a while than have you rush things out and half-ass it.

"Not sure about you, but I like mine smaller than most."

I was sort of expecting Sunburst to exclaim that his isn't that small!

Cute little chapter. But I don't know how to feel about the Harry Trotter thing...though I'm sure it's the kind of movie Starlight and Sunburst would watch :pinkiehappy:

8006697 Glad I'm not the only one with a dirty mind here :rainbowwild:

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