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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


This story is a sequel to The Trials of Love

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 6

Prompt of the day: Time

As in "It is time, people! It is finally time!" Yeah, believe me. It's MUCH better than how I'm making it sound. :ajsmug:

Cover art by ro994 (Please check out her stuff on deviantart)

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Comments ( 15 )

This is you getting payback on me giving you all those shipping heart attacks, isn't it.

That's so sweet. I hope my future husband is similar to Flash. It's kinda sad this will your last story on here for a couple years, but I think you couldn't have ended on a better note.

Yes! Not only did they finally kiss they are engaged! This was the perfect final story before you stop making stories for a few years. Good pick with medic school and everything else. Though when you come back in a few years I hope we’ll get to see Flash and Twilight’s wedding.

See you soon.

I'd like to give my sympathy in advance for all the dislikes you'll probably get just for this being FlashLight.
Don't let that discourage you though. Keep writing, and have a nice day!

So are we by chance gonna get a future story involving Flash's dad showing up hoping to come to the wedding. I'd love to see Flash's reaction to that.

I've thought about it at some point, but nothing's solidified, and it's going to be even less solidified, considering that I'm going to be taking a break from fanfic writing for a few years. :ajbemused:

:rainbowkiss:What a fitting entr... (Reads Author's Note)... it can't be... :raritydespair:NNNOOO!!!:raritydespair:
This can't be the... no... I... I... :raritycry: it's not fair...

Oh best of luck, Darling :raritystarry:

Curse this unjust world...:raritydespair::raritycry:

Well finally we got the question and answer... so 9679264, when can we expect the confession in Flash Sentry:Defender of the Peace and Pokemon: Harmony and Discord:duck:

9679768 Soon, I promise you. At least for the Defenders. After AandWguy's story, it's one more story before it appears. As for pokemon, that's gonna take a while.

If you haven't already, you might want to read my latest blog post. :ajsleepy:

This was a great story and a fun read; being a big Twilight-Flash fan I always enjoy a good romantic story about them. I really liked Flash's personal stance about saving his first kiss for his One True Love and the family heirloom of the engagement ring was an endearing touch. Adding you to the following list of authors of mine.:raritywink:

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