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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


This story is a sequel to Heaven’s Not Too Far Away

You can find it in the warm embrace of your family
Or calling up a long lost friend
You can even find it in the eyes of stranger
When you reach out a helping hand

---Matthew West, "The Heart of Christmas"

Live while you can, cherish the moment
The ones that you love, make sure they know it

---Matthew West, "The Heart of Christmas"

It's Flash's first Christmas without his mother, and if that wasn't bad enough, his mother had passed away a little over a week ago. Will Christmas still be a time of love and joy for him, or will it just be a cold, painful reminder of all the ways the ways that life can be cruelly unfair?

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Bravo ive got to say you did good so im setting off the fireworks.

First "Heaven's Not To Far Away" came to my list of favorites, and then "The Flashlight Biomonthly Challenges" made it into favorite list and then after that fimfic "The Trouble with Double" came straight to my favorite list, and now "The Heart of Christmas". So to sum up that's 4 fimfics in a row that captured
my heart entirely. Godslittleprinces IN MY EYES YOUR ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WRITER!!!!!!!

You're making me blush. :twilightblush:

Flash started playing a few chords on his guitar and then began to sing

if you have Flash sing/play Silent Night, I am making a copyright cliam,

“Snow is falling Christmas Eve/Lights are coming on up and down the street

you're lucky, for now
Overall sweet, but d@## Chrysalis is such a Lady Tramine,:twilightoops: I am surprised you casted her at all, now Thorax and Pharynx as good-cop bad-cop I'd get
So can we expect Pharynx, Ocelllus and others in this series... okay too much. Can't wait for the next part of this series

I've got ideas, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get a chance to write them down.

Pretty good story. I like how Flash helped all the orphans. Too bad Bee had a bad attitude the whole time, and Chrysalis is borderline abusive to all those kids. I hope things get better for them.

Just jot them down for now.

Two reasons for that: 1. I based her off of Chloe from Miraculous. 2. She has a pretty bad backstory that I may or may not elaborate on in the future. 🤷

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