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Eager for more answers about Equestria's ancient history, Sunny Starscout uses one of her dad's maps to venture into a long-untouched forest in search of the past.

Cover by HeavySplatter@deviantart.com

Newcomers, welcome! Confused on the order of this story series? Look no further!

Part 1 (You are here):

Part 2:
Forgotten: The Frozen North

From here the story divides into two separate versions, no spoilers aside from what can be gleamed from the titles.

Part 3a:
Forgotten: Sunrise
Forgotten: Mists of Bridlewood (Currently in progress)

Part 3b:
Forgotten: The Crystal Princess

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Twilight's castle? !! OMG! She found Twilight's castle !!!!! (If you ask me, the Horseshoe Forest is the EverFree Forest but less chaotic. Why is it?)

I googled some things about MLP gen 5.

Twilight is dead in gen 5. :(

I just seen A New Generation and look forward to seeing where this story goes

I just loved the new movie. This seems pretty interesting. I have a bunch of unanswered questions too, which I hope they adress in the series :)

Comment posted by tron deleted Sep 25th, 2021

these is kindle like that scene in jurassic world with the old vistor center

(insert mlp gen 4 theme sad and echo)

Grate start. Cant whaight and see what hapend next.

High in the halls of the ponies now gone
Twilight would dance with her ghosts,
The ones she had lost and the ones she had found
And the ones who had loved her the most.

The ones who'd been gone for so very long
She couldn't remember their names,
They spun her around on the damp old stones,
Spun away all her sorrow and pain.

And she never wanted to leave,
Never wanted to leave,
Never wanted to leave,
Never wanted to leave...

We don't know that, yet. The rest of the mane 6 most certainly, but Twilight's fate is a mystery yet to be solved. Equestria collapsed for reasons unknown, a long time has passed since then, the three tribes re-developing amidst the ruins.

Earth ponies in Maretime Bay (formerly Baltimare), Unicorns in Bridlewood (formerly White-tail woods), Pegasi in Zephyr Heights (formerly Canterlot). Other big locations, like Manehatten or the Crystal Empire, have yet to be addressed.

The rest of the world is unaccounted for, changelings, griffons and the like. Nopony knows what happened, some want to find out, likely the over-arching plot of the show next year.

Finding out that her heroes were the same kind of pony she was should prove enlightening. Hmmm. Note to self: story prompt involving somepony from this era who's kind of stupid and useless being transported back to the past to be judged and found wanting. His Mommy won't be able to save him from real Earth ponies.....

Well then... somebody seems to have found a certain treehousecastle. Wonder what's left of the interior...

No magic. That means no timberwolves, poison joke, or plunder vines

What?! (Well...well, let's be honest. It was expected ...)

"Who goes there?"
Large green eyes welcomed the trespasser
"How long have I been asleep?"

She could have also found Zecora's tree.

As far as the magic being gone is that just pony magic that was affected? Or was it a unilateral no magic in the world?

Momma boy Sprout getting warped into the ancient past and meeting folks like AJ in the flesh would be interesting 😈 heh heh heh. Did he ever even apologize for his actions or did mommy dearest pay off the damage? At least it looked like she was waking up to the monster she had inadvertently created.

The artwork heavily implies this is Twi's castle. And I don't think Zecora's hut would be quite as meaningful for Sunny to discover.

If she is alive and not incapacitated in anyway, I wonder what made her disinterested in the world. Even if she retired, I'd be hard-pressed to believe she'll leave things the way they are.

VERY good work on this first chapter. Greatly appreciated Sunny's reflection on recent events as she undertook the journey. And I have a hunch that, once Sunny finds out exactly where she is, she's going to have a reaction rather similar to what a comic book fan that just found the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude probably would. And, yeah, finding out Twilight and her friends were not that different from Sunny and HER new friends when THEY were starting out should be pretty enlightening.

We're probably going to have to wait for the series to find out if the other species were also affected. Personally, I think it might be a great ironic touch if the other species managed to not just retain their abilities, but also stay united, in sharp contrast to the ponies (which would also be a good explanation for why the Windigos didn't return; the other species kept them in check). For another welcome bit, finding out Spike (not only still alive, but about as big as a good-sized hill) also acts as one of the current leaders of the dragons, trying to help make sure Twilight's teachings at least continue to get passed down to the other species could be rather interesting and a very respectful nod.

Now that you mention it, you bring up good points. I was just thinking, in the text, it seems like she wasn't in the woods all that long and the tree described didn't make any mention of crystal so either this is the remnant of the Golden Oaks library or it was another hollowed out tree, hence my guess about Zecora.

"We were finally able to find a way down," Izzy said as she was set down onto the dirt and thick grass. "The upper canopy is pretty thick. No one's been down here in ages." Zipp said, as she and her sister touched down as well, removing backpacks from their front shoulders.

Seems you forgot to make a new paragraph for Zipp's line here.

I forgot to give my own, actual thoughts on this fic last time I commented. So far, it's pretty good. Nothing too impressive so far, but you've set up the mystery and you're handling the characters pretty well so far.

I'm really glad G5 is already spawning fanfics like this. I wasn't around for the worst of the "Twilicorn" debacle, but I've seen enough to be concerned about how many people would actually stick around into G5, let alone enjoy it enough to write about it, so it's nice to see so many are already written, being written, and a lot of people are actually engaging with them.

I eagerly await your future updates, however long they may take! :twilightsmile:

I got to watch the movie yesterday.

Spoiler: There are sooo many G4 references, but never is their names mentioned.

Excellent work on getting this next chapter up so quickly. And also a very good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Certainly glad Sunny's friends were able to get there so quickly (with the exception of Hitch, whose absence had the very understandable reason of keeping an eye on Sprout) and I liked the description Sunny gave of what Pipp taught her about that phone. Also understood the reason for all four of them sticking together for this trip.

Most definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

Hmm... so what room are they gonna look into first? Sunny seems pretty enthralled by the stairs...

She's part Silverstream.

Pls let them find the mural of Twilight and her friends!!

If the in-universe stories have any truth to them, Rarity might have survived. No "as well" because Twilight will not outlive her friends and I'm far from the first to propose this particular solution to that.

Well, there's the 'throne' room (wonder if the table is still there) and then there's the basement lab, kitchen, dinning hall, and the many bedrooms ...

Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this latest chapter. Definitely glad to see Izzy getting good use of the new "light spell" as well as the sibling banter between Zipp and Pipp. Particularly liked Sunny's reaction to finding out exactly where they were.

Very certainly looking forward to more of this.

Man, it’s so SAD to see the Castle of Friendship like this, but amazing at how well you are doing at giving this place feel like it was once lived-in but has been empty for many centuries.

Well, they'll end up finding Ponyviile's ruins eventually in the series. It'll probably go a lot like this.

This is very good. I can see this panning three ways.

1. they find all these treasures and moments from G4 however while it is touching there are no answers as to what happened to Twilight.

2. At the end of this treasure trove of G4 references and melancholy nostalgia the new gang find the final remains of Twilight Sparkle. Scattered about multiple failed and lost plans to save everything, and a final pleading note to the ponies of equestria to not let hate and fear decide them as well as a message for hope that fell on deaf ears in her time but can inspire these new heroes in there's. Can also throw in a Jake Paul reference as they have to cut the video feed.

3. At the end of it all the gang finds a self exiled Twilight Sparkle pulling a "Luke on Ach-to" impression. After isolating for centuries after having failed... everyone.
She has persisted on only her immortality and has been busy on working on the equation of the theory of everything. To the point that it takes her a moment to realize that the three tribes have united again.

The council room and at its center, the throne of Princess Twilight herself.

Admit surprise on having those crystals on the floor rather than hanging from the GO roots (the M6 would have access to strong preservative spells, look at the castle of the two sister library for an example) but this works ...

Sunny softly tapped the screen, and the lock screen came up, letting her confirm that she had a single bar. It wouldn't be much good for a call, but it was good enough for GPS, and if worse came to worst, Pipp had also loaded up a compass app. At the very least, she would be able to get herself pointed northeast and roughly head back towards the mountain.

Well good thing pipp did give her something just in case if she ever gets lost but there are certain areas will probably will have no signal

So it looks like Sunny is exploring Equestria see if she can find any ancient cities and it looks like she found something it looks like it's been abandoned for a long time and whatever it is inside she going to find out what it is

Preservative spells are shockingly ineffective in a world devoid of magic.

"So no Hitch today?" The unicorn asked.

"Nope. He's busy with Sprout. Hitch has told him that he needs to go through a rigorous re-orientation if he wants any hope of keeping his job." Sunny replied.

Awww he's not here well that sucks I was expecting he will be with the others but I guess he has to keep an eye on him but still it won't be the same without him

It looks like she found the crystal tree house I think where the young six usually hang out and help to grow the tree of Harmony and sunny it's not going in this time alone Zipp pipp and Izzy finally made it but hitch didn't come due to the reason to keep an eye on Sprout after what he did on his absent which I guess that's understandable but still I wish he would have come but it looks like the girls are going to explore this tunnel I wonder what they're going to find

They must have rotted away after the magic vanished.

My thoughts exactly.

So far I've been struggling with describing the castle, mainly because I figure with no preservation magic, that absolutely anything that isn't metallic, stone, or crystal would be gone from 500+ years of rot and decay.

So that means no beds, no non-stone chairs, and certainly no Golden Oaks Chandelier.

The lilac unicorn closed her eyes in concentration, and her horn began to glow. There was a short spark of light, then it snaked up her horn to the tip. More motes of light quickly followed, and gathered to a small orb of light. After several moments, Izzy opened her eyes, and smiled ecstatically.

Oh right Izzy is getting better with her magic that's awesome

Zipp did so, and when their lights hit the facets just right, an image appeared in the center, as if it was frozen in the gem. Sunny squinted her eyes, and made out a familiar purple unicorn and a pink earth pony standing in a library among a dozen other ponies, and her eyes widened.

Oh my God that's the pictures they did during the season 5 when the girls trying to make Twilight home in her new Castle by putting the remaining of the tree library and making a chandelier with a crystal pictures which that is totally amazing aww so much memories 😭

Okay wow it looks like sunny and her friends discovered that this place is the castle of friendship and there are in the center of the castle it is kind of sad to see this place like that but it's also cool that they discover it that means they must be in Ponyville I wonder what else they're going to find next I guess we'll find out next time

"This is definitely less of a treehouse and more of a treecastle, am I right?”

Hmm, where have I seen that before? :trollestia:

Gotta admit, I like 10992682’s second two ideas. It’d be nice to get SOME kind of answer, whether it’s in person or in writing, but I particularly like their third option— I’d love to hear your take on what you think happened (a la Twilight’s explanation).

So this is like a exploring the Equestria to see if Sunny can find old cities or something like that very cool

Hey it looks like the gang is all here well except for hitch but that's too bad man but it looks like they're going to explore the ancient ruins

"Me and my friends have just stepped into a long-forgotten ruin from ancient Equestria. What awaits us in these derelict halls? Let's find out together." Pipp narrated, getting slow, panning shots as they made their way down the middle of the foyer towards the stairs.

Yo is this a live streaming I wonder if the notification will be like this

Last Jedi reference.

Unfortunately, the chandelier itself no longer exists... Without a spell to preserve it, the wood of the chandelier rotted away.

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