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Spike's seen his fair share of the world. It'd truly felt like each passing year had taken with it a little more of Twilight's sanity, until all that was left was a husk of the mare-turned-alicorn.

Twilight, in the end, couldn't comprehend the life of an immortal.

Couldn't fathom the idea of living for thousands of years.

But Spike can.

Because Spike has.

And it's destroying him.

Contains mild spoilers for the state of the world in G5.

Russian translation by Mordaneus!

Chinese translation by forgivenlove!

Read the expanded version of this story!

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Awwww….this looks like a really nice G5-Spike Fic! Keep making more like this please!!

A lot of grown-up Spike in ruined Equestria with dead Mane 6 will be a genre that was, is, will be handled throughout the years to come.
-Until, of course, he makes an official entrance in Gen 5.
I'm glad I'm in the era when this genre is leaving the head-cannon area and is entering into the more canon part of things.

So Twilight committed Suicide? Ouch. That's really hurting.
And Ponyville fading into the pages of Friendship history. Expected. But Zephyr Heights being Cloudsdale on Mount Canterhorn? Why didn't I see that?! It was pretty obvious!
And the Princesses... Well, that's a maybe. What DID happened to them is still in the head-canon area. Hopefully, it will be more clear in the future.
And Izzys' being a Pinkie Pie? Yup, it looks like we have the same character analysis about her: Quirky!

It was a great story with a great ending. Hope to hear more from you.

Very nice start...

Keep going...please...

Having him show up should take the wind out of someone's sails. Dragon plus Ben Chang equals FUBAR.

Everyone's wondering what disaster could have collapsed Twilight's Kingdom. It was likely just time. It was prosperous and a true paragon of the world but it faded away like everything else. It makes me wonder how much time really passed.


Nice, but damn... am I the only one who has this emotional, bittersweet reaction to all the G5 stories :pinkiesad2:?

Had me at pool floatie :pinkiehappy:

"Around five centuries..." Spike muttered. He kept his eyes on the ground. "Can... we talk about something else?"

Sunny flipped through her journal. Spike raised his head a little, peering at the cutie mark scrawled across the cover.

"Okay... then how about Princess Celestia?"

"Oh, THAT mare--" Spike threw his head up. "The next time I wake up with a pool floatie wedged halfway out my mouth I'm gonna--"


Talk about mood whiplash!

Also, happy belated birthday, author-I-just-found!

Well then. You would think that Twilight would at least be a Jeanne d'Arc or Queen Elizabeth or even a Thomas Jefferson type Historical figure that is taught in schools. It feels almost stupid that no one learned Jack or s#$t... As for Celestia and Luna? I half thought they just said "f#$k this noise let's go to SPACE!" and they left the planet through magic portals and basically have been traveling several star systems probably getting lost, forever. Like they completely forgot how to get back to the planet in which Equestria is located and have no way of even Identifying the star cluster it is located in.

I dunno why everyone has such a hard time dealing with immortality.

I'm having a blast with it, myself! :trollestia:

Me dejo un poco triste por lo que les paso a twilight y sus amigas 😭

So is spike The size he was in the Final episode Or was He’s the same size from the beginning of the season one

Reasonably speaking, he should be a full-grown dragon like Torch and the one from Dragonshy.

Quite an adorably emotional story this is! Interesting view on how Spike has been holding up after all those years too! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/vgx2FscRSbs

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Yeah, especially as its presumably been at least 1000 years, then it makes sense. Like, Nightmare Moon was thought of as a legend in Gen 4 just 1K years after she got the yeet


I'll consider it! I have a lot that I'd still like to wrap up in the meantime, but I did like the idea of Spike joining the Mane 5!


Maybe! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, I'm assuming time in this fic too

It's been nice seeing so many people trying their hand at writing for G5 so soon! :pinkiehappy:

*Spike choking noises*

Yeah, it's a bit odd how so much of what G4 revolved around ended up just... vanishing. I hope the actual series itself will be looking into that.

Sí. Pero lo hecho, hecho está, así que tenemos que conformarnos con lo que tenemos. ¡Esperemos que el fandom regrese con toda su fuerza!

(También, disculpas por el mal español. Usando Google Translate).

Dang, only now I realise you're the guy who posted "The 500,000th story on Fimfiction" ! A great story, fitting for the prologue of a longer tale ! Please keep going that way if inspiration strike, that's a great start for things !

thanks! i'm thinking of working on a longer fic building off of this one as a side-project!

Great job!:moustache:

A sequel would be nice here!:trollestia:

I'll be watching, hoping it'll be more than mere thinking, rest assured ^^

Welcome to the Techie account a place you can except to lose brain cells even start to want to after awhile.

The 500,000th story already ruined my brain. I'm out of brain cells to lose, so I have nothing to worry about! :pinkiecrazy:

"Twilight Sparkle will not outlive her friends."

After the fall of Rome knowledge was lost and then later relearned because the eastern Roman Empire and the middle east had copies of books etc and that knowledge came back to Europe centuries later.

If Ponies only have the one nation and only have limited dealings with the outside it's not surprising their history would be completely lost after a collapse. They would have to rely on archaeological research to learn rather than merely be given back copies of historical written reports, accounts etc as we were.

Twilight, in the end, couldn't comprehend the life of an immortal.

Couldn't fathom the idea of living for thousands of years.

Celestia, "Damn, I REALLY F'd up..."

Luna, "Even I didn't go THIS cray-cray!" (Luna finally learned the modern lingo) "Hello there, fellow foals!" (Sort of...)

10999501 Uhm, did you see the size of Equestria? It's HUGE! And every other nation knows about it. There's no way so much would be lost unless there was a GLOBAL cataclysm... which, if we go by the movie, exterminated every other sapient life form aside from the ponies.

Considering they can get from one end to the other on a steam train in a day it's smaller than the UK.

Using a single film to base your guesses for world building is also foolish look how long it took for the previous show to do world building.

Alternate title? "Spike finally has someone to complain too"

"You will be silent you little curd or I will personally do horrible things to you!"

LOL! Were is his either two possible mates Ember or Smolder. Or it is possible... Nah Dragon Pony Hybrids are dumb!

11010399 They actually never went from one end to the other in a single day. Ponyville is dead-center in the country. They've never gone more than half in a single trip. They went about 1/4 across in a single day when they travelled from Ponyville to Appleoosa. (find the long-posted map of Equestria and make the rough measurement yourself) Remember, that trip took then from the previous day, all night, and then some time into the next day. That's getting close to 24 hours. The USA has a width of 2,680 miles. Half would be 1,340. 1/4 is 670.

Assuming an average steam train speed of 30mph, travelling for 24 hours would equal 720 miles, virtually a perfect fit.

That trip to Appleoosa is the only long-distance trip we've seen a large portion of, so it's the only one we can really base a time-distance estimate of. All the others just do a time-skip, so the actual duration of those trips is totally unknown.

Taken from the show's own travel distances, Equestria IS roughly the size of the USA.

And you also forget that the Equestria Games happened. There were visitors from far-distant lands such as Saddle Arabia, so CLEARLY the rest of the world knows about Equestria very well. Again, this drastic alteration could not have taken place in a vacuum. It DOES NOT WORK WITH THE G4 CANON IN ANY WAY.

The movie leaves MASSIVE plot holes in the canon for those who know G4. Only newcomers won't realize it... until they want to know who this mysterious Twillit Spackle, Princess of Books is, and her friends Flitterfloosh, Pinkie Pink, Apeljack, Rimbow Crash, Rearity, and Speck are. They shall watch the stick figure pony episode summaries of Youtuber Round Trip, and become even more confused! :trollestia:

The movie should have been it's own thing if they were going to play the racism storyline again and just throw in crap out of nowhere that should have been REALLY STUPIDLY IMPORTANT TO G4'S WORLDBUILDING... like Pony magic now being tied to a literal knockoff of the Triforce. Who moves the Sun and Moon now? What about the weather? How did the world not collapse into ruin, given magic was FUNDAMENTAL TO MUCH OF ITS CRITICAL FUNCTION?

A comparison would be like trying to simply make powers just vanish from the Marvel Universe in the next movie and no one apparently notices, no explanation is given in the movie, and this obviously cosmos-shaking event in the past is addressed exactly NEVER.

It's lazy, sloppy writing; exactly what I expect from typical generic kids' shows. That's all there is to it.

At least it was consistent with how they just throw alicornication around now. :facehoof:

It's great and powerful! But seriously, it was a fun read, I do hope you write more for this little story.

And I am! Check out "Ruins" for more! Link's in the long description of this story. :twilightsmile:

Well this is certain an interesting one but also kind of sad too because spike have been through a lot seen his friends passed away one by one and now he's been living in Ponyville for a long time by himself until sunny and the others came along I wonder what else is it going to talk about


Just gotta follow along in Ruins to find out as it happens!

Twilight, in the end, couldn't comprehend the life of an immortal.

Couldn't fathom the idea of living for thousands of years.

Or probably this.

On the settings page (where you set the tags) I am fairly sure is where you can set this to have a link to its sequel. Regardless of if that is the method required, it would be nice of you to do it.

Sure thing. I originally decided not to set "Ruins" to be a sequel to "The Dragon of the Ruins" since it in itself can serve as a standalone fic, but I'll go ahead and take your suggestion to make it easier to find. :twilightsmile:


I like this, this is good.

"It's just that you've been living alone for so long that you've internalized your habits to the point of having them develop into a pseudo-existence of a beloved family member who passed away a long time ago?" The unicorn blurted. She sucked in a deep breath of air the moment she finished speaking.

This feels more like Pinkie than Izzy imma be honest. It's an alright start but a bit rushed

Finally got around to reading this, and it's pretty good! Interesting way of bringing Spike into the G5 world.

The most enraging part of the story was the realization that both Celestia and Luna are still alive, and yet they do not care in the slightest. Terrible people.

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