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"When the dust has cleared, and victory denied; a summit too lofty, river a little too wide. If we keep our pride, though paradise is lost, we will pay the price, but we will not count the cost."


Months have passed since the Battle of the Bands. As the school returned to normal, the Dazzlings decided to continue to attend, keeping to themselves and observing the student body. When Principal Celestia asks for volunteers for setting up a charity Easter egg hunt, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata join the Rainbooms, who already volunteered to help.

Is it merely an innocent gesture, or does Adagio have something planned to get back at the Rainbooms for the Dazzlings' defeat?

The "other" character tag is because I have more than five tag-able characters in the story.

Thanks again to AShadowOfCygnus for pre-reading this behemoth of a oneshot.

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Brah. Brah brah brah brah.
This story. Makes me want to light my 2nd cigar.
(12 years old and female smoking... Man my life is horrible)
I haven't read the whole thing.
I only read the 1st two sentences.
And I can tell.
Dis gonna be good
*puff* Lets get goin.

Has a romance tag for some slight, one-sided flirting between Sunset and Adagio (curse you SkycatcherEQ for twisting my brain into joining the SunDagio brigade).

[spreading grin intensifies]

Hope to have some time later today to check this out.

"What if there are monsters roaming?"

But... You and your fellow sirens ae monsters. :rainbowhuh:

Anyhow, this story was glorious. I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

5826531 Well, hopefully you've read it completely now and enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

5826703 I'm glad you liked it.:twilightsmile: This took way too long to fully edit, but I had fun writing it:applejackconfused:

5826589 Hopefully you get the time soon, I'd like to hear what you thought (Still, y u corrupt my brain?:raritydespair:).

Rush and Pony on!

Certainly not what I was expecting.
And that's certainly OK. ;)

Now, for all of this to legitimately go to Adagio's subconscious, to the point where she begins to realize she's no longer just kidding...

I liked very much :pinkiehappy:
you should make a continuation :pinkiesad2:
you are very good writer :pinkiesmile:

5829696 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

Rush and Pony on!

5828773 :rainbowlaugh: Would love to do that, just that I honestly suck at true romance. I'll just stick with one-sided flirting for now. :raritywink:

Rush and Pony on!

5831410 You're Welcome :twilightsmile: friend

5831428 Can't wait for another story bro!

I loved this; it was just really fun. Great job!

5942966 I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Rush and Pony on!

5943814 By the way, I have to say I highly approve of your choice of icon. :raritywink:

This story made my lunch hour! :rainbowlaugh: The characterization here is god-dammed perfect, and the scenario is something that I could honestly see happening in the actual show (movie... whatever, you know what I mean, :trixieshiftright:).

5951102 I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I had a lot of fun writing this; the Dazzlings are just too good not to right.:raritywink:

Rush and Pony on!

a question... :applejackunsure:
they will make a sequel to this? :rainbowhuh:
because I like to see another war of paintball :rainbowdetermined2:
and I also imagine a sunset and adagio in his hour of punishment :trixieshiftright:
You should make a friend :pinkiehappy:
when you have time :fluttershysad:
(hopefully soon) just kidding :raritywink:
Take the time you need :twilightsmile:

6012170 Honestly, instead of finding time, it's more like finding motivation, something which I've been lacking lately. While a sequel would be interesting, at the moment -- even if I didn't have lacking motivation -- I don't know if there'd be anyway to follow it up. Thanks for your support, though! :twilightsmile:

Rush and Pony on!

6017135 motivation eh? :trixieshiftright:
maybe I can help you with that :pinkiehappy: (if you want of course) :fluttershyouch:
Seriously, if you need help, I'll be willing to help :ajsmug:
I have a lot on this page, and I want to have friends you can help them :twilightsmile:
okey? :pinkiesad2:

I loved this fanfic :heart:
maybe you should make a continuation :pinkiehappy:
but that is a decision that only you were to take :twilightsmile:
good story :raritywink:

You should make one of Adagio flashing Sunset.

"Oh, sure. You're the one to say stop talking, when you're the warmest dressed here. You know that Sonata's hot air is an excellent heat source." Aria stated, smirking as Sonata gave her a furious glare.

"Oh, I can think of a few," Adagio murmured, rubbing the fingers of her one hand together. She gave Sunset another seductive look and smirked slightly. She casually rubbed her hand on her parka and then looked at her fingernails.

I swear she can make anything sound sexual.

Unwrapping a piece of candy that she had in her pocket, Sonata answered, "Well, if we're acting like soldiers, then I need to be alert as possible. Candy's my stim."


“IT’S A TRAP!" Trixie cried, firing a few paintballs at the Dazzlings. Outgunned, she ordered Snips and Snails to retreat as the Sirens started to press their advantage of surprise.

"So long as we can have Sunset on our team, it's a deal." Adagio replied. Sweetly, she called, "I can feel you looking at me, Shimmy dear!" She chuckled as she heard a small groan from behind.


Well, that was a fun little trip that involved almost every single one of my favorite characters.:twilightsmile:

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