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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.



(This story is a prequel to Birthday Built For Two, though it is not required for you to read that to understand this fic. Takes place between "The Times They Are A Changeling" and "To Where and Back Again". Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art.)

Starlight accepts the fact that Sunburst is Flurry Heart's Crystaller, and that means he's going to act a bit odd at times. But for whatever reason, the stallion now seems to be acting even odder. A fact that puzzles Starlight to no end when she decides her trip to the Crystal Empire is an excellent opportunity to pay Sunburst an unexpected visit.

But before Starlight can even find the time to ask Sunburst about his behavior, she finds herself getting roped into something most unexpected, helping Sunburst foalsit Flurry Heart for a day.

Just how much trouble can one alicorn foal cause for two fully grown unicorns with no prior babysitting experience, quite a lot actually. But maybe the experience will give Starlight the answers she needs about Sunburst? Or perhaps Sunburst will slip up and tell her himself?

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That was adorable.

I'm half tempted to just skip the Trixie accusation fic when it comes out, simply because of how much more trouble I had getting through the one about Shining and Thorax than I did the one dealing with Cart Before the Ponies.

Wow this is very well written and adorable. This is one of the best fics ive read all year. I really mean that, your an excellent writer keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Oh, this is adorable!

That was just adorable.

Seriously, I want this ship to be canonized so very badly. I haven't been this much of a hardcore shipper since my days in the Pokemon fandom.

8125231 I think StarBurst is high on the list of ships that really should be canon already. Up there with LyraBon (they're practically a couple in all but word), CheesePie, and Fancy PantsXFleur (there's nothing that officially says Fleur is Fancy Pants' wife).

The idea was good, though IMO, the resolution seemed a little forced to me. The conversation could have stood to be a bit longer.

Would be interesting if the Mane 6 would foalsit Flurry Heart?

8126959 All six of them at once?

8126962 Perfect opportunity for Flurry to get to spend some time with them.

8127570 But are all six at once really a valueable option? Why not just one at a time?


Unbeknownst to either of the adults, Flurry Heart was secretly smiling and giggling. Her little intervention had worked better than she had anticipated, her mommy would be so proud of her.

Yes, yes, she would. :ajsmug:

"Open wide for the aeroplane."

Do those even exist in canon? :applejackunsure:

Cadence chuckled. "Never make bets on love when your wife is the Princess of Love. And don't forget the other part of the deal. Next time Flurry Heart needs a change, it's your turn to do it."

BAM! :rainbowlaugh:

I love it :heart:


Trix makes a good close friend for starlight sure.
I think these two should be canon. I felt like what I was reading could easily have been in the show. It was adorable and felt in character
Very good job.

Sunburst watched Starlight disappear into the distance, then he breathed a small sigh of relief and wiped some sweat from his brows. " That was too close. I can't believe I slipped up and asked such an obvious question! " He thought to himself. " I've got to be more careful and play it cool! I still need to think about how to best present the question to Starlight, and determine if she actually likes me in that way. I mean, I don't want to risk our friendship on a very slim possibility. What could she even see in a washed up magic student turned foalsitter like myself? "



Unbeknownst to either of the adults, Flurry Heart was secretly smiling and giggling. Her little intervention had worked better than she had anticipated, her mommy would be so proud of her.



It's precious that Flurry wanted to cheer them up even if she's naughty. Sunburst was adorable with his inferiority complex and the interaction with Starlight was sweet. I like you throwing in their shared passion for academics.

9779061 Yes, Flurry is a naughty foal. And I think part of it is her parents either don't know what she gets up to, or they're too busy to properly scold her, meaning she grows up spoiled.

Yeah, I knew this was probably Cadance’s meddling at work. Nice.

Sparlight forever!!! :flutterrage:

But seriously, Starburst’s a nice ship. Just don’t expect me to 100% get behind it... :raritywink:

Nice plot!

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