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While picking up the pieces of her shattered home, Sunny has an unexpected visitor: an old, old friend that she never knew she had...

Has an excellent audio reading, courtesy of the kind folks at StraightToThePointStudio. Enjoy!

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Bravo! BRA-VO!!! This is how the ending of the movie, SHOULD have been!

Dan #3 · Sep 25th, 2021 · · ·

So Ember and Smolder and Gallus and Thorax and even Flurryheart all turned into sea foam? :fluttershbad: :fluttercry:

My take on it is that everything in Equestria is potentially still there, and may return, now that the magic is back to give it substance again. We'll just have to see how and when...

That was quick just 2 days after the movie released you already have a story. And it does a nice job bridging the gap. Headcanon accepted assuming the show doesn't attempt to cover that portion of the story.

Thanks much! One day, actually, since I saved the movie to watch after work. (Pizza and Ponies for the win!)

"I forgot," Twilight answered, "that when ponies know nothing but peace and plenty, they start to take it for granted. They left all the hard work of friendship and the study of magic to me, the Princess of Friendship, and just got on with day-to-day living. Which isn't wrong in itself, except it meant that they no longer understood the true source of friendship."

Not how I would say it but its what I'm been thinking; The reason Magic was gone because of The Magic of Friendship. My theory is its connected to the Multiple Trees of Harmony popping in different locations on the planet. If one tree prevents the Everfree Forest, What will many of them do to the magic of an entire planet? Sorry for sounding negative but it's possible that something good to the world can create dark consequences.


Nice, but so goddamn bittersweet :pinkiesad2:!

IMHO you should add SliceOfLife tag to the story.

Done -- and thanks for reading!

i wonder if in this we might see some villens that arnt like others go up against sunny? mabey an enemy that learns the power of freindship and wins to a degree

Twilight Sparkle Avenue could be a street in Equestria.

Sunny flapped the glimmering, ethereal wings experimentally. She peered up at the gleaming, insubstantial horn on her forehead.

They're still theories that the horn and the wings are temporarily because they're just glowing

"Ponies themselves." Sunny nodded. "Like we found out. But, you mentioned other creatures? Other nations? I've been wondering about that. I mean, the stories I've read about you and your friends, they mention all kinds of mythical creatures: dragons, griffons, manticores, bugbears, changelings, even crystal ponies. But there aren't any other lands, any other creatures. Just the three cities, where the three kinds of ponies live: Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights."

Yeah that's also another good question did the other creatures basically or hiding somewhere when the magic disappeared and the other cities what happened to them kind of sad to think about it

This was a pretty sweet and bitter sweet story how it all started how Twilight wanted to see if the three Pony tribes still holding the magic of friendship and of course it only it didn't turn out well until a few years later sunny and her friends bring back Magic and the friendship from other tribes together and even Twilight appeared in front of her told her the story about how this all started and everything and it looks like this is going to be a beginning for sunny and her friends despite their friendship across Equestria once again this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

That should have been in the movie love it too cute

I liked this. Good job.

Maybe it could happen in the 44 minute special, or the television series.

It has been said that I will never outlive my friends. So I do need to keep making new ones.

A beautiful take on that idea. Thanks for the story!

Una #19 · Sep 26th, 2021 · · 20 ·

Good story. It's a shame the movie was a letdown, and was full of plot holes.

Sometimes (though not always) a plot hole can be an opportunity for fan-fiction to fill in the gap, simply by approaching things from an unusual and creative direction. That is, instead of saying "this can't happen" saying "for this to have happened, this other thing must have happened, so what follows from that?"

And MLP is in an unusual position of probably wanting to leave such gaps, for the benefit of us fans. I bet the writing process for the G5 movie was a challenge, deciding what to say and what not to say. Even just in writing this short story, I found myself in several places deliberately rewording a line or a bit of dialogue to leave things unsaid in just the right way. So I bet that doing the entire movie by comparison was a lot of work (though probably a lot of fun as well!)

Wow, you got this out fast. And you did a great job! I like a lot of the concepts you introduced and you filled in quite a lot of gaps in very legitimate ways. Kudos!

Thanks much! My first story on Fimfiction was basically a capturing of my headcanon from watching the first few episodes of G4, so it's a lot of fun being able to do something similar for G5. And the supportive feedback from the readership on this story is encouraging and very much appreciated!

This was a wonderful story.

That's where the authors like this one come in. All stories have plotholes and missing pieces and it takes an army of dedicated writers and thinkers to fix. yourself included.:ajsmug:

Damn, looks like you beat me to it. Good thing, too, because this was a very interesting read. I love it.


When you say that, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that things are left unexplained or unanswered? Because if so, that's not what a plot hole is.

Comment posted by Baree deleted Sep 26th, 2021

"Yes, Sunny?"
"I have a Mane 6 collection," looking back at the ruined tower, "somewhere in there. Think you could do something ... like getting their cutie marks right?"
"Maybe," her horn softly glowing, "Might take a while to do right. And you have company coming ..."
Sunny turns her head to look and see that company is indeed coming but when she looks back, no Princess. Then she looks upward and sees a trail of sparkles in the sky.

Twilight sparkles, of course...
Sunny's lucky the scriptwriters set the Battle of the Lighthouse at the right time of day...

Una #30 · Sep 26th, 2021 · · 2 ·

1. What happened to the immortal princesses?

2. How was mistrust and dislike of the other pony types started?

3. What happened to all the other species that lived along side the ponies?

4. It makes it so everything Twilight and her friends did pointless.

This last is just my personal nitpick, but
the main problem for me was how gen 4 was made to be such a big deal at the beginning of the movie, only to be mostly forgotten about the rest of the feature.

Overall the movie would have been better as a stand alone instead of a continuation of gen 4 in the same universe.

Those are all questions the movie was never going to answer. They are things we must wait for the series to answer.

Yeah, those are a few of the open questions from the movie, which I tried to answer, directly or indirectly. Whether they were deliberately left open for the forthcoming series and/or for us fanfiction writers to fill in, that remains to be seen. Some thoughts on this:

As part of my outline for this story, I gathered my own list of questions, based on reviews/comments I've read:

* what made the ponies forget their alliance and become so insular and distrustful?
* what happened to "immortal" characters, like Twilight, the other alicorns, etc.
* what happened to all the other cities/nations/races in Equestria? why is the map suddenly so small?
* who's managing the sun and moon now? ditto weather control?
* what was the origin of the three crystals, which turned out to be merely symbolic until actual friendship powered them up and restored the lost magic in the bargain?
* what do Sunny's "magic" wings and horn mean? Are they temporary, or is this the new "digital/virtual"-age version of alicorns?
* how long has it been since G4 and/or is this actually a continuation of the same timeline?
* what happened to Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow?
* and What About Discord? ("Orange you glad I've changed? Orange? Get it? Oh, come on!")

My simplifying headcanon for the whole ball of wax is: by the end of G4, Friendship is Magic. Twilight Sparkle and her friends have "won", the two are synonymous. So that means something happened after that which broke friendship (either quickly or over time), and so magic went away too. With it went all of the magic-based aspects of the pony world (Canterlot, the lands of Equestria, the other nations of Equus, other races, immortal alicorns, Discord, the need to manage the sun/moon and weather, pretty much the whole schmear). And it's by restoration of friendship/magic in the new movie that all of that can be brought back in some form, which I'm assuming will be a major part of the series (though that's just a hopeful fanfic writer's guess at this point).

So I agree, there's still a lot of unanswered questions here. But the characters and humor are there, so we can hope that the creative lore and world-building that brought us here will be there as well.


I suspect that to a certain degree, the distrust was always there, think of how quickly the ponies divided during the brief reign of Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis. As years turned to decades or even centuries it's not too hard to believe that without the unifying symbol of Twilight and Celestia they naturally gravitated towards their own "kind".

As to the Gryphons and Dragons, Twilight hinted that they were more closely tied to the magical nature of the world, so perhaps they slowly vanished as the world's magic went dormant if not disappearing altogether. Or perhaps they drew back out of what was Equestria and now live on the far reaches of the world far beyond what we saw in the film.

Around the time of the finale there was some ideas for what would eventually become G5, in one of them Fluttershy was redesigned as a unicorn, Twilight as an Earth Pony, and Pinkie Pie as a pegasus. I personally felt that that was much more pointless than what I saw in the G5 movie. I enjoy the occasional "what-if" scenario, but at the time it felt like Hasbro spitting on all that G4 had stood for just so some CEO could buy a new yacht. They didn't even bother changing names or anything. You are of course, free to your own opinion, I am merely stating mine.

Thank you for this story, and I agree wholeheartedly that sometimes it's best NOT to have all the answers. While I don't deny that I would love to hear what ideas the creative staff has, and while I certainly disagreed with some of the choices in G4. I have had so much fun reading stories that made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. The movie was at times kinda simplistic and had a healthy amount of 🧀, but I definitely didn't think that it ruined anything. I actually find myself curious as to how things happened. Your take was bittersweet and seemed to grasp that for all that Equestria was a wonderful place, it was far from being a perfect sugar bowl utopia.

so you think sunny is just an alicorn now?

"Because, like friendship," Twilight said, "magic is hard. It takes patience and diligent work, even for some of the smallest effects. And after a while, ponies stopped seeing it as a pleasure, and felt it was more of a burden. They felt it was too difficult to be worth the time. And there were plenty of other distractions," she added wryly. "I may have had something to do with that as well. As ponies' learning and technological skills improved, their need for everyday magic fell by the wayside. Why bother with a luminance spell, when you can just flick a switch? And why bother actually going to see and talk to somepony in person, when you can just send them a text?"

and then ponified onward Movies Starts

It's unclear, based on what little we've seen so far. The wings and horn may be magic, rather than physical features, hinting that in G5 alicorn is something you do, not something you are. Or they may indicate Sunny has the potential to become an alicorn, as Twilight did. Or they may simply be a "powered up" effect (like the "extra" coloration Twilight and her friends got when super-charged with Friendship magic). Or it may be that magic is still returning, and they'll become more solid the stronger it gets. This is one of those cases where it's fun (if a little frustrating) not knowing which it is...

i like the idea that she has the potential but I hope they don't do the same thing as they did In G4 and make her an alicorn permanently halfway through the show

Yeah, I was thinking of Onward myself, in connection with the loss of magic in G5, having recently watched Onward. (It's a good movie; I can well recommend it. It's amazing how they take scenes that on paper would sound dull or silly, and make them hysterical simply through excellent dialog and timing.)

I wonder if this is a trend now in fantasy storytelling, wherein magic is something that's "gone away" and must be brought back. Much like how "Lord of the Rings", even in book form, was itself an inversion of the old fantasy trope of going on a quest to find a magical artifact.

Well if it isn't Toilet Snorkel
:facehoof: Discord!
:moustache: Wait until they get a load of me


Yeah, that's what I mean, those are not plot-holes. Here's what wikipedia says (probably should have looked for a dictionary definition, but this will do) : In fiction, a plot hole, plothole or plot error is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story's plot. Such inconsistencies include things as illogical, unlikely or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

Plot holes are usually created unintentionally, often a result of editing or the writers' simply forgetting that a new event would contradict the events and not checking. However, the term is also frequently incorrectly applied - for example, a character being intentionally written to take irrational action would not be a plot hole, nor would "loose ends" or unexplained aspects.

So all of those are unexplained aspects and not plot-holes. A plot-hole for example would be a character establishing he has been impotent since birth and later in the show/movie turning out to have fathered an before unknown child.

Having said all that, I agree I would have liked to learn more, but part of me hopes that we might learn more in the show. That would make sense if you ask me. It would annoy me if it never gets explored though, absolutely.

Oddly enough; this gave me very Dark Souls-y vibes, how a world would start disappearing because of something being missing. Like how in Dark Souls 3 when the First Flame fades, all of the world begins to collapse and fold in on itself, becoming an unrecognizable hodgepodge.

I'm impressed you got this out so quickly.

Personally, I was hoping for a cameo of Twilight Sparkle at the end of the movie, but at least we got her in the opening scene.

But you do touch upon an unsettling thought: That Equestria's wonders only exist with magic, and without it, the world becomes a dull place and all the magical creatures vanish. Considering the setting only has three pony settlements of significance, it would be really chilling. I guess we'll have to wait for the TV series to answer those questions.


Personally, I was hoping for a cameo of Twilight Sparkle at the end of the movie

So she could apologize?



It remains to be seen was caused Equestrian society to decline and/or if Twilight had anything to do with it.

That particular question will never be addressed, but the point is that with absolute power comes absolute blame.


You really hit the nail on the head. LOL!

But if somepony like Sunny still worships Princess Twilight, it is possible she wasn't at fault for what happened.

Twilight hero-worshipped autocrats and judgmental interdimensional litterbugs. Sunny worships racist, imperialist, militaristic slavedrivers, sweatshop owners, and strikebreakers. Characters don't become better just because a protagonist has a high opinion of them.

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