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Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer track down an old friend. However, who they find is not who they expect...

A sad possibility to the reunion of two friends that have not seen or heard from each other in years.

Written for the Reformed Starlight Glimmer Writing Contest!

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I think she remembered her friends through rose colored glasses.

One phrase runs through my head: WTF?! (I'm talking about Sunburst, not the story)

Do you think so? I tried basing present day Sunburst akin to Twilight was at the start of the series, just not to same extreme. He studies a lot, but does not like it as much and, as someone who went through college, workloads can be heavy and left me and other students very irritable.

Originally I was going to portray him as more of a jerk, but though would turn too many people off and so in the end I went for a irritable scholar who really doesn't remember this mare who's dragging him away from work.

6692945 he was far more extreme than Twilight. Watch the first ep again, she was always polite to those around her at least

Finally, a sad outcome. In my headcanon, Sunburst stopped caring the moment he got his mark and is a harsh truth for Starlight to accept after all these years.

He was far more in line with Moondancer.

Actually, I was half expecting it to turn out that Sunburst is angry because he thought Starlight never came looking for him after his parents sent him to live in Canterlot.

Well, as Spike pointed out, they were on break and she did become irritable the moment she felt she had something she needed to study (the Elements and Nightmare Moon) as well as when the future members of the Mane Six prevented her from studying. But yeah, I may have made Sunburst harsher than I intended. My bad.

If he forgot about her that might be a good reason if he recalled her subconsciously, as is sometimes the case for those we have not seen in a while usually in the form of the nagging thought that you should know this person. Happens to me all the time. At family reunions. Maybe that's why only my immediate family talks to me...

A sad, but true, reality for more than a few people. They spend time with someone and consider them to be the best friend they ever had, only to discover that they were thought of as casual acquaintance, at best, by the other.

Now I want to hug Starlight Glimmer.

I'll be honest, this story's biggest shortcoming is how short it is.


It is, a lot of us have had times where someone we may have been friends with forgets about or outright abandons us when they became popular or successful, deeming you no longer worthy of associating with them because they made it big and you didn't, or just letting success make them forget ever knowing you in the first place. It'd make a lot of sense if that's what happened to her, and further explain why Starlight had such a belief she's held much of her life, including when she accuses the equal ponies that they'd think they're better then others and look down on eachother if she hadn't made them all equal.

Yeah, karma had to hit her somehow, but still, poor Starlight.

Ouch. :fluttershyouch:

This was well-written, and I appreciate the more realistic outcome...
But that was still painful to read.
Good work, though!

I liked this story. Maybe you can make a sequel?

Had ideas for a second chapter, but it would have alleviated some of the sad from the original bittersweet ending (though would still be sad). If there is enough interest or if I feel particularly inspired/ motivated I might do a second chapter/sequel, but really it all boils down to how sad the ending should be while remaining a sad ending.

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Maybe is spelled incorrectly ,but I still like this story. Can I do a reading of it for YouTube?

Sure, go right ahead, just pm the link when you post it so I can listen too! Would it be alright if I include the link in the description as well?

She remembered her own experience with that in regards her old Canterlot friends, an experience Starlight Glimmer had witnessed herself.

This is why I like fanfics. That was an easter egg Hasbro would never bring up openly in the show, since not everyone caught it. Now I'm off to write a fanfic about Twilight learning how Starlight mysteriously knows who Moondancer is. :rainbowlaugh:

They had forgiven her quickly and offered to let her spend time in the town, especially Double Diamond, the first pony to follow her.

It seemed like something out of a dream, that she was the student of a pony she had plotted against for so long, yet who had welcomed her in friendship with nary a reservation.

She also made a note to meet with the headmaster to start making stronger efforts at scouting potential students outside of Canterlot.

‘So far?’ It was not that long ago that she had been trading blows with the pony next to her, and was bent on causing a future that would end up ruining Equestria.

“And if he doesn’t, then you can still make a new bond of friendship with him. If not, then we’re still friends.” She remembered her own experience with that in regards to her old Canterlot friends, an experience Starlight Glimmer had witnessed herself.

Great story! Loved the characterization here! Starlight and Twilight both feel very in character, and I love the observation of the fact that a magic obsessed organization like Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns needs better recruitment tactics if they missed a unicorn as powerful as Starlight.

And while Sunburst is kind of a jerk, he's not so much of one that he's not relatable or even unsympathetic.

I think part of that is stems from the fact that Twilight in the first episodes is kind of a jerk, but she has understandable reasons for being one, (the threat of systemic destruction of everything and everyone you ever believed in/loved will do that to you).

Sunburst's reasons may be far less dire but they are by no means less believable. (He also wouldn't be the only one to be rude or irritated at significantly less important slights.)

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